Saturday, August 30, 2008

What To Do When It Is SEWWWW HOT!!!

What to do when it is 107 degrees outside? Amp up the A/C and have a date with Mr. Janome!

If you recall, I was a willing participant in Eileen's

"Summer Stash Quilt Challenge" and designed the little "Duck, Duck, Goose" quilt.

Making the little quilt whet my whistle to do something else that would be quilted. So I got out my sketch pad and designed this little bag.

There is a quilted handle and a tiny cherry print ruffled edge. I machine quilted the back piece, which I find looks better and holds the "Warm And Natural (tm)" quilt lining in place.

Little vintage buttons and a ME Scotty Dog button add a wee bit of texture and fun to the front.

A girl needs tons of pockets to stash the small things so there is one in front and then a large sectioned one inside. I did a machine appliqued bird on the front of the pocket and stippled around it.

Here is the finished piece. It is large enough to hold a lap top all I need is to buy myself one!

I have also been working on pennant banners to list next week on ETSY. These are tons of fun to make and helps me get rid of the stash of vintage tablecloths that seem to consume a rather larger plastic storage bin in the guest bedroom. See, I bet you didn't see that in any of the pictures of the room? Now I wouldn't want to embarass myself, now would I?

What the banners look like all strung out!
There is a TV in my sewing area and I usually have it tuned into Martha Stewart, the Food Network Channel or Rachel Ray. When I sew I mostly have it on for noise, however every so often I have to goose neck it to see what is on - especially if it is something like a food recipe. Yes, I am a foodie! ha. The other day miss cutie pie Rachel was making a grilled cheese sandwich - Italian style. It is like a Caprese salad, except it is a "sammie" - as she calls it.

Our garden has provided us a lovely abundance of tomatoes this summer and what better way to use them than in this wonderful sandwich. Here I made the sandwiches with white bread (crust removed and used for croutons) and layered fresh basil, tomato slices and sliced Mozzarella cheese.

You will cook them in heated extra virgin olive oil (enough to coat the entire pan).

Cook over medium-low heat - be sure to watch closely so that you don't burn the bread. (I speak from experience!) The cheese should be gooey and the bread a nice toasty brown.

YUMMO! They are fantastic and really refreshing!

As Rachel says, "I'll see ya when I see ya!"

Have a safe and fun weekend!

Can you believe it is almost September?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Highlands ~ A Beautiful Spot On Earth

I found where I want to this little stone cottage that is located in The Highlands of Carmel. No, we are not in the United Kingdom, but in a beautiful location in California. This little cottage ~ with its charming milky blue painted window panes, stone walls and matchstick fence ~ stood silent and lonely. It spoke to me like an old friend who begged you to come for a visit and asking you to linger a bit longer before heading for home.
It is a quaint piece of property whose backyard is the Pacific Ocean. The ocean brings a misty coolness to the air with an occasional sea gull singing as it flies overhead. Ok little stone cottage, I must move on...however I will someday return to you for a visit ~ even if it is just from outside.
Take a little stroll with me today, won't you? What is around this corner?
...and what is around THIS corner? Oh my! Isn't this place wonderful?
Ok little man, I will be right back. Just wait for me there in the car.
Moving onwards....I best hurry so that Duhgall doesn't worry about me. You know, he does worry 'bout his momma.
...puff.. puff..a little further...
...will bring you around this corner. Sitting on a rocky ledge across the water is a stone castle. Can you see it? (click on the picture to enlarge it)
This home has the most amazing views. Above is their patio that overlooks the sea. Several empty Adirondack chairs wait for a visitor.

Everything is so green and the air is brisk and fresh. The old cypress trees create sculptured canopies on the hillsides.
Now this old rock wall has to keep the cars from driving over the craggy cliffs. It also points me to another corner to walk over to......Can you hear the waves? They are crashing against the rocks below...

....and there is a little cave down below. Hmmm..feeling a bit adventurous are we? Do you want to climb down there and see what is there? Ok, let's just pretend. My poor back wouldn't make such a jaunt....

