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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some Favorite Old Pictures and Tagging Tid Bits

This is an old stitched piece from the 1930's. It must have been a kit because I have seen others like it in antique stores. I love the quietness of the piece and how the snow and snowflakes pop against the ecru fabric.

I bought this on eBay last year from a great seller (iwantroses). I had to have it because this looks just like my youngest son when he was an infant...right down to the golden curls atop his head.

Kate tagged me today to do the Meme thing and I am suppose to show a picture of myself and explain it. Well, y'all can see my mug shot on the side bar, but here is a picture that I haven't shared. It is when I was five and it was Christmas at my Nanny's house....1965 to be exact....yes, I am "vintage." I was opening up a gift from her...such a spoiled little kid I was! See the stroller? Yup, mine too. That is my Nanny sitting on the couch and watching me open my presents.

I know that we are suppose to forward tags and need to take the time to do so. BUT, I have been trying to get some much needed little things done here...like getting some things made for my Christmas giveaway. So, with that, I know you all understand that first things first.

Last week I was tagged by Jen, Nancy, Marilyn and Shelley to share seven things about me....hmmm...think, Becky, think....what won't make my visitors fall asleep at the helm? Ok, if y'all doze off I will understand.....

1. I am the oldest child and have two brothers. Of all of us kids, I am the second tallest. My oldest is six foot five and I am almost six feet tall. My little brother is five foot nine inches..he wishes he could be as tall as us big kids....ha. My ancestors are from England, Ireland, Scotland and we are also of American Indian ancestry. Somewhere back there is a Lord and also a Chief...some high ranking relatives!

2. In the late 80's my husband and I went to a Rolling Stone's concert. We were walking up to the stadium and I spotted Huey Lewis. No kidding. I asked for his autograph as we ended up walking side by side...with his HUGE body guard along his side. He patted me on the shoulder and said that it was not a good time. Half way through the concert my hub and I went to get a soda and nobody was in line except for a young man and Huey Lewis and his B.G. I told the young man, as he was sizing Mr. Lewis up, that that wasn't really Huey and it was some guy that looked like him. Huey turned around, looked at me and said, "I suppose you'd like that autograph now?" I melted and acted so stupid-like. Of course I did, but I had to run back and get my purse!!!! Do you know that he waited for me? YES! He did and I ended up kissing him on his left cheek. My honey was laughing at me! What a nice guy Huey Lewis was and he had even sent his body guard away. Really! If you ever get a chance to go to one of his concerts, he still sounds wonderful!!! The band is awesome!!!!

3. My dying wish is to meet Tom Selleck. I have been in love with that hunk-a-dunk since college. A friend of my middle brother's was a model and met him whilst on set for Shadow Riders. That lucky gal got to stay in his condo in Hawaii and even go to the set of Magnum. She spilled red wine on his suit and he laughed. Now that is a real man! I only wish that I had been the lucky gal to have had the chance to meet him!!!

4. People who interrupt when others are speaking drive me bonkers! One of my pet peeves is to be interrupted when I am in the middle of a sentence and talking. To me, the person who is interrupting basically is saying that what they have to say is more important than what you are saying. It is the epitome of rudeness.

5. When Princess Diana was alive, I use to be told that I look like her (that is when my hair had blonde highlights). Though I am her height and size, and am of English descent, I always giggled when told that because I just did not see it. Once my two boys (who so happen to be the same ages as William and Harry), husband and I were having dinner in a Chinese restaurant in town. We were minding our own business and enjoying our food when out of nowhere, our table was circled by the people working there. There were about six of them. Our waitress told me, "We want you to know that we think you look like Princess Diana." I almost choked on my Kung Pao chicken! Then they all started bowing to me which really made me uncomfortable. My husband looked at me like "what the -----!?" When we left I was escorted out by the same group. I was treated like royalty and did not know how to act!!!! And no, our dinner wasn't free....ha!

6. I have mild O.C.D. --- yes, I do! I have to make my beds and tidy up the house before I can sit down to do something creative. It drives me nuts, but this is just me. I blame my mother...she used to write "dust me" on my furniture and would redo my bed when I made it. If you couldn't bounce a quarter off of it, then it did not meet her expectations. She is more O.C.D. than I ever would care to be and never would I do that to my kids.

7. Barry Bonds took a minute of his time during pre-game batting practice to let me take a picture of him with my youngest son. We were all smiles over that one! Of course, we love him and the Giants. We also love the Boston Red Sox and are thrilled that they won the World Series. However, we are rather sad that they did not win last night's game at their home stadium. Congratulations RED SOX for a job well done! The Rockies were a great team, too, and had come so far this year.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wanna Go Shopping and Look At These Yard Decorations!!

Beautiful vintage dishes and fun handpainted signs, furniture and look at this door!!!
Isn't this just the cutest tea cart? This can be found in Denise's space.
Denise also makes these adorable clothespin holders and has them displayed on a vintage laundry basket.
Lots of vintage pottery dishes.
I love this old coffee jar.

