Monday, December 31, 2007

A Wish For A Happy 2008!!!

Happy New Year!!!

A toast to you and yours for a New Year full of good health, good times and good shopping!!!!

Cheers to another year of blogging fun!

Love ya!!!!


PS: I wish I could reach out and hug all of you who have really been such a joy to meet and to connect to through our blogs. Really, I did not know how this blogging thing would turn out, but I thank you for your support, your encouragement and most of all your friendship. Hugs!!!

AND....Keep on keeping on!

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Sweet Scotty Christmas

On Christmas we spent the day with our sweet friends, Stan and Dodie. They are also the Scotty breeders that we bought Duhgall from. So, needless to say, Duhgall got to spend his Christmas with his parents, Mr. Cole and Pearl. Now, Stan and Dodie's home is no stranger to having lots of furry little faces. Having three female Scotty Dogs and one male, they are a very busy family. There is Hazel, Pearl, Truely Scrumptious (named after Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang) and then Mr. Cole. Truely had her first littler of puppies in November and a few days later, Pearl had puppies. So the puppies above are a combination of both litters.
We had fun playing with the puppies and I just had to get out the camera to share them with you. This little guy is a "Wheaten" Scotty. There are actually three types of Scotties: Wheatens, Brindled and the traditional Black. The original Scotty was brindled. I bit of Scotty trivia...
This little black Scotty woke up for the picture. See the top left Wheaten Scotty? You cannot miss him as he is the largest of them all. His aka is "Bubba." Bubba's mom, Truely, is a petite little wee one and we cannot believe that she had such a large son. I am really wrenching my hubby's arm on taking Bubba home. Dodie has one arm and I have the other! Of course, Bubba would be renamed with a Scottish name. I have always love the names Finnegan or Finnean (Finn Unn). Finnean translates to white haired, so that would be perfect for "Bubba."
Aren't they so cute?
Here is "Bubba." He woke up and wanted me to hold him. Duhgall didn't seem too impressed by him, but Bubba sure liked curling up in my arms and fell asleep. Later he woke up and "talked" to me and then started licking and kissing my chin. He was really stealing my heart big time!

Dodie and Stan have an awesome collection of antique Scotty things all through their house. This is a feather tree has the sweetest clip-on birds and then around the base are some antique seltzer stuffed Scotty Dogs. Dodie believes they are from Germany. These stuffed toys are almost as cute as the real deal.
Remember my Garden Club post? Yes, these are the dishes and some of the Scotty adornments from the table that Dodie and Waive decorated. Dodie bought all of the dishes for that day and then set a lovely Christmas dinner table for us by using tartan linens and the most adorable center piece with Mica, greenery, ribbons and old Scotty pieces. See the felt ribbon? That is from Hallmark and even has buttons that are hand sewn on it.
Besides collecting Scotty things, Stan and Dodie have a huge collection of antique Britains. Britains are small metal toys that are made in England. There are all kinds of figures that you can buy. In this case they have farm animals, wild animals, trees and fences. You can click on the picture to enlarge it. This case is just one of several that holds their Britains. The little furry face peeking around the corner is Hazel. She believes she is the Alpha Scotty in their household and is spot-on to whatever is going on at the moment. She followed me around whilst I snapped pics! She is just a sweetheart and is pregnant!!

This little guy is the newest Scotty member. Dodie gave him to me for Christmas. Like Kath's Trudie, he doesn't pee or poop and just is as quiet as a church mouse. Now, if this isn't just the biggest coincidence......check out his name! Dougal! Spelled differently than our guy, but can you believe that?! Kath, he looks like a relative of Trudie'
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Biscotti, Scotties and Merry Christmas Wishes!

Mom, will you please notice me? I am so cute and just got groomed! Put the cookie dough away!
Doogs and Socks are resting after helping in the kitchen...
Time to sit back and enjoy a minute of my day. There are still leaves on our Japanese Maple pretty...the view from my desk.

I love the light that comes in the windows in the morning. So peaceful. This used to be my sewing table, however I moved the machine to another room to clear the clutter out. This is a quiet spot to sit and look through magazines, write a card or just sit and stare out the window.
A new lamp...made of plastic, but it looks just like mercury glass.
A little bird's nest filled with some favorite ornaments.
An old bronze baby shoe hangs on the tree.
Doogs' baby picture and some favorite scotty objects.

A snippet of our front porch..
My favorite old red door that is adorned with a Christmas wreath.
A red flower box filled with pinecones and a vintage like sign.
No snow here...just wishful thinking...

Each year I make biscotti cookies for friends and family. This batch are dipped in chocolate and peppermint.
Finely chopped peppermint pieces for the biscotti.
My favorite zippy-do-wow presto chopper gizmo. It contains the bits, too.
See...?? Percectly chopped and quick, too!

