Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Things & Life Changes

P1010155g Can you believe that it is already mid-April? Time sure slips away, doesn’t it? Last month I had the chance to add some little spring touches to the stores I sell at. I sewed up some “scrappy mini buntings”….

P1010144f…some larger buntings made from vintage sheet fabric…P1010157f …and geared up the spaces for more summer cottage style touches..P1010150g …with some handmade pillows…P1010140g …that are made with vintage embroidery and vintage sheet fabrics. These are for my new “Fig and Lottie” line of items – which will include handmade bags, pillows and home adornments.P1010142h However, in the meantime, my time is spread pretty thin in dealing with some very important family matters. I will share more about it as I am ready, but in the meantime, our family is taking one day at a time and praying to our Father for his mercy and love. We are faithful that He will hear our prayers and we know that He loves us so very much.

Having said this, my time to blog is just not there. I do miss my daily pause to visit everyone and to see what y’all are up to. When there are some moments to squeeze in, I will try to get around to catch up with everyone. But in the meantime, I have to take care of first things first. Plain and simple. Just know that you, my blogging buddies, mean the world to me and I do think of you so very often. If you will, just say a little prayer for our family. **thank you.**