Wonderful old feedsack quilt. The price you ask? Just 65.00....
Some treats in Kerri's kitchen room. Cute little bunnies there!
Lovely fall goodies in Jeannie and Karen's fun space!

You will find all kinds of vintage kitsch in Sandy's section.

A lovely new seller has a lot of primitive pieces for sale. Love this little red chair and how she uses old shudders for display. Great decorating idea here!

One of the newest additions is an area with vintage hats and shoes for sale.
Great old red tote. It is an authentic oldie, too.
Below are photos that my husband and I took whilst driving around one afternoon. There were some lovely homes all decorated for the season.

A lovely front porch and below is an adorable cottage that I just love.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!! Watch out!
Beware? How can you miss him!!??
Arachnaphobia anyone?
This is a little more friendly....what is behind the gate? Look below! The most fabulous PUMPKIN TOPIARY made out of hay! Now this one takes first place in my book!!! I just hope they don't light the pumpkins! ;)
It has been some time ago that I did a little post on my friend Kerri's shop, Remember When, but I thought I'd take you there again to see what she has been up to. Her adorable Antique and Collectible shop is located here in town. She just recently expanded the shop into the space next door so now there are more sellers there and that just means more goodies! If you are in town, try to stop by for a visit. Kerri is delightful and goes out of her way to help you out and answer any questions that you might have. Here is the information for the shop:

Remember When is located at:

3012 McHenry Avenue, Suite C,

Modesto, Ca. 95350

phone: (209) 872-8682 hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10 AM - 6 PM

If any of you need some really BIG ideas for goolish and fall decorations, I snapped some pics to spark your imagination.....a really BIG imagination, too! When driving around we spotted some really adorable homes that had some great fall frills added to their homes. Just thought I'd share them with y'all!

Have a great weekend everyone and go RED SOX (huh Robin!!). Oh, one more thing...I have been toying around with the blog..trying to make it visually more appealing...do you like the background colour? Be honest now...or should I leave it white? Do tell...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caged Up and Loving Flowers

The other day I brought in this old birdcage from the patio. My sweet friend, Kerrie, gave it to me during the summer and I usually keep a pot of flowers under it. I puttered around and pulled some things out that I thought might look good inside the cage.

In a bedroom was the old vintage mirror, a tiny Baby Ben clock, an small antique black metal cash box (with a great orange stripe) and the vintage silver plated compote. Compotes are great to use in a display because it lifts the arrangement "up" and gives you more space to display things along the bottom. One of my "rules" is also to use similar colors and like textures to keep the display cohesive. Here I used black metals, orange pumpkins and then added the glass for reflection and contrast - and it serves as a two-fer so the cage won't scratch the wood.

This lovely fall bouquet is from my husband. We celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary last weekend. Where has time gone to? Our wedding is still so fresh in my mind, as if it were just a week ago.
This is a bowl of FREE things from sweet Mother Nature. My honey and I gathered up some pinecones and acorns awhile back. I even scraped up some wonderful soft moss off of a rock and added it for a splash of color. This arrangement doesn't even require water.
Cloches and pedestal cake plates are perfect for just about any arrangement. Here is a vintage wood squirrel sitting happily amongst things he is so familiar with.
This little guy just could not be happier! He has a whole nest of acorns. Watch out now Mr. Squirrel...those midget squirrels are sneaking up to steal that big acorn whilst you are staring at me and my camera!!!!

~~ Please pray for those who live in Southern California and are affected by the fires. I know that we have so many blogging friends who live down there...Dena, Jennifer, Jamie, Holly and so many more...prayers for everyone..I pray for your safety and your homes. ~~ A huge thank you to all of the Emergency Personnel who have responded to the call for duty ~~ God Bless them, too, and protect them from harm. ~~

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Above is an old metal bank with his paint nearly worn off.
This photo was taken in July but shows a vintage scotty door stop atop some old metal picnic boxes.
A vintage scotty dog planter on a shelf with my favorite old tin..see the dog and the boy?
I love this motto print with the boy and his beloved dog. The little green bench is an old Britain metal toy.
A vintage scotty salt shaker watches over the little boy and girl.
Love this old child's glass with playful scotties playing ball!
This black and white scotty is from my friend, Kathy Long.
See this scotty print? Lisa, at A Thing For Roses, sent this to me. I love it!!! ;)
Above and below is a collection of old pot metal scotty dogs.

This scotty doorstop is very heavy and sits at the bottom of my hall tree.
The scotty on the left is a gift from Kathy and is an old bank, as is the little guy on the far right. In the center is a begging scotty pepper shaker.

The little "under cover" scotty is old chalkware. The guy on the right I recently bought from Amy at Four Sisters In A Cottage.
One of my scotty bookends. You can find these vintage Syroco pieces on eBay.
Stacked plaid lunch boxes add to the Scottish theme. The photo above is our guy at age 8 weeks.
Messing around with photo effects. The two dog houses are Britains.
More scotties on a shelf.
See the little yellow tin? I snagged that for a buck at a huge yard sale a few years ago.
I framed the old scotty print in a wonderful antique gold frame. In front stands a little gold scotty figure and one of my favorite old tole trays.
Another favorