Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Weekend Stroll

Here we are ~ one of the old neighborhoods in our town, Modesto, California. Modesto is the home of George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars - mom even went to High School with him...) and the home of the world famous Gallo Winery. We are located in the Central Valley of California, about 70 miles southeast of San Francisco, two hours from Yosemite and Carmel.
This particular neighborhood has a variety old homes - from Hansel and Gretel cottages to Craftsmans, Old Castles, Georgian Style and Cape Cods. So, put on your comfie shoes and lets go for a walk. Ok Doogs, you can get out of the car now.
We will start with one of the neatest old homes... old castle that is just fabulous and has an old slate roof and lush gardens.
Some refer to it as the "haunted castle" so I did a little special touch below...
...looking kinda scary now....
Come along now... of my favorites with the wrap around porch...
...cross the street, but look out for the flag...
...ornate reliefs on this beauty..
...oh look, a pink hydrangea!...
Very European looking...
One of many homes that are honored as a Historic Home. Sweet manicured yard.
Another view of this charmer. Lovely boxwoods and privets outline the neatly maintained porch.
Another Georgian style home that is another Historic Home.
A pretty touch to a gate.
Neat old rock wall! It really is quite different.
Great old 1920's Craftsman Bungalow. There are many in this neighborhood, however this is one of the nicer ones.
Come along....there are more to see.....

Let's go down this street where there are some charming Hansel and Gretel homes.
This sweeeeeet home is the home of my friend, Shirley. They added the match stick picket fence and the arbors. A few years back they received The Garden Of The Month Award from our local Garden Club. Always a treat to walk by to see their lovely yard.

Extra wide streets and look, no cars!

My husband's favorite home. There used to be handpainted squirrels under the eves. This charming home has recently been updated and has a yummy chocolate brown paint with a fabulous red painted porch.
Love the porch swing and white rocking chairs. Now where is the parade?
So inviting. They did a superb job on this grand home.
...Tired yet?....We're almost done....
Below is a cool old light that is on a home that looks as though nobody lives there. Now if any home were thought to be haunted, it would be this one. There never seems to be anyone home........

A hands-down charmer ~ and on my favorite homes list. This old salt box is the sweetest and the yard is always delightful with colorful flowers.
A little yellow Victorian sits comfortably next to a cozy Craftsman.
Yup....God Bless America!
Wonderful privets with the best architectural detail!
.....Where are the chairs? We need to sit and rest after this little walk!
Ah well, best get in the car and get Doogs some water. Little guy is tuckered out!
Thanks for coming along with us! If you would like to see more adorable homes in our town, click here.
This coming Tuesday, our sweet friend Melissa is hosting a Worldwide Drive by on her blog!!! It sounds like a wonderful way to get to see what other neighborhoods around the world look like! Here are her links:
If you would like to participate, drop Melissa an email or comment.
I also want to tell everyone thank you for the comments you have left about our son and about our yard. You are all so very kind and we appreciate each and every one of you! And yes, I do dry our hydrangeas and use them in little bouquets here and there. They love shade, however there are a few varieties that don't mind the sun. We just use regular flower food on ours and don't cut them back in the winter. We do remove the old buds, but never cut the stalks. To get a blue hydrangea, you can buy a certain product to add to the soil to turn them blue. Honestly, they are one of the easiest plants to grow.
ta ta for now!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pink Mops to join me in a stroll to my favorite plant?
...look and see...
...this pink mop top Hydrangea....
...full of bright pink mops that is growing in my front yard.
Look close....doesn't this leaf look like the back of a dinosaur?
These fabulous delights started as this....
..and went to this...
..and here is the final look ~ a true beauty!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I was tagged by sweet Kate over at Our Red House to participate in a MEME to take a photos of our views from our back and front doors. Ahem...share with the world our views, but honestly, looking out my back door is not so pretty these days as we recently had some horribly windy days and my garden is looking quite wind-whipped in the back.

My dear sweet husband has been tending to our front yard and this is the view of our front from our front door. Little flags are out for Memorial Day for a little touch of American spirit. As a military mother, my heart strings pull tightly on this day - as well as July 4th, however not a day goes by without thinking of our troops and to those who have given so unselfishly of themselves to serve our wonderful Country. I am so very, very proud of our son for his sacrifices, his bravery and his spirit. He told me this when he enlisted..."Mom, I need to serve our Country and to help others." I get tears in my eyes when I think about those words and miss him each and every day.

For all of the families who have loved ones in our military - be it friends or family - God Bless you. A gigantic THANK YOU and God Bless to all of you who are giving of yourselves to fight for our Freedom and to serve this Big Red, White and Blue!!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

A Is For Apron and B Is For Buntings

Ahhh...a new "must have" sewing book! Yup, more than five reasons to have this one! I have been wanting to make aprons for quite some time now and believe me, there is plenty of inspiration with each turn of the page. I recently picked it up at Barnes and Noble and even got a deal at 20% off!
Below are some new fabrics to use...

How cute is this yellow one?
And check out the pleated waist band!
Ok, now who does this cherry one remind you of? Anyone we know?
Flirty and oh-so-feminine!
This one looks like a summer dress.
Good oldies but goodies.
Aprons of our past. Now ladies, I do believe we have come a long way!
And speaking of projects....
I've been seeing a lot of Mr. Janome sewing machine. He has been working overtime filling orders for buntings and I will be adding some to my ETSY here soon.

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!