Saturday, July 30, 2011

For The Love Of The Old…..

P1010038t When I was a little girl, my mother and I would venture out to garage sales and antique stores. Perhaps it was this early exposure to the “old” stuff that captivated my heart’s rhythm and attached a significant invisible string to my insides like a barnacle does to a ship. Every now and again, this little string gives a little tug that connects my brain to my heart and then down to my wallet. The result is that a little treasure comes home with me.

Mom bought me several antique dresses one time on a trip to Truckee, California. My favorite was a brown dress, circa 1910, that was adorned with beads and lace. Though it smelled like it had been stored in an old trunk for years and years, I still loved wearing it with some old lace-up high-heeled shoes. I could have easily be cast for a role on Little House On The Prairie!


Someone asked me awhile back what I collect. After mulling it over in my mind, my answer was “just this and that.” You won’t find museum quality pieces here because my pocket book cannot swing such treasures, though I do appreciate them whole heartedly.

For me, it’s the simple things with a charming or romantic flair that spark a flame inside my soul….


…like these little birds on the edge of the brown transferware plate.


When the old cow tags and French beaded flowers aren’t being used as napkin rings, they simply lay on an ironstone plate. It is about mixing up the unexpected little things, right?

P1010039t Bring on the old! There just isn’t anything new that lends itself to the beauty of the past. The beautiful patina of soft browns and silver on the silver-plate pieces, in addition to the patterns of the pieces, quietly contrast with the delicate floral of the white milk pitcher. P1010040s A gorgeous pieces of lace (in need of ironing) unpretentiously drapes over the edge of a cabinet shelf. So delicate in its sweet little way and exquisitely made, too.

Perhaps I am just an old soul with a heart for the old. I can live quite comfortably with that.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Oils


I recently came upon this antique oil painting at a flea market and scooped it up right away. For quite some time these have been on the top of my “must find” list and when I saw this sitting at the base of a table, my heart just went pitter patter. The price was very good and made it easier for me to talk myself into getting it.


Warm and muted tons…


..and so beautifully feminine. No frame needed – it is gorgeous as is with the old nails exposed on the sides.

P1010023s I found a place for the little lady on my mantel, next to my Nanny’s mantel clock that I inherited.

The unframed painting below was in my friend’s space at the antique shop that we sell at. Of course I HAD to have that, too. It goes so nicely with the other floral paintings. (Just love it when things work out like this – and better yet when so unexpected!)


Thank you for the concern shown in our last post. Long story short is a stranger – high on drugs - was approaching our house at 3AM. I am a light sleeper, as are the dogs, and we basically scared him off by yelling at him – and a few other things – and calling the police. Thank GOD for watching over us! I so appreciate the love shown to us, but we are fine. **You are the best!**

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Duhgall, shall we tell everyone what a great job you did guarding us and alerting us to something going down the other night? Now little one, no need to be shy about it….

P1010007yP1010009shold your head HIGH because you were just the best!

Of course, Fiona got in on the barking action after brother started up. Both of the dogs did their jobs – and Booya! to the bad guy!

You just do NOT want to get in the way of a Scottie – especially one who is passionate about guarding his people!

Fiona was still pacing when the sun came up..making sure all was okie dokie.


I just love my dogs and thank GOD for watching over us!

Lesson learned here: Do NOT open the door to walk outside when your dogs are barking. You just never know exactly WHAT, or as in our case WHO, they are barking at.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Smile Coming Your Way….


If a post a day keeps the doctor away, then I am in trouble here. HOWEVER, a smile a day is good medicine, don’t you think?

Back soon…but in the meantime, live, laugh and love.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

fig and lottie

Precious children…

portrayed in photos found in antique stores.

Who are you?

Where did you come from?

What is your name?


Sweet little boy, with your rooster pull toy, why do you look so unhappy? You appear to be pouting, but why? Did you not want your photo taken?


And you, you little angel face, what is YOUR name?

I will call you Sarah.


I do not know…but you look like a Sarah to me.

I could just pinch your sweet little fat cheeks right now!

Hugs to all of you…

you precious little children of the past.

I will cherish your photos and hold onto them with love.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Le Petit Mouton Dans La Chaumiere

…..which simply translates to little sheep in the cottage.

One of my favorite

P1010010v estate sale finds is this gorgeous antique oil painting of a woman tending to her herd of sheep. The muted earthy colors and the simplicity of the painting caught my eye. Thankfully, I was one of the first people into the room where this piece sat atop a shelf – and with a price of $12.50. As I was in line to pay, a gentleman approached me and said that I got the best thing there – and the house was full of fabulous treasures. P1010009q

Over time I have found other sheep related items and have made a little grouping of them on a shelf.


The Productive Sheep Husbandry book is full of wonderful pictures of different types of sheep and lambs.


This one is so sweet with the momma and her babies….


…and these fellas sure have a nice THICK coat of wool! Can you imagine sporting that hair-do in this heat?

P1010005a1 Aren’t they some hot and handsome wooly buggers? I do believe that the top one is looking all coy with his sheepish…..

2. sheepish

like a sheep, in meekness or docility.....

smile on his face!!!

Stay cool everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Do You Get When You Take The "T" Out Of HOT HOT HOT?

Becky Christmas pictures 002

You have HO HO HO!!! I know, I know….tis ONLY July, but it is Christmas in July at 20 Northora in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite the 100 degree PLUS temps, Judy is busy sewing up a storm at her home and creating some adorable Christmas adornments. Who would like to replace some HOT weather for a flurry of cool white snowflakes?

I have shared Judy’s work before on my blog and, seriously, her sewing skills are fantastic! I was recently blessed with a sweet package, which included the July 4th pillow that she embroidered. LOVE it!


P1010004z Judy will be listing a new item each day on her etsy shop: 20Northora. She is making up runners, pillows, pillowcases, stockings, tree skirts (look at that burlap one in the first photo!), banners, tree toppers, gingerbread men garlands and lamp shades. Stop on over to see what she has up her Mrs. Claus sleeves!


Have a safe and relaxing 4th!