Friday, August 31, 2007

Laura Bell's Antique Store

There is a precious little gem of a shop here in town that is owned by my friend, Marsha Tobin. When you walk in you will feel instantly welcome in the inviting and warm cottage and old world atmosphere.

Once inside, you will find yourself losing track of time as you look over all of the beautiful things. Marsha's shop provides a constant change of fine handpainted furniture, architectural remnants, lamps, chandeliers, paintings, hand painted signs, transferware, ironstone, mirrors, vintage clocks, vintage linens, garden decor, jewelry and much more.

Marsha has a keen eye for looking for the small things for scrapbooking and altered art mediums. You can find old laces, rick rack, charms, keys, dog tags, buttons, great stamps and just about anything else you can imagine using in a collage or shadow box. Each visit is a delightful discovery of fascinating treasures.

Marcia and her knowledgable staff are dedicated and always helpful to assist each customer find that unigue item or gift. Oh, and don't forget to say "hi" to the store mascots and public relations reps, Ollie, Ziggie and Tye...Marsha's sweet little family of Pugs.

Laura Bell's is located at:

1214 J Street
Modesto, CA. 95353
telephone: (209) 522-8042

Note: Because I was only allowed to post five pictures of her shop, I ended up doing three be sure to look at the other pics.

More of Laura Bell's

And There's More...of Laura Bell's

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blessings From Friends

Gosh, sometimes I just don't know how to be the person who receives such kindness from others. Embarrassed, blushing, humbled, grateful...just a few words that would describe my feelings when someone does something nice for me.

This past week I was blessed with sweetness from two blogging friends...Miss Lisa and Miss Amy.

Lisa contacted me after adding her to my "favorites list" and told me that she was so appreciative that she wanted to send me a "prize." Gee, I just never expected such generosity for adding someone to my list. She told me that she wanted to send it to me because it would nicely fit right into my house. A few days later, I got a parcel from her and inside was this adorable vintage bird figurine. And yes, she hit the nail on the head and has me pegged! I just love it!!

Then there is Miss Amy, at Four Sisters' blog, who I ordered some linens from awhile back. Because she knows that I have a Scotty Dog, she surprised me with this wonderfully petite Scotty Dog purse. I squealed like a little kid when I saw it wrapped inside a tablecloth that I had bought. I hung it on my hall tree and it now is amongst other Scotty Dog things.

Lisa and Amy, I thank you from the bottom of my big girl heart for your loving generosity and thoughtfulness. I never knew that I would ever meet such sweet ladies over the internet and in the world of blogging. You both have touched my heart and made my day so much brighter. I love you both!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Changing It Up A Bit

Yesterday I was in the mood to change up the look of the bathroom shelf in our half bathroom. As weird as it may sound, that room is my favorite in the house. Why? Because it has white beadboard - which I could have in every room if I had my way.

Above the toilet is a white shelf/cabinet that we bought about five years ago at a great shop in San Juan Baptista called Annie's Cottage. Up until yesterday, the shelf held little goodies like vintage powder tins and perfume bottles. (The first pic.)

Because the bath has oil-rubbed fixtures and the frames on the motto prints are dark, I decided to add some things that I had that are more subtle in color. Now on the shelf are some antique Hazel Atlas bottles, old milk glass jars with metal lids, a fun old soap tin, & an old picture of children. Hanging from the hook is a pocket pillow that I made using black toile & ticking and old lace, my Grandmother's antique curling iron, and a little sachet. On top of the shelf I have old coin silver trophy cups and a mirror.

For now it will suffice...till I get in another mood for change. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Cafe Sign

Signs are fun to have in the house because they look nostalgic and often times have sweet little messages on them. Nowadays you can find new signs in just about any gift shop and even on eBay.

This cafe sign is a one-of-a-kind though and was made by my friend, Marsha, who owns a great shop in town. (note: I will be doing a post about her this week.)

Marsha makes signs out of old wood doors, windows, and scrap wood. When I saw this sign many years ago in her shop, I fell in love with it. Of course, it is in my favorite color, RED, and goes beautifully over my kitchen window. The valance was my first attempt at making one like I had seen in another antique shop. It is made out of a vintage tablecloth.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Keeping Old Time

One of my favorite things to collect are vintage clocks - even if they don't work. I don't know why I am so attached to them, but there is just something about the shape, the colors, patina, the little bells at the top...just what is it that draws me in?

It could be my memory of my Nanny's mantel clock that she proudly displayed on her mantel. The faithful chiming on the quarter hour and then the proud dong - dong - dong - that echoed boldly within the wood vessel, letting you know what hour it was for that day.

It could also be that I loved my little plastic fru fru clock that sat on the night stand in my bedroom. White plastic with a dainty filigree edge that was painted gold. Little flower decals along the base made it even more girly. Each night I wound it up before tucking myself in. I'd fall asleep listening to the subtle tic-tick-tick-tick.

The clocks I do have now are mostly round faced - some gold, silver, black, with and without rhinestones. They do speak to me - even though they may be without a sound now.

