Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jeannie In A Bottle, Baby


I may not have a Jeannie in a bottle, but I did find this

super cool rusty cast metal Jeannie looking urn a few

months back.  No luck having three wishes to be

granted, but it does make for a cute display piece to

set my little pinecone pixies.

Just added some large exselsior tucked in a few trees

(yup, those trees again) and some little cute faced

gents.  Their expressions melt my heart.

Little guy on the right is saying to the chap on the

left, “Man, you sure can

play that sax beautifully! 

Please play me another song!  How about

‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’

…all jazzy and blues soundin’.”


Now I have Christina Aguilera’s “Jeannie In a Bottle”

song in my head.  And speaking of her, anyone

watching The Voice this season?  I’m hooked and

hoping for Cassadee to win, but am fond of Terry,

too.  Love his Scottish accent…Just saying….

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Nesting Homespun Style


Today I am linking up with Anita at

for her Homespun Holiday get together. 

This year I have been making all kinds of things using
that ever-so-popular organic fabric - burlap.
I had bags full of scraps – and don’t like to throw
anything away – so I decided to use them and make
up some burlap bird nest ornaments to be used on a Christmas tree.  I thought that they would be cute on a tree mixed with bird or nature related ornaments.  All but one
went into the store that I sell at…have to keep ONE
for myself to use on my tree.

Years back my mother gave me a big box filled with
nothing but broken bits of jewelry.  Instead of going
out and buying “mini” eggs, I decided to use little
pearls for the eggs.  Along with the “eggs”, I added
some exselsior, a feather and dried foliage from my
neighbor’s cutting pile in front of his house.  (Yeah,
he gave me the stink-eye till I explained to him what
I was doing picking through his mountain-sized
pile of yard cuttings!)

In order to clip the nest onto a Christmas tree, I used a
little hair clip and added a smidge of hot glue to hold
it in place.


Another fun thing to make with my scraps of burlap
pieces was this Santa banner….and yes, it went to the
store, too.  I think I will make another for myself….


…because I think it looks cute on the old cabinet filled
with my vintage Santa candy container boots.


Every year I pull out some of my favorite Christmas
cross stitch pieces that I made years ago, like this
small “Merry Christmas”…


…and this Woodland Santa carrying his tree home.  I
usually frame my pieces with antique frames so that
they have more of a “been around awhile” look to


Thank you to Anita for hosting a fun get together

Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas from my home to yours!


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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simple Simon

soft glow santa and presents
Mixed in with my everyday items are this year’s
Christmas decor.  Tiny little packages wrapped and
adorned with vintage millinery and jewelry sit at the
bottom of a little tree with Santa standing guard.  The
backdrop for this vignette are some of my favorite
ironstone pitchers.

I tucked tiny trees inside of the old restaurant
creamers that have green patterns on them.  My great
aunt’s little heart box sends a heartfelt message: “ ‘Tis
The Season To Be Jolly”.  I love that little box because
I know my aunt Lottie didn’t have much and I have
something that belonged to her..and it is so sweet.

Old game pieces spell out holiday messages on top of
a favorite old ironstone platter.  Tucked next to Santa
is a simple vintage package tie on.

And this is the little holiday grouping in the white
hutch this year.
Pretty simple.
Simple SimonI like him!
Thank you for all of your sweet comments left in my
last post.  Again, I apologize for the word
verification..and Mona, I know it is a pain in the back
side…but necessary as a means to keep the swarm of
spam from raining on my blog parade.  Maybe I will
remove it soon to see what happens.
I hope that many of you were inspired by

Stop by to see what other links are going on in the
next week or so.
Till next time, stay warm and dry.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Farmhouse Vintage Christmas

Welcome to my vintage farmhouse Christmas laundry room!


I am linking up with the lovely Kim, over at Savvy Southern Style blog, and sharing some photos of some Christmas adornments in our recently remodeled farmhouse laundry room.  I call it “vintage” because most of the items used to decorate the space are vintage or up-cycled pieces.

Do stop on by to see what all of the other lovely women are sharing over at Kim’s link party.  Kim’s party hosts a variety of Christmas vignettes and stylish mantels decked out in Christmas finery.

Click on the photo below to take you on a little ride to her blog.

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We started out the decorating by sending Santa off on his blue vintage tractor.  He drove across the fields till he reached his Christmas tree farm.  After picking the perfect tree – his trees come with Christmas bulbs…a new hybrid tree, dontchaknow – he tied it down on his tractor and drove it home.  He got a lot of pitch on his hands so he will be using the SKAT soap to wash off.  Yea, I know what y’all are thinkin’.

Decorating our home this year was done pretty simply.  I still need to add the fresh Cedar garlands and then I will be all done.  I only brought out about 1/16th of my Christmas decor.  Less is more, that is what my son said – which made me quite happy to hear!  So let me share with you the laundry room….

My favorite 1930’s stitched picture hangs on the wall next to a corner shelf. Sweet little cottages are surrounded with snowflakes and snow…so cozy!  Clipped on the shelf is an old Christmas card a friend bought for me.  It matches the stitched cottage piece perfectly…she has such an eye for detail.




The shelving above the washer and dryer were decorated simply with bottle brush trees, a mica star and a glitter Santa.


Newer bottle brush trees fill old Scottish and English crocks and ….


…a 1931 bowling trophy.  I had the trophy for sale in my space at the antique mall, however I brought it home because it is a really great old piece. (I think I am going to keep it….) Tip:  to keep the trees from falling inside the vessels, I wadded up some brown paper bags and stuff them inside the crocks and trophy.  Just sit the trees on top of the paper and there you have it.  If they get a little wonky on you, just add a little glue to the base of the tree or even some double-sided tape to make it stand up straight.



Old postal scales allow a spot for the mica star to sit on top as a glitter Santa stands almost at a salute!



black and white santa on tractor

It’s raining cats and dogs here right now, so the photos aren’t as good as if the sun were out, but that is ok.  We need the rain!
So that is it for now!  I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Drive on over to Kim’s now and be ready to be holiday inspired!