Monday, August 6, 2007

Thank you, Lallee!

Oh, I know.... this is my second blog entry today...but then, is there a law forbidding more than one a day?

I have to show you what Lallee, at Lallee's Cottage, sent me today! Lallee is blessed with two of her own little Scotty Dogs, Oliver and Baggins, and then is a grandmother to her son's Scotty, Maggie. Knowing that I have our little guy, Duhgall (Doo-Gall) she sent me this charming little plate, which is now in my garden window in the kitchen. She also sent something that I ordered from her..cannot divuldge that yet...a gift for a special lady...but keep your eyes peeled for what Lallee is going to be selling soon. They are splendidly adorable!

Thank you, Lallee! Oh, and go Barry Bonds!!!!


Lallee said...

You are very welcome, Becky! Tell me about that adorable Scotty mug. Is it vintage? And where did you find the plate holder? It is really nice! I hope your little chef cooks something good besides kibble for you ;-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi L! That little mug is vintage..found it at a local antique shop. They only had one, too! sad face. It looks like milk glass and has two scotty figures on it..the one you see and then a running scotty. No markings on the bottom, so I don't know the maker. The plate holder I bought yearsssss ago at Michaels. Thanks sooo much again! Youz a sweetie pie!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That's so special. Lallee is indeed a sweetie-pie! (I know what it is she made; and she is quite talented :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL Becca ~~ shhh....tis a secret between us Lallee is a sweetheart...yes indeedy!