Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Highlands ~ A Beautiful Spot On Earth

I found where I want to this little stone cottage that is located in The Highlands of Carmel. No, we are not in the United Kingdom, but in a beautiful location in California. This little cottage ~ with its charming milky blue painted window panes, stone walls and matchstick fence ~ stood silent and lonely. It spoke to me like an old friend who begged you to come for a visit and asking you to linger a bit longer before heading for home.
It is a quaint piece of property whose backyard is the Pacific Ocean. The ocean brings a misty coolness to the air with an occasional sea gull singing as it flies overhead. Ok little stone cottage, I must move on...however I will someday return to you for a visit ~ even if it is just from outside.
Take a little stroll with me today, won't you? What is around this corner?
...and what is around THIS corner? Oh my! Isn't this place wonderful?
Ok little man, I will be right back. Just wait for me there in the car.
Moving onwards....I best hurry so that Duhgall doesn't worry about me. You know, he does worry 'bout his momma.
...puff.. puff..a little further...
...will bring you around this corner. Sitting on a rocky ledge across the water is a stone castle. Can you see it? (click on the picture to enlarge it)
This home has the most amazing views. Above is their patio that overlooks the sea. Several empty Adirondack chairs wait for a visitor.

Everything is so green and the air is brisk and fresh. The old cypress trees create sculptured canopies on the hillsides.
Now this old rock wall has to keep the cars from driving over the craggy cliffs. It also points me to another corner to walk over to......Can you hear the waves? They are crashing against the rocks below...

....and there is a little cave down below. Hmmm..feeling a bit adventurous are we? Do you want to climb down there and see what is there? Ok, let's just pretend. My poor back wouldn't make such a jaunt....

