Saturday, August 25, 2007

If You Are in Portland, Oregon..... must stop by this shop. Though I have never been there, I was introduced to this little treat via a new blog. (Don't you wish there were more blogging minutes in a day?)

Lisa has a delightful new blog called A Thing For Roses..and yes, she loves, loves, loves roses and PINK! I met Lisa because she stopped by my little neck of the blog world and left a comment. When I peeked into her blog I was immediately in love with her style and the things that she sells.

Lisa is a wife and a mother of two young children, yet she finds time in her life to sew, go junking and maintain a little booth at an antique mall in Portland. She and her friend, Isabel, share the space together and it is just as delightfully sweet as a bowl full of sugar cubes! The space is called Tickled Pink (I can see why!).

During the summer months you can also find Lisa, Isabel and their space of treasures at antique shows, including the Portland Antique Expo. They sell items that are shabby chic (tm), vintage and cottage style.

Lisa also sews and makes wonderful embellished denim jackets, pillows and basket liners. When you have a moment, please skip on over to Lisa's blog and pay her a little visit. She is a sweetie pie!

If you are in Portland, and I know a lot of you lucky bloggers and readers are, here is where you can find Tickled Pink's booth:

Monticello Antique Marketplace
8600 SE Stark
Portland, Oregon
(503) 256-8600

(Pictures used with permission :) .....)


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
My Mom and I met and went to lunch with you and Kerri from Remember When. I just love your blog and this shop looks especially nice. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you at the shop! Karen

Esther Sunday said...

Hey Becky - this little "shop" is adorable!!!! I have heard time and time again out this antique co-op, and I really must get to it one of these days. I am only about 5 or 6 hours from it. How sweet of you to profile it for her! I used to have a spot in a co-op (post about it to follow sometime) and it is ALOT of work for a small return, so I am sure she appreciates it! Lovies, Esther

Anonymous said...

Talk about a small world - When I first moved to Oregon I met Lisa & Isabel at a Portland antique show where they were selling and they told me about Monticello - it's a lovely place to shop!! I recognozed their space right away in your photos. -amy

Heidi Ann said...

Oh! I was lucky enough to go to Monticello in May with my sister! I loved it, and wanted to buy a lot more than I did. I had specifically wanted to find it initially to see Alicia Paulson's booth. I know I saw the booth space you have shown here, as well. I loved the whole place and didn't even want to leave!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Amy - I wondered if you had been there since you live up there now. Tis a small world, isn't it?
Hope your move is going smoothly! xo, Becky

paige said...

what a great blog!!
i love all the wonderful images & the fact that i was able to listen to the cranberries was icing on the cake!!!
headed off to visit a couple of your friends.

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Hi Becky,
Thank you for the "tour" of this great shop!

Betty said...

Thanks for telling us about that blog. Talk about eye candy. If this keeps up I won't need to buy any more magazines. LOL