Friday, March 26, 2010


P1010001d2 What can you do with old glass door knobs? Well, the obvious would be to put them on a door, however if you don’t have all of the parts and pieces it could be almost next to impossible to use them.

P1010007l1 Displaying them on a nicely tarnished silver tray is pretty. I love the contrast of the glass knobs against the silver and the old rusty patina on the fittings.

P1010005h1 Or you could take some antique pharmaceutical bottles…

P1010009d1 ..and marry the two together by using the knobs as finials on the bottles. Kind of a sweet “in-turn-ship", don’t you think? Maybe I'll add some old lace, a button and old ephemera around the neck of the bottle.

P1010010k1 But for now, should I leave them on the tray atop the bathroom counter or….

P1010012p1 … display them in our bathroom hutch with other other old bottles and jars?

Y'all have a great day and I hope that your spring is "turning" out to be a good one!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peasant Style


Miss K and I are D-O-N-E with our revised version of the peasant top. Miss K chose a summery blue and white polka dot and a solid red for hers. I found a cute cherry print and red and white check for mine. (All fabrics were from JoAnn's - and on sale!). We decided to add a band at the bottom to make these more of a tunic than a blouse.


I am so proud of Miss K’s sewing skills! She is in love with Mr. Janome, too. He just swoons anyone who sews on him. Prrrr…….

P1010014g2 A sweet little sleeve and gathered elastic edges add to the cuteness of these shirts. Kind of Bohemian meets Country!

P1010010j1 Little cherries remind me of summer time, picnics in the park and fruit stands.




I found this vintage pattern on ETSY. There were so many to choose from, so I bought two in different styles. Just a little clue when buying vintage patterns: women were smaller back then, so the size “16” of the 60’s is now a 10-12. I have plans to make more summer tops. It is so much fun to have a blouse that is a one-of-a-kind and made in sweet summer prints. They are really fun and took me back to the days that I made them in sewing classes at school. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Thank you, Miss K, for sharing your day with me!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sew Much Fun & Winner Of Giveaway


Thank you to all of you sweet ladies who joined in on the fun around here. We thank each and every one of you for making Duhgall’s birthday so very special and for entering the contest for the above heart giveaway. Thank you, too, for those of you who are making JACK a heart and to KIM for all she does and organizing this wonderful idea.


All of the names – some entered several times – were placed in my little thrift store bowl.


Being as Duhgall was the birthday guy, we thought it best that he drew the winner. Miss Fiona was so excited that she just could not contain herself!


Duhgall goes in for the selection….


…and pulled out the name…along with his dog biscuit in the bottom of the bowl. Ahh-ha – that is how we enticed his little black button nose to the bowl. Works every time!


drum roll….. Tales From My Empty Nest is the winner! Congratulations and Happy belated birthday, too!!


Duhgall and Fiona were such champs and are sitting pretty now for their reward – a little biscuit. Ok, so Duhgall got two. He deserved it!


I mentioned a few posts ago that a very special birdie was flying in from the east coast to spend a few weeks with us. This sweet birdie is my son’s girlfriend, Miss K, and we are having some fun doing some junking and sewing together. SEW….. today we are making peasant blouses…



…and getting in some good girl time. The guys made tacos for us tonight – they were awesome!

P1010151l SEW….. what are you up to? Oh, and yes, Miss Esther Sunday, that is the sweet pincushion chair that you made for me several years ago. Isn’t it just too cute!??? Love, love, love it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Heart For Jack and A Heart For You Giveaway

Have you heard of Hearts For Jack? If you have not, then please stop by my dear friend Kim’s blog, Daisy Cottage, and read about Hearts For Jack by clicking HERE.

P1010083t When I first of heard that Jack had lost his wife, Tabatha, my heart just poured out to him. I felt his pain and his loss. To lose someone you love is like taking the biggest wrench and yanking your heart out of your chest – leaving you breathless, motionless and in utter pain and agony. It literally changes you and completely rocks your world. It changes you forever – forever. You are different now. Different, yet having to live on – a different “normal” now, as many describe. We can only hold on to what they were, what they shared, how they brought sheer joy to your life – them, they…they made you whole. We now breathe for them – to share their legacy – to keep them alive in memory, in honor. But the most glorious of all things is to know that we will be with our loved one once again when we enter those wonderful gates of Heaven. Hallelujah! Glory to be to God! Ahhhhh yes! Glory!!!!!


