Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Great Graphics!

As some of you may know, I write the blog for one of the stores that I sell at.  This week I shared some of the wonderful old grocery/mercantile items that one of the vintage scouts, Leslie,  has available in her space.  I am smitten with the sweetness and originality of the graphics on these everyday items of days gone by.
Plee-Zing brand…not how wonderful is this?  And made by the Otto Seidner company…..my uncle’s name was Otto.  I’m thinking I may need to purchase this piece for myself – that is if it is still there.  :)
When you go to buy spices at your local market, does the Celery Seed and Mace containers look like the two above?  If they do, please share where you shop.  The artwork on these labels are just beautiful in their own way.

I’ve purchased a few of Leslie’s old jars recently and actually use them.  I will have to remember to share them on another day.  One holds cinnamon and sugar and looks cute just sitting out on the counter.  Beats Tupperware any day….
How about picking a fresh bouquet of flowers and filling one of the jars with a cute arrangement?  Just be sure not to get the paper label wet.
Any of you remember the Sweetheart drinking straw box below?  Read the small print:
Ideal for children and grown-ups, too.  Amen.  I just love the adorable box!
Beech-Nut gum….remember that?  They are making it again!
 I have never heard of Ivanhose Mayo, but the store display for it sure is a winner!  Fun piece!!  I can see this in a craft room to hold all kinds of bits and bobs for crafting.

Till next time……

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some Elbow Grease and Shinola


Ever get the hankerin’ to spruce up the old nest?

Sure you do!

Besides doing laundry all day yesterday and cleaning the house, I’ve been adding a few touches to the laundry room – which we remodeled last September.  Over time I have found some antique school chalkboard slates, 1920’s black and white school photos, wood shoe molds, more galvanized scoops and the Shinola shoe polish tin.  Love the graphics on these old tins!

I will most likely tweak the vignette even more, but here is the end



The yard long black and white military picture is from 1958 and it is the perfect size to sit up on the shelf.  The French Laundry sign (below) initially sat on the shelf, however I think I prefer the military photo better.



P1010007 P1010011

Housekeeping rooms, need I say more? 
Have a beautiful day!