Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Lovely Fall Morning

What a beautiful morning…sun shining, cool temps and a light Delta breeze billowing in through the windows.  As the fresh crisp air fills our little home, I don’t mind doing all of the dishes left over from my annual card game with 11 of my fun and beautiful girlfriends.  We have been playing cards as a group for I don’t know how long now…years…and each of us takes turn to hostess the game one.  Last night was my night for the year and what fun we had!!  Of course, Fiona and Duhgall love the company..till they got whisked upstairs for doggy lockdown. 
I love the morning light as it filters in through the windows, peeking through the trees out front.  The white pumpkin seemed to be the “star” at the table this morning with the sun glistening off of its edge.  Sitting on the Lazy Susan piece is a striped yellow ware bowl (which I am crazy about collecting), a McCoy yellow ware corn pitcher and a wood bowl tucked inside of a white pedestal bowl filled with straw and fall silk flowers.
Two cement chickens made their way into the smaller of the two wood dough bowls on the sideboard. 

 I found the two dough bowls within a month of each other during the summer.  I have been wanting one FOREVER and lucked out with the two.  I paid 10.00 for one and 30.00 for the other.  Can we say SCORE!?  yup…..

…and they are staying with me for a very long time.

Seasonal pillows rest on the porch bench.  I just hope that the neighbor cat doesn’t fancy them as much as I do.
A few new additions of some English brown transfer ware have made their way to my hutch and atop a farmhouse bench.  My friend Cheryl, who sells in one of the shops I sell at, had this neat old feeder for sale.  I was really wanting it – like badly wanting it – so we traded…I had a French grain sack pillow she had been eye-balling so we did the old swaparoo.  We were both very happy.  :)
Said feeder now holds some of my plates.  Just flip the feeder on its side and voila, slip the plates right in for a pretty vignette.

Happy Fall to everyone!  Time to hit the candy corn!