Thursday, July 30, 2015

Portraits Of My Scotties, Duhgall and Katie

The other day the sun was shining in the kitchen windows and it made for a perfect back drop for taking some photos of my Scotties, Duhgall and Katie.

Duhgall is a confident guy and is not a bit shy when the lens of my camera is aiming in his direction.  He has always been the little poser.
And I am in love with him.

His beautiful neck, round black eyes and the soulful way he has about him.  If ever a dog could read your mood, know when you need a little nudge of love, it is our guy.  I often wonder just how much these little creatures really sense ... just how much they know that we don't even realize.

It has been three weeks since we adopted little Katie and she has made such wonderful progress in the short time she has been here in her new home.  She wakes up with her tail wagging away and loves to chase the "red" ball, just like Fiona did. (Makes me miss Fiona!)  She is quite the comic, however not so comfortable when having a camera aimed at her.  But we took our time, let her get acquainted with the black box with a single eye that stared straight at her.  With a little coaxing from me and some loving reassurance from her new brother, we were able to snap some sweet photos.

My beautiful furry children.  I love them so much!  Katie's hair is starting to grow back in.  I am waiting for her "skirt" to grow in - but it may never be as thick as Duhgall's.  Time will tell.  She is much smaller than Duhgall.  A wee petite lassie.  He doesn't mind at all having his new "sister" here.  It is quite sweet to watch him with her.  He even waits for us to catch up to him when we are out on walks.  So thoughtful and so very kind.  

Our little home is filled with a lot of love and laughter and we are amused with the Scottie antics that happen here.  It makes me happy.

Till next time...
Scottie aroooooos to our friends and

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tomato - Toe-Maw-Toe


Any way you slice it...
Any way you say it......
It is a gift for summer deliciousness!

Chopped and added to an omelette with fresh basil, cheese and bell peppers or...

.....cut into glorious thick slices for a BLT on freshly baked Ciabatta.

Toasted buns, snappy lettuce, baked ever-so-crisp thick slices of bacon...

...piled up for a wonderful summer dinner.

Any way you have it, nothing beats a home grown tomato.  We are lucky enough to be blessed by a friend who has a bounty of summer time veggies that he shares with us.  Ever so thankful for these fresh beauties!  Oh YUMMO!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Newest Collection - Antique English Cream Crocks

First of all, thank you so much for all of the comments left for our new rescue Scottie, Miss Katie!  She is settling in, adapting to her new forever home and even had her first hair cut, which I will share later.  Duhgall is so sweet with her and lets her lay on his pillow and sleep next to him under the buffet in the entry hall.  He has such a gentle spirit. 

Let me share with you the beginning of one of my newest collections, antique English cream crocks.  I have been collecting the English marmalade crocks for some time now and had only one little cream crock.  A few weeks ago I found three more cream crocks and as you all know, it only takes "three" to be a "collection".  

Having spent a lot of my childhood time out at my Uncle and Aunt's Dairy, I have a soft spot in my heart for cows and horses.   I don't have masses of collections of one specific thing (I don't like clutter), but I do believe that I could easily start such a collection with these wonderful little works of art.  The graphics on them are charming AND they are mostly of cows.  

I am fond of antique advertising, especially that on crocks.  Black on cream is my favorite, but I really like the blue on cream as well.  The gentlemen that I bought the Carrick's Cumberland Dairy and Hailwood's cream crock from said that these were dug up near the river Thames in England.  They are chipped and a little dirty, but imperfections are ok with me.  After all, they are over one hundred years old and have been layered in dirt. I'm "digging" them now!  :)

My hubby likes these as well.  I have shared photos of them from Pinterest and I think he fancies them just as much as I do.  That is a good thing girls!  Hubs likes + me likes + want more = a win, win and a "green light" to find more!  Maybe not a big thing to some of you who have husbands that collect things, but for me it is all good!  He hasn't been bit by that collecting bug - or just simply doesn't have that gene - until now.  

For now the little herd of crocks sit on the shelf in the farmhouse style laundry room.  I like that they go well with the "Cowhide Brand" sign that sits on the top shelf.  When the collection expands, I will have to find a funky piece to display them in.  I may even have something stashed in storage to use...note to self, look for that shelf!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meet Katie!

