Sunday, June 29, 2014

Magpie Antiques & All Things Inspiring

I thought I’d share some photos that I snapped (with my iPhone) while at the Magpie Antique store the other day.  In the past I have shared about this wonderful little store – a place to find vintage and antique items to feather your nest.  Magpie is located in Ripon, California – a sweet little farming town located in Central California, right off of Highway 99.  Janet Dyk (prounounced like bike) is the proprietor of the store, which has now been open for a year and a half.  

There is a little bit of something for everyone – even the guys.  From ephemera, old postcards, linens, milk glass, metal signs, farmhouse and prairie style primitives, furniture, metal toys, elegant French d├ęcor, religious items, hutches, tables, garden accessories, old books, bird cages, Pyrex, crock mixing bowls, galvanized items, old typewriters…etc, etc.

Enjoy the virtual tour!  More information for Magpie will be at the bottom of this post.  Hope that you will stop by sometime!


Magpie Antiques & All Things Inspiring
140 S. Walnut
Ripon, California
(209) 599-4545
Store hours:  M-Sat 10AM – 5:30PM

Going either north or southbound Highway 99, take the MAIN Street RIPON exit.  The store is located on the west side of the freeway.  Turn RIGHT on STOCKTON Street and LEFT on FIRST Street.  The fire department will be on the right side and a bike shop on the left corner.  Magpie is up the street on the right side.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Adding Some Patriotic Touches

4th girl

Last week I took a walk through the antique mall that I sell at and, with my phone, snapped some photos of Patriotic themed items that are available to purchase.  The 4th is soon approaching and I’ve yet to do much patriotic decor at home, except to pull out my favorite silk souvenir pillow with a flag on it.

The photo below is a section in my space.  If that General Paint sign doesn’t sell, then I am seriously thinking of bringing him home.  He is so cool!  Made of wood, it is an old store display from (I believe) the 1930’s. 

paint sign

Having a few flags sitting around is great, but I like the idea of wrapping a dress form in an old flag, like below.


Use a flag as a backdrop in a cabinet or use as a table runner …


 ..or string buntings over a window or along a porch.

Andy space

The tin can with stars is a fun rustic piece.  How cool would this be with a candle burning inside?  The stars would certainly pop.

star can

Today I will be working on my cabinet and pulling the buntings out to hang on our front porch.  For supper, stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey, chopped green chilis and cheese filling. 

Have to get busy now…

Till next time….

Friday, June 20, 2014

So What Would You Do?

cab 1

...before you say, TOSS it...please read on....

For quite some time now, I have been contemplating finding an old hutch to put out on the covered patio.  One that would be functional for displaying cute vintage finds as well as for storage of things like gardening tools, gloves, fertilizer, etc.  A few weeks back, I saw this piece at one of the antique stores that I sell at.  The price was good, however it is quite a homely gal.  Perhaps someone’s garage piece?  I don’t know.  I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to buy it, but the price was decent.  Though primitive pieces with distressed wood and worn patinas are great, this – for some reason – beckons for a sprucing up.  Maybe just a good soap and water cleaning and a good waxing would do. 

So, I ask, do you think a fresh coat of paint would make this old girl sparkle?  The glass doors need a good cleaning – or even replacing. 

cab 2

The open shelving would be a great place to put out plates, napkins and utensils for those outdoor BBQ’s.  I have a collection of bird nests that would be adorable displayed behind the glass doors.

cab four

On each end, there are old bins drawers – like flour bins on a Hoosier cabinet.  I removed one of them because a piece on the front corner was splintering off.  Nothing that some wood glue couldn’t fix.  I was thinking the bin drawers would be ideal to hold bags of potting soil.  Good, huh? 

cab nine

The chunky round wood knobs are cool, but I’m imagining finding newer ones that would look better.  Perhaps glass?

cab sev

Broken corner in the glass…darn it.  Nice old hardware though.

cab three

So here’s my dilemma….

What color should I paint it?  The wall of the house that it will be against is beige.  A white color may be nice to keep it monochromatic.  HOWEVER, I do love Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green.  I have used AS Chalk Paint before and love the ease of it with application and sanding. 

I would love to hear from anyone who has used MMS milk paint and to also get some blogger feedback as to what color you think I should paint it.  I do love neutrals, but my heart tugs at green! HOWEVER…. the angel on my other shoulder is whispering, “AS Old White…..”

My collection of white enamelware pitchers will find a home inside the hutch, too.   Other items to be added are galvanized buckets, the bird nests (as mentioned) and metal watering cans.  Maybe these tidbits of information will help make the decision a bit easier.


Thank you for the kind words left for me and my family on my last post.  Big hugs and much appreciation to all.