So to honor Tabatha, and to partake in Hearts For Jack, I made this little heart to send to Jack. Because Tabatha loved to visit Daisy Cottage (like so many of us do) – I made it to represent the colors of Daisy Cottage. Happy and joyful color! I added a little black scottie dog – to hopefully bring a smile to Jack’s face. Whenever we have our dogs out in public, it seems that they always bring a smile to people’s faces. They are, after all, so cute and jaunty in their little way.


And in honor of YOU and for ALL of the sweet happy birthday wishes that were given to our little Duhgall Piper on his birthday, I made an extra heart to giveaway. Duhgall would like to thank all of you who left him such sweet birthday wishes (he was smitten with the love shared). If a little black scottie dog could turn red and blush, Duhgall would have. He sat on my settee in my room as I read the comments left for him. I cannot begin to tell you how intent he became – as if he understood all of the love given to him. Thank you, thank you!


So here is how this works…..

If you would like to be entered to win the little heart pillow – or even use as a pin-cushion, just leave a comment on this post.

But wait……………there’s more! If you have left a comment for Duhgall on his birthday, you will be entered to win two times. ***You have to enter a comment though on this post to be entered to win. ****

But wait……………there’s more! If you made a Heart For Jack, then you will be entered to win three times. Now how am I going to keep track of this? Well, simply let me know, by a comment, if you wished Doogie a happy birthday and if you made a heart for Jack. I will pick the winner on Monday, March 22nd. If you are an "annonymous" comment leaver, you will need to leave your email address, too. That way I have a way of contacting you should you win. :-)

Till then, have a lovely, lovely weekend!!

If you don't have a way of leaving a comment, then you can email me at to enter to win.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ships Ahoy!

P1010012l1 Just tidying up the house today. Getting a little jump start on spring cleaning. Ahhhh…..yes, spring. Love it!

P1010016m1 Feeling like I’d like to be at the beach today – what do you think?


Or maybe out on the sea in an old clipper ship.


Or maybe even sipping a Pina Colada underneath a palm tree on a warm sandy beach.

P1010014d2 Our lovely California sunshine is making me want to be outside….


…rather than being inside cleaning.

Ahoy maties! Shall we toss out the anchor, broom and dust rag and sail away? Sounds like a plan to me! Where's my little umbrella drink? **cheers!**

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess Who Is FOUR Today?

Happy Birthday, Duhgall Piper!!!!!


4 years ago today you were born – a perfect birthday for a wee scottie boy!


You did not stay a puppy for long – but we did enjoy your wispy “bat” ears for a time…and a face that could melt the hardest of hearts.

P1010112 Before long you were a young man who loved nothing better than to chase balls and play fetch.

P1010080 You have the kindest of eyes and the sweetest demeanor. Our little buddy who gives us unconditional daily doses of love.



You love your kitty, Miss Socks, and diligently protect her and share your pink chair with her.

P1010092 It was just you and Socks for three years – then along came sissy Fiona. You have adapted having a little sister in the house to share your pink chair and window seat with - such a noble little man you are!



Happy 4th Birthday, Mr. Duhgall Piper – aka: Doogie P.

We LOVE you!!!

valengfairy002a And we love YOU, too.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Sunny Sunday


Hi friends! Doogie P. here…just taking a break in the sunny backyard today. The sun felt so good, so we just hung around outside while Paw puttered and Maw made breakfast.


Miss Socks looking cozy all puffed up on the warm cement….


..and a bit pensive as I stood guard over her. There are pigeons that come and go in our yard…so I, The Big D-O-G of the yard, had to make sure they didn’t bother my family.


A glance over there….


…and up there to make sure I chase any and all away. Seems that the pigeons like our yard as much as we do…and we all know how we feel about flying rats in our backyard! NOT welcome!


I think my sissy, Fiona, caught a whiff of one….hopefully it wasn’t a bird droppin’ – can we say “ewwww!?”


I think she is ok – I don’t see any white stuff on her nose.


For now, I will keep my post and make sure those nasty birds don’t take roost in the chimney. That makes my Maw wicked mad! But don’t tell her I said so. Chow and arrooooooos!