The first three photos are of my collections. The last two are from June 2007's Decorting Flea Market Style. I found it quite interesting that the old clock was used as a ceiling medallion. What a wonderful to look UP time!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Relaxing

Our cat, Socks, seems to like to hang out more these days in the den. She will sit in there and listen to the music on this Playlist and take little naps in the pink chair or just sprawl out on the floor.

Yesterday I went to give her a little mommy time and as soon as I did, into the room came Doogs, our sweet little Scotty. Well, you are forbidden to show any affection without that little guy sticking his nose right in the middle of it! First he came over and had to put his paws up on the edge of the chair - like "notice me, too" and then made himself right at home ON the chair.

After a few discerning "hisses" and a paw-over-the-head "back off dude" warnings from Socks, she figured that it wasn't going to do any good - he was on the chair and that is just how it was going to be. Of course, Doogs means well - no harm whatsoever - just know that I am the alpha animal here and, by golly, you WILL like it, little missy!

I also laugh at Socks when she is sleeping. Come on now, just because you have one paw hiding your eyes doesn't mean that I cannot see you. It is those silly things that our pets do that just make me chuckle out loud and love them even more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

If You Are in Portland, Oregon..... must stop by this shop. Though I have never been there, I was introduced to this little treat via a new blog. (Don't you wish there were more blogging minutes in a day?)

Lisa has a delightful new blog called A Thing For Roses..and yes, she loves, loves, loves roses and PINK! I met Lisa because she stopped by my little neck of the blog world and left a comment. When I peeked into her blog I was immediately in love with her style and the things that she sells.

Lisa is a wife and a mother of two young children, yet she finds time in her life to sew, go junking and maintain a little booth at an antique mall in Portland. She and her friend, Isabel, share the space together and it is just as delightfully sweet as a bowl full of sugar cubes! The space is called Tickled Pink (I can see why!).

During the summer months you can also find Lisa, Isabel and their space of treasures at antique shows, including the Portland Antique Expo. They sell items that are shabby chic (tm), vintage and cottage style.

Lisa also sews and makes wonderful embellished denim jackets, pillows and basket liners. When you have a moment, please skip on over to Lisa's blog and pay her a little visit. She is a sweetie pie!

If you are in Portland, and I know a lot of you lucky bloggers and readers are, here is where you can find Tickled Pink's booth:

Monticello Antique Marketplace
8600 SE Stark
Portland, Oregon
(503) 256-8600

(Pictures used with permission :) .....)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Flowers

One day I saw a little plant growing in a corner of our yard. I did not plant it and thought that I would just watch it grow and see what it was. There was no reason to pull it out because it was in a new flower bed and behind some roses my husband had planted for me.

Well it grew and grew and started looking like a bean stalk. As it got larger I recognized it as a sunflower plant. Before it got too tall, I was able to cut some flowers off of it. Now it is about 12 feet tall...reaching for the sun and full of flowers!

Another reminder that God plants things in our life to make us happy. Sunflowers are a happy flower indeed!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Long ago I went to a little flea market and came across the small metal kitten lamp base and bought it for 3.00. It needed a shade and I ended up having the white shade. The shade was plain and needed some personalizaton. Because the base is brown I thought brown buttons would be great. I have tons of buttons and found some vintage ones and hot glued them on the shade.

The round picture was purchased at an antique store many years ago and it reminds me of my cat when she was a kitten. In front are two little old cat figurines to hang out with the other kitty things.

Little things like these just put a smile in my heart.

Note: Being as I love bagpipe music, I found this "techno version" of one of my favorite songs. It cracked me up!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Bird Cage

Not too long ago I bought this old green bird cage from my friend, Marsha, who owns a delightful shop here in town (I will be doing a feature on her soon). In her front window she has a lovely summer display and in it was this great green bird cage! Of course I had to have it for two is green and two-it is bird related.

Right now it is perched on my entryway antique buffet. Inside is a real bird's nest (a purchase from Marsha many, many years ago) and some little stone chicks. I started out with a smaller bird figurine and a nest, but opted for the stone chicks and the larger nest.

Next to the cage is a newer two tiered plate holder. It has a wonderful green patina and little metal birds. For now, a nest sits atop and some of my collection of more birdie things. Sitting pretty are two vintage Czech bird frogs, which I also collect. The colors are soft and muted on these pieces.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Goodies

Ok, how many of you get in the mood to move things around to freshen up the "look" of a room, or vignette, or just create a new grouping? Last week I decided to move out the pink rose items from my white hutch and moved in the vintage red and green dishes.

I collect different patterns of restaurant china and am particularly fond of my Buffalo China that is in the red Kenmore pattern and Green Plymouth pattern. These colors blend nicely with other china, especially those pieces for setting the Christmas table.

Other brands that I like are Syracuse, Shenango China, and Wallace. Along with American restaurant china, I am also attracted to English red transferware. Most of my collections are a little bit of this and that and they just seem to live comfortably together in my little white cabinet - and lest not forget to mention along with my little birdie things, too.