Friday, June 13, 2014

I, Fiona… you adieu……

For my Fiona Jordyn….
my little buddy…
my best friend.
Our angel that gave us pure love, laughter and joy!
Many hours were spent chasing after your red ball.  Oh the anxiety you had when you could not find that red ball of yours!!And that orange rubber bone!  You would shake it so hard that you would smack Duhgall up side his head with it.  He got smart and learned quickly how to take it away from you.  :)
Your eyes could melt the hardest of hearts..though you never knew any.  You were so loved, cherished and admired.  You loved us back…thank you, thank you, dear sissy.
We will miss you, wee lassie….
Till we meet up again.  You are in loving arms in Heaven now….
fiona and I 1-16-09Me and Fiona 1-16-09IMG_0481P1010064P1010119IMG_1668 P1010115eIMG_1407IMG_1501IMG_1651IMG_1615IMG_1638IMG_1618Fee at WindowIMG_2062
P1010036IMG_3523 IMG_3538Doogie and Fee at Window
Fee and Doogs
fiona june 2010 againP1010082 sitting prettyFiona and yellow butterfly
Time has seemingly slipped through the vastness of oblivion since last posting six months ago.  (wow!)   Work has been super busy (thankful for that), however I’ve just not had the wherewithal to sit down and share my heart here on the blog.  So without further hesitation..
I sit.
I write.
And of course, again, I cry.
Last October, our dear friend Stan passed away from a sudden health crisis.  (Stan is pictured in the fourth photo down).  Our family quickly became friends with Stan and his wife after meeting them when we purchased Duhgall from them in 2006.  They bred the most gorgeous Scottish Terriers!   We have spent many holidays with Stan, his wife Dodie and their family – including many litters of Scottie puppies!  In December of 2008, we picked out our second Scottie, Miss Fiona Jordyn.  Ironically enough, she and our youngest son share the same birthday.  After we lost our oldest son Jordan on 2-4-09, I debated taking on a new puppy.  Dodie persuaded me to bring her home which I never regretted.  Fiona – Fee as we called her – hurdled me over the dark times and sadness just by being her silly self and keeping me occupied in taking care of all of her early puppy needs - i.e.:  potty training. 
Scotties love their families, but will have their “favorite” person.  Duhgall, though he was a mother’s day gift for ME, has chosen my husband as his favorite.  Fiona, on the other hand, was my little shadow and she and I were inseparable for five short years.
On January 14th, Fiona crossed the bridge.  It was a genetic liver disorder that robbed her of her youth and a long life.  She was brave and didn’t even act ill until, on the 12th, she became sick and in less than 48 hours, she was gone.  We made the decision to put her to rest so she would not suffer.
I miss our girl.  She could fill a room with her presence.  The house has been eerily quiet without her here.  Even the mailman mentioned to me that when he drops off a package at the door, he doesn’t hear barking anymore.  I explained to him that it was Fiona who was the “watch dog” of the house.  The one to always put her paws up on the window sill in the kitchen window to see who was on “her” porch (as captured in the 15th photo down from the top).
Duhgall misses his little sister, too.  He still goes into the room where she slept and barks up at the bed as if to wake her up.  It breaks my heart.  They were best friends and he allowed her to be the alpha dog, except when it came to food.  He would growl at her if she tried to make a much calculated attempt to near his dog food bowl.
I know that some of you can relate to the heartache of losing a pet.  They are family. Best friends, too.
Fiona made the “Angel” page in the Great Scots Magazine, which is a page devoted to honoring beloved Scotties who have passed on.  Thanks to Joseph Harvill (editor of GSM) for remembering Fee and to my friend, Waveney who submitted her picture to Joseph.  Waveney, my very precious and talented friend, could not sleep the night after Fiona journeyed on.  In the quiet and stillness of the early morning hours, she wrote this beautiful poem:
Fi…onn.a.   Fi……  What!!?  Be someone calling me name?
At first so softly, faintly, tenderly, so distant.  Now, I hear so clearly.  Fiona…. FIONA!
The MASTER, he calls my name!  I love my happy home, but I cannot remain.
I am wanted, needed….perhaps our boy?  I am eager, my soul pants to flee, but this earthly body so confineth me.
BLESS YOU, for releasing me.  I shall not forget our bed, nor your loving kiss upon my head.
Grieve short for ME.  Rather, cherish our warm days with Duhgall at the sea.
I, FIONA, will bide patiently, until across the misty moor, each familiar face I see.  My earthly family.
Adieu, In peace…
Your Fee.
I cannot write anymore right now. My eyes are filling with tears that blur the computer screen.   However, I will be back soon.  It’s time to blog again. 
Hugs and love to my blog friends,