Do you ever get that feeling of urgency - when you really have to act upon making a decision that will positively benefit someone or something?   Last week I had one of those urgent feelings - a deep down tugging in my stomach, in my heart, in my soul, to do something to help a rescued Scottie dog.  

Here's the story:

My Facebook friend, Cate, posted a photo of a Scottie that had been rescued and was in placement with a foster parent through a California Rescue Organization.  She had been in an abusive environment AND had recently whelped puppies.  She may have had several liters in the past, but who knows.  Only she does.

There was something about her face, her story.
I needed to find out more.
So I did.

Cate was very instrumental (thank you Cate) for recommending me to the Rescue folks.  Evidently, Cate has been reading this little blog of mine for years and never put the two-and-two together that her FB friend was one in the same as the author of Sweet Cottage Dreams blog.  Small world we live in.   I call it the Kevin Bacon rule of 7.  

Many emails were exchanged with the Rescue director, Cate and the foster parent.  It was decided that I was first in line to adopt.  Evidently, there were many people who wanted to adopt her, so she would have had a home, one way or another.  But God's grace was on me.  He knows my heart.

I never thought that I would want to get another dog after having lost Fiona at such a young age.  And then we are dealing with some health issues with our male Scottie, Duhgall.  He is doing well, just dealing with keeping his liver enzymes healthy and treating skin issues.  

The shelter Doctor did an assessment of the little Scottie girl and said she was healthy, despite her ordeal.  (Some people should NEVER be able to own animals!)  But because I am me and wanted more information on her, Cate traveled over to the city and picked up the wee lassie and took her to a different vet and had a blood work up done.  Everything came back perfect!  Cate knows our story about Fiona and her advanced liver disease and I wanted to make sure this little girl was ok.  

Who could resist those eyes?  Not me, not me.  She kind of reminds me of a little rescue we had many years ago, too.  She was part Scottie.  And she had the same look in her face.

This little girl is 100 percent Scottie.
Her coat is thin, but I am sure with proper nutrition and vitamins, it will grow back in.

She has a gray beard, wisps of gray around her eyes - like a bandit mask - and the tiniest feet and crooked four-inch legs.  Her brown eyes melt my heart.  And she has a perfect Scottie tale, like a carrot.

Our dogs are family and therefore they are allowed on our furniture.  We try to keep blankets spread out for them to lay on, but should another spot, or pillow, seem a better choice, then it's ok.  I don't sweat the small stuff anymore.

As for Mr. Duhgall, he is being "tolerant" of her.  Those of you who are familiar with Scotties, they can come off as being aloof.  Kind of like when you had a crush on a boy in school and they didn't care that you existed?  Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my drift.  Duhgall was patient with her when she shared a corner of his pillow with him.  She will be getting her own floor pillow.  That's a no-brainer.

She is a bit shy, especially with men.  I was surprised at how well she walks on her leash, goes potty outside when taken and really behaves well.  Being a rescue, you just never know what you will get, but she is 2-4 years old and has been trained at some point in her life.

For now, we are getting to know each other and we are smitten.  After these photos were taken, she got a bath and a little trim done on her ears, tail and face.  She will soon have a proper Scottie cut when she goes in for her spa day.

She is home now, her forever home.  She will be spoiled rotten, adored, loved and cherished. 

So meet Kate, also known as Katie!  Not her original name, but it is fitting to her.  We adopted her on the day that would have been my Grandmother Katie's birthday, so I thought it fitting to name her after my short and sweet Grandmother.  And she would have liked that, too.  I can even hear her laugh of approval, that is after having told me three thousand times how to make a Chocolate Mayonnaise cake.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Adding A Few New Flea Market Finds

I have been adding little pieces to my French pottery collection.  Yesterday I found this charming French Charolles bouillon bowl with a pretty red flower on the front.  The handles on the bowl remind me of angel wings, but they are really for holding the bowl to drink bouillon from.

The three bowls with the green edge are cream pots.   They are so delicate and very, very old.  

The little collection is grouped together on top of a metal tray, lazy susan and mingle with two antique French linens and an English ironstone pitcher filled with sunflowers. 

A big heartfelt thank you to those who left a comment for me about our home being featured in American Farmhouse Style magazine (last post).  It has been a fun experience!