Friday, January 23, 2015


Group of three hearts made from cotton sugar sacks, old keys and trims.
Could Valentine’s Day be right around the corner?   It was JUST Christmas, for Heaven’s sake. 

When I was in elementary school, I was a hopeless romantic.  I had a few crushes on some boys in school, but I was super shy - and, might I add, a homely freckled face little girl that was usually taller than boys of my age.  I was always the "friend" that the boys would ask if a girl thought they were cute or if I thought they liked them.  Silly grade school stuff.  And it was those "friends" that were usually the ones that I thought were awesome - and a few of them were my secret crush. Heart broken when they weren't "interested" in me as a girlfriend, but rather just a friend.

Remember grade school Valentine’s?  The ones that we would fill out for each classmate and leave them in their handmade card receptacle.  I had a crush on a very cute boy in the 4th grade and was giddy in anticipation to see what kind of Valentine would be from him. Would it be one that read I think you are cute or special or I like you..or..or..or.

On Valentine's Day our teacher read us poetry and delighted us with homemade cupcakes with pink frosting on white cake.  On our desks were other special treats of heart shaped chocolates and heart cutout cookies.   Along one stretch of the south wall of the classroom, our handmade heart envelopes (with our name visible) were taped and ready to be filled. After we devoured the sweets, each student distributed their Valentine cards and ...and..and...  would he have picked me out the prettiest Valentine in the dime store box his mom bought for him?  My card to him was simply signed with my name..not love Becky..but "from Becky".  At the end of the school day, we removed our bevvy of Valentines and took them home.  I RAN home!  At home, I spilled the Valentines on my bed and read each one.  They were so cute and so sweet and..and..and..nothing from the boy that I had eyes for.   I saw him pass his out, but he didn't have any "Valentine Thoughts" for me.  My heart was broken. I didn't understand why.  There are things in life we will never understand or never really know an answer to.   And my crush ended there.


 Over the years I have made a variety of hearts – to give as gifts and to sell.  I have a few on file in my computer and revisited those.  I am mulling over in my mind what kind of hearts to make this year.  The ones in the first picture were for last year and I sold most of them. 


These little hearts God made.  I found them on the beach during a most difficult time in my life.  I like to think that God was sending me HIS LOVE and giving me something to smile about.  He fancies making us joyful.  We just have to pay attention and take notice.  




The following photos of hearts were found on Pinterest.  If you click on the photo, you will be guided over to the source.  I think all of them are so pretty and all were handmade by some very talented ladies!  Such inspiration!

Sacre Coeur heart

Lella Boutique: My Funky Valentines

Pam Garrison



Update on the remodel:  Earth to mother ship, the floors are IN!  HOWEVER, a third of the floors in the smaller room were scratched.  Yes, you read that right.  After the installers left, I was wiping them down with BONA and found the scratches. I simply could not believe it.   They came back to look at them.  I used blue painter's tape to mark all of them...over 30.  Needless to say, they will be removing the laminate and replacing it.  I cried.  The only thing the installer could think of was that there must have been something on his employee's knee pad, like a piece of metal. (Laminate is very, very difficult to go figure.) They put in our other floors and did a perfect job.  I felt bad for him, but maybe they will learn from this.  I don't understand how this went unnoticed during the install?  One was over an inch long!  

  And while I was banned from my upstairs today, I got my fix today by catching up on my FAVORITE HGTV show, Fixer Upper.  I love those two!!! And I found a lamp on their website that I am thinking about purchasing for the guest bedroom.

Till next time....

Monday, January 19, 2015


Good morning!  I’m up early today because I have a “to do” list to accomplish as our revamping project is nearing the end.  As I shared previously, we – hubby and I – decided that the two bedrooms (that were our children’s rooms) need an update.  New paint, new flooring and a little cottage flair to make them sparkle.  I am taking the smaller bedroom to use as my “creative” space and the larger bedroom will now be the guest bedroom.  Colors have changed and the little guest bedroom (shown below) will be my office.  But for now, I am waiting for the sun to rise so that I can finish painting the door trim.  I like natural light when I paint, otherwise I tend to miss spots. 

 Coffee is made and I thought I’d cull through some of my photo files on my computer.  Most of the snaps are from the house and some of my favorite collections and a few things that I have sewn.  The large angel on the wall was from one of my favorite stores in Pacific Grove, Ca.  And, of course, there are the scotties….((heart))….Duhgall and Fiona.
madonna and child soft glow setting


I also want to say thank you to all of you who were so kind to leave a comment on my post for Fiona.  (((( hugs ))))  So many of you have shared your story about losing a cherished friend and my heart hurts right along with yours.  Us bloggers may never have the chance to physically “meet” each other, but we sure do get to come and know each other through our words written, photos shared and stories told.  Some people may never understand the connection, but I am forever grateful to all of you.  I am thankful our paths have crossed.  So thankful.  Have a sweet, sweet day and be safe, warm and cherish each minute.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


fiona august 2010




My little Fee Fee.

My shadow.  My blessing.  My sweetie Wheatie.

Today I share my heart.  A year has passed already since my little Wheaten Scottie, Fiona Jordyn, took her last earthly breath and traveled over the Highland Moors to greet those who love her in a place far more beautiful than where she began.  Her life ended far too early.  A genetic liver disease won and took my little buddy away from me.  She had just celebrated her 5th birthday.

Remembering the little fire ball who ran the house.  Half sister to Duhgall, she loved her family.  She seemed to know when you needed a paw gently placed on your hand, she knew when you needed to laugh.  A clown, a best friend, a little Wheatie girl who could stare holes in your heart.  Faithful, loyal…she would lay on the floor facing the front door waiting for her family to come home.  Though she had a deformity on her radial bone in her right leg, you would never know.  She ran with abandon on the beach.  Fee loved life.  She woke up happy.  One of her favorite things ever was to have her red Kong ball thrown so she could chase it.  She would sleep with her ball and panic when she could not find it.  She loved being treated to a cup of whipped cream from the nice folks at Starbucks.  Her big nose could reach to the depth of that cup for every bit of that sweet treat.  She would run like a little rabbit and do a little skip, like she had a little hitch in her giddy up.  Always in charge, always the one to bark if someone came to the door and then be happy when she saw that it was a familiar face.  She loved her brother, Duhgall,  and they were inseparable.  The photos alone represent their love for one another. 

For those who are owned by Scotties, you will know they love their family, but there will always be the one family person that is “their” person.  Duhgall fancies my husband and Spencer, but Fiona was “mine”.  She followed me to bed each night and waited for me to pick her up and put her on the bed .  One of the cutest things she would do would go up to the side of the bed, hide under the bed skirt and I would say, “where is Fee?” (Little did she know, her tail always stuck out.)  Ha! She would wait a good amount of time and then make a groaning sound.  It was doggy hide and seek.  She made me laugh each time.  Silly girl.  Oh how I loved her playfulness.

She had a purpose in her life.  I recognize that now.  She truly, truly was a gift from God.

She loved everyone.  And everyone loved Fee.  We all miss her.  She was there for us in our dark time of life and gave us a little sunshine when we needed it most. 

Little girl….little buddy….we will be together again.  Till then….run free and chase your red ball.  Love on our angel boy who has you now.
Over the misty moors someday I shall go…with the distant bagpiper calling me home.  A turn in the road ahead I see and who shall be waiting for me?  My Jordy and my Fee.

with love….