Earlier this year, Lisa sent me a sweet Scotty cookie cutter. I used it to make my little Duhgall sugar cookies. Thanks again Lisa! I love it!
Plain little cookies... waiting for the frosting..
These are the hearts that I used on the cookies...too cute!
I tried to make black frosting, but this is the closest I could get to.
These little cookies look like Jenn and Jacqui's Hamish and Miss Penelope and Melissa's Winston! We love Westie's, too!

Mr. Santa keeps me company in the kitchen. The flour and sugar canisters are pretty low from all of the cookie baking that has gone on in our kitchen.
This framed Scotty picture is from my longtime friend, Barbara. She gave it to me the other day and I just adore it. Made in England and it has the coolest thistle design around the edge!
This adorable metal tray is a gift from my friends Jeannie and Karen, who have a sweet space at Remember When antique store in town. They gave this to me the other day and I just love it! Brenda, at Spare Minute Cottage, sent me the most adorable pair of scotty socks! They are in the wash right now cause I had to wear them right away! I love them and thank you Brenda!!!
And Miss Heidi, thank you so much for the adorable Dutch Christmas card with none other than a little adorable Scotty! I will also put the sweetest Christmas fabric to use, too! Heather, I love the bookmark that you made! My goal is to start reading a few books after Christmas, so this will come in quite handy - oh and for my magazines, too! Thank you everyone for all of your kindess. You really warm my heart!

I know that everyone is so busy trying to get the last minute Holiday things done, but I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Each and every one of you is appreciated and I thank you for your friendship and kindness that you have bestowed to me these past few months. We all get so busy, and I am so guilty of not getting back to each of you lately. After the holidays, I will make it around to visit and to catch up on some visiting. This past week has been so busy with physical therapy appointments, grooming appointments (Doogs and myself), cookie baking, gift wrapping and visits to friends. But, you have been on my mind and I pray that everyone is safe, feeling good and enjoying this time with your friends and family.

I pray for everyone in our military, too, and thank you for serving our Country! It is so difficult having our loved ones so far away at such a time when our families should be together to celebrate the season. Just know that you are in our hearts and we appreciate your sacrifices!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Wonderful Christmas Luncheon - Scotty Style!

Our local garden club hosted the annual Christmas luncheon a few weeks ago. There were over 31 tables - each painstakingly decorated in different themes. My friend, Dodie (also the breeder of our beloved Duhgall) invited me to sit at her table. She and another sweet Scottie owner, Waive, decorated the table with their Scotty collections.
Our place settings...old Bakelite utensils, and carved acorn napkin rings. You can click on any photo to enlarge it for details. Dodie even made chocolate molded Scotty Pops and larger chocolate Scotty Dogs for us to take home.
Oh......aren't they too pretty to eat on?
As you can see, this table setting won the hearts of many. Lots of "oooohs and awwwwsss" were to be said at this precious table. See all of the large Scotty Dogs looking at the antique feather tree? They are all antique Hubley pieces, all made of heavy metal and each adorned (by Waive) in either a tartan coat, hat, scarf - and one even has his own set of bagpipes - oh am I jealous! But, can he play?
Just too cute!!! Around the base of the tree are Dodie's collections of itty-bitty Scotty Dogs...most made of metal. Around the Hubley pieces are black licorice Scotty Dogs. You can find those at Trader Joes. Yummy!
The antique tree is Waives and she has it all decked out with old dog tags that she found in Scotland and Ireland, little dog ornaments and tartan fancys here and there. Waive is of Scottish decent, as is her husband. In fact, her hubby has an uncle by the name of Duhgall. No kidding. Well, afterall, Dughall is Scottish and translates to "Dark Stranger" - that of which my little bugger is not. He loves everyone!
The backs of our chairs were draped in various tartans.
Ok - here is the wee lad that is sporting a set of bagpipes 'round his little neck. Shhh...I think I hear 'em playin'!
...ok, have you had enough of him? I uploaded this pic twice.

The pipes are Waive's. They are old an need I say I didn't even ask if I could give them a pumping up! Too afraid that the leather might split. But, shhhh...if you listen, you can hear the pipes playing with my Braveheart song. Ahhhh, such sweeeeeet music. It really touches my soul and sparks a deep sentiment within. Has to be my Scottish roots!
...Jingle Bell Scotty...

Can you hear them? They are singin' "Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas dare I not hike my leg on thee...." ha!

Under Cover Steiff Scotty Dogs. They have been hired by our local drug sniffing unit....
Ok, so I wasn't suppose to share this covert operation with the world. Bite me! Kidding!
Final glimpse of our tree before the festivities ended. It was a fun time and everyone always has a great time.

Thank you everyone for visiting my little blog. It is always a treat to hear from you! As I mentioned in two posts ago, Deena was to undergo breast cancer surgery. If you click HERE you can catch up with what is going on with her and to read her beautiful blog. She is home now, thank GOD, and her surgery went well. To those who have taken a moment to visit her, I thank you, and I know that she appreciates everyone's comments and best wishes. It is just so sad to hear of those who have to deal with such severe health issues, and at such a busy time of year. Deena, we wish you the best!!

Blessings to everyone....