Friday, July 4, 2014

Collections and A Big Salute On The 4th!


I didn’t manage to put out any 4th d├ęcor this year, except for some flags out front, so I thought I’d share a piece that lends itself in a sort of Patriotic way, if you will. One of my favorite things to collect are old clocks – the small vintage metal alarm clocks with awesome faces, worn chipped paint and interesting graphics.  This little one caught my eye as it has the word SALUTE on it.  It was made by the Ingraham clock company in the 1930’s.  Though I’ve sold many of my little clocks, I have kept my favorites and am always looking for more.   This one is propped up on a few of my antique Bibles, another collection I will have to share someday.

Below are a few of my Scottie collections.  Two boot scrapers sit in a primitive child’s wagon with funky unmatched wheels.  Though a bit odd, I thought the wagon would be cute to hold flowers – or, like now, the boot scrapers.  It looks as though the Scots are ready for a ride. 

Hanging on the wall is a sampler that I stitched years ago and framed it in a Victorian wood criss-cross frame.  The little barn house to the right of the wagon was a recent find from a friend’s sale.  It was a one of those purchases that was meant to be put out for sale in the store. Howwwwwevvvvvvverrrrrrr….. When I brought it home, I sat it on the green bench and thought it looked pretty cute there.  It looks similar to the house in the sampler, minus a few windows.  So there the primitive little handmade birdhouse – farmhouse whatchamacallit sits.  And there it shall sit until I tire of it.  Maybe never.  I collect old houses, too.  Another post, another day…..

Below the small green bench sits a Texaco “Look and Listen” Scottie doorstop and a cast metal Scottie figurine that was a gift from my friend Wave.  She also gave me the little blue lunch box with frolicking Scotties on it.  We both are owned by Scotties, so she always has her eye out for those vintage pieces featuring our favorite breed.

Lastly, below the large green bench rests a stack of my brown plaid metal picnic hampers.  I have a fondness for these pieces!  They are great for storage, too.


Wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th

Next post I will share the funky cabinet redo.