Tucked quietly in this little bend are some wonderful cottages that have the most amazing views.
Now wouldn't you just love to live here?
Back up the road is this charming Mediterranian style home with lush succulents and ferns in the rock garden. I really love the blue trim on the window sashes!
Little Duhgall WAS worried about his momma and dear hubby drove up the road to pick me up.
On the way down the road was this tree that cradles pots of flowers - great idea!
Ok, lets head to the beach for some quiet time..
Duhgall spys something...."What is it little man?"
He says, "LOOK over there! I think there are sharks in the water!"
What? Yes, I see dorsal fins....many infact!
"Hey mister, look out!"
Actually, all beach goers that day were treated with visits from several dolphins. There were about six of them and they swam back and fourth along the beach all day long. It was such a kick to watch everyone ooooo and awwww over them. There was an occasional otter that popped his head up for a little show.
Duhgall is all smiles when at the beach! He is glad it was only Doll-fins!

~~~~ Happy Trails....and may you get some sand inbetween your toes before our summer fades away......~~~~


Bella Della said...

This was a nice little adventure in the middle of my workday. Beautiful photos. I am imagining myself on the beach with you guys! Have a great day!

Miss Jean said...

It - is - hot !!!! Must - go - now!!!!! I'll slow the car down and you can catch Maggie as we drive by!!!!

We've been on that drive and I've never seen the castle. I think that must have been the inspiration for on of Nora Roberts' books set in Carmel!!!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful little cottage by the sea! I'd love to be your neighbor if you move there someday. Let me know and I'll buy one of the homes nearby. We could have such fun walking on the beach together. With Duhgall! ~Adrienne~

Thimbleanna said...

When do we move in LOL??? WOW! What a place. You're SO lucky to live so close to such fabulous beauty!

Rosemary said...

Hi Becky,
I love Carmel. Wish I lived in that cottage too!!
Our friends live in the Carmel Valley. We love to visit there!!
Thanks for the tour,

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh I love that little stone cottage, wish I could see the inside too!

Michele said...

Wonderful little adventure..thank you. Awesome view..I would like to go now..thank you!!


ThisleRose said...

OH your pup is just toooo cute!
Love those homes too!

becky up the hill said...

Doogs saw Dolphins and Moi has not! I don't get it. I've lived in Monterey county for 9 years, been to the beach hundreds of times and never seen a dolphin. I'm not bitter tho..not me. Oh I am sea-sick. lol!

Mimi Sue said...

My inlaws used to live in Cambria. We loved to go there to visit. There are some adorable houses there too. Cute shops and good food too. Love your home and your blog. Mimi

Connie said...

I also love Carmel and Monterey. Went often before we moved up here to retire. It is absolutely the one of the most beautiful places on earth, sweet chick!! Just love it and Mendocino and anything along Hwy 1......

Mary said...

Oh what a beautiful spot! If I were on that beach, I would have a big happy grin on my face, just like Dughall!

Thanks for taking us along on the adventure. :)

Pink Slippers said...

That was a beautiful drive. How realaxing. I use to hate when I was little and my parents went for drives. Now I'm the one going for 'drives' and love it!

Screaming Meme said...

I enjoyed the pictures!! A great place!!!!

molly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - I am SO GLAD I visted yours today! I lived in Pacific Grove(next door to Carmel) for one year. MY stomping grounds were the streets of CArmel and that beach. I needed that visit again today. I want to plan a trip back there soon - very soon!Love the cottages the shopping ,but mostly the ocean views. Nothing like that in Texas!

Jean said...

What an awesome tour, such a beautiful place. Its been quite a long time since we have been to any beach, but I enjoy sharing yours with you. Maggie Mae said tell Doogs Hello for her, and she wishes she could play on the beach with him. Have a wonderful evening.
Jean in Virginia

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. We bathed in a tub outside too. I was the baby so I bathed first and then the others in my water hehe.
Catching fireflies were about all we had to do,but chase the chickens. You know I was just thinking i have not seen any of them in years. I wanted to show my grandbaby.
Love those good old days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Wow now that was a nice little jaunt, but poor Dugs, they do worry about their mamas don't they. I would so love to live by the beach. Thanks for the walk through the sand.


Anonymous said...

I'm packing my bags and bringing Charli. Those were amazing snap shots. What a beautiful place to live.

Life on the Edge said...

Wow, those pictures are incredible! I especially loved that patio with the adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean. I can see why people in California risk forest fires, killer waves, and mudslides because if I lived in such a place I would want to be looking out at that ocean all day! I could sit and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks all day!

Too cool with the dolphins at the beach! Oh this really does make me want to dip my toes in the sand...and the ocean!


Rue said...

Hi Becky :)

Thank you for this post. Ahhh... the memories :) Don't worry, I promise I won't start singing LOL

I loved hearing the sound of the waves crashing. Miss that too!


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What beautiful homes and stunning views. The perfect way to spend a late summer day!

Rochelle said...

Those pictures of Carmel are really nice.....wish I lived closer so that I could go back there. I used to take my grandmother there all the time. She loved the shops and sometimes there was an item she bought for me too! Those are really good memories so thanks for sharing the pictures!
Have a great day...

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

OH~~~~My favorite place, maybe we could be neighbors in Carmel some day! I love looking at the pictures and listening to the ocean. It is the closest I've been to a beach in a long time,thank-you.

Janet said...

I say it every time you go to Carmel, but I will say it again..."Carmel is my favorite place in the whole, wide world". There, I said it again ( hear the music???).



Oh may goodness that was a beautiful tour! FL. is so boring after looking at those views!!

Heidi Ann said...

So beautiful, Becky - I love Carmel. My sister and I used to go there when we vacationed together back before I got married. We all love the coast so much, probably because we used to go camping over there when we were little. Our ONLY family vacations were camping trips. Great memories!

Unknown said...

What an incredible property! What did they think of you climbing all over it :)

Dugall is soo cute! What a good boy!


Cottage1945 said...

Hello. Just found your lovely blog. Great houses, thanks for the tour.

Sentimentally Me said...

Oh Beckers that looks heavenly!!! Many years ago before kids, DH and I lived in San Francisco ~ we loved to travel the California Coastline ~ just beautiful, so different from our Atlantic Coast line back east. Love them both, and we too are enjoying these last days of summer. . . . Love little Doogs ~ what a cutie pie!! xo P

Betty said...

Beautiful pictures Becky! Is that 17 mile Drive? Have you been to Highlands Inn in Carmel? I'm not sure if that is the same place you photographed. I haven't been there in years but I remember it was gorgeous!

Maison Douce said...

What a dreamy place...! I was in Carmel years ago (before I could really appreciate the true beauty of these lovely homes...), and would love to go back. Thanks for the inspirational pictures!

SweetAnnee said...

I had no idea is that lovely.
Doogs looks like he had much fun..
What wonderful photos..
fondly, deena

Anonymous said...

That house was so charming.. LOVED it! Where in Cali was it?

Cute doggie by the way!

Anonymous said...

You make me just ache for summer and the beach.

I have just nominated you for a blog award. Please come over and read about it.


Laura said...

This setting makes me want to grab a pen, a legal pad, and a bottle of cognac so I can write the greatest all American novel.

Sal said...

That was a truly beautiful adventure! Thank you for taking me along too ;-)

GranthamLynn said...

The photo's were beautiful. I really enjoyed it.
And of course seeing Doughall too.
Sherry and Daisy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment regarding my dog Carmen, it meant a lot to me. God bless you and your family and your little doggie too!!!

Susie Q said...

What a sweet way to sepnd the day...and your sweet companion agrees I am sure! Oh how we loved Carmel. It remains one of the prettiest spots I have ever visited. I would love to make a return someday soon...thanks for all the wonderful photos!


Dena said...

I've been working so hard and this was just what I needed! Thanks for taking me away for a while :) Goodness that home is straight out of a fairy tale! Sigh...okay, back to my pile o' work.


Lallee said...

Wow, I really DO hear waves!!! That is some amazing scenery. So different than this side. I always enjoy seeing it. Dolphins are such fun to watch. When did Doogs get his driver's license???? Oliver must not ever know this!
Have a super weekend.
Love ya,

Unknown said...

Hey Becky,
Don't forget today is Charm School Saturday.... Com on over and see what it's about!


Anonymous said...

As always I love to visit your blog.
Fun, creative and positive.
The pictures of the scotties are precious! They remind me of my son's scottie "Paisley". They just moved to Nashville. Keep the pictures coming ......when you look at a scottie "You have to SMILE"!

Skoots1moM said...

oooooooooo, i want to go here, too! will you take me?!
I love southern california but i believe this is north of la isn't it?
thanks for the beautimous pics!

Jen said...

WOW! Is this little slice of heaven close to your home? Either way, this is gorgeous! I am a beach girl through and through. I need a beach fix...too bad it will probably be spring or summer before I make it to the beach again. Thanks for sharing!

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

I so enjoyed that little walk, Becky. It wa a lovely break from my everyday life . . . beautiful scenery. Wish I lived there!

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Okay Becky, you take the stone cottage . . . I'll take the mediteranean & I'll paint some of that gorgeous seascape. I'll come round for a 'cuppa' & bring you the painting?

I enjoy dreaming :)