Tucked quietly in this little bend are some wonderful cottages that have the most amazing views.
Now wouldn't you just love to live here?
Back up the road is this charming Mediterranian style home with lush succulents and ferns in the rock garden. I really love the blue trim on the window sashes!
Little Duhgall WAS worried about his momma and dear hubby drove up the road to pick me up.
On the way down the road was this tree that cradles pots of flowers - great idea!
Ok, lets head to the beach for some quiet time..
Duhgall spys something...."What is it little man?"
He says, "LOOK over there! I think there are sharks in the water!"
What? Yes, I see dorsal fins....many infact!
"Hey mister, look out!"
Actually, all beach goers that day were treated with visits from several dolphins. There were about six of them and they swam back and fourth along the beach all day long. It was such a kick to watch everyone ooooo and awwww over them. There was an occasional otter that popped his head up for a little show.
Duhgall is all smiles when at the beach! He is glad it was only Doll-fins!

~~~~ Happy Trails....and may you get some sand inbetween your toes before our summer fades away......~~~~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cottage Vignettes

A favorite vignette with a small collection of religious items ~ an old chalkware Madonna, old silver Prague figure and a Holy Water bottle.
Little crowns and little old jewels that I treasure.

One of my favorite things to do is to layer old items on shelves. Here are some
more of my "cottage faces" on an old white metal shelf.
Have a lovely week! I hope that life is serving you up spoon fulls of joy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Doggy Treats

I have recently been blessed with little doggy treats!
And guess by who?
Yes, blogging friends! This little community of friends continues to literally amaze me!
Debbie (My Shabby Roses) gave me this wonderful old scotty dog print. She said she found it and new I would love it - and she is right! Doesn't he look like my Duhgall? She also made a sweet key chain she made with an old dog card, however I didn't get a picture of it.
The scotty picture will end up hanging out with the other scotties on the wall below.
Now there is another wonderful lady by the name of Jean who lives in Virginia. I am sure many of you have been hugged with comments from her as she loves to visit blogs. Jean has a little Maggie and also collects scotty things....a kindred spirit!! Jean sent me a lovely card and inside were these sweet treats ~ this darling vintage scotty towel and pin. I have since added the pin to a little pillow with the other small collection of pins I own.
Just check out this cute vintage scotty pull toy! I had spyed it on LeAnn's blog - before she made the switch from pink to blue. I even think I might have commented on how cute it was in her kitchen...yup, it is sooo cute! LeAnn surprised me be sending it to me and now he hangs out in my kitchen.
Thank you Debbie, Jean and LeAnn for blessing me with such sweet treats. My heart is so touched by your gracious kindness!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slowly Updating The Cottage

We are slowly, but surely, making some changes around our home. For now I will share some of the little touches that are sprinkled here and there. My husband and I love old nautical things and beach related items, so I decided to add them to our master bath and bedroom.

Here are just a few little tid-bits.

I love this shade of blue and found these linens at Marshall's.
This throw reminds me of the beach with how the quilted lines go through the fabric.

This sweet little vintage quilted pillow slip was given to me this past weekend from my friend, Shirley. As you may recall, I have shared photos of her precious Hansel and Gretel house with you before. Shirley had an awesome Estate Sale this past weekend and I ended up with many lovely treasures.
An old plateau mirror is the base for several old pieces. My favorite little recent find is the old perfume bottle with a metal heart stopper.
Of course, a nautical bedroom HAS to have some sea shells. The shells rest in an old California Pottery bowl that has the wonderful aqua blue color inside. My sweet friend, LeAnn, is also loving this color these days.

Now this precious little girl needed a crown, don't you think? If you haven't met darling Rosemary, then you need to treat yourself to a visit. She makes wonderful glittery things!! Awhile back I bought this crown from Rosemary, however I had no idea where it would go. Kind of like a Cinderella story, the crown fit perfectly on the little bust. It was meant to be for her.

Isn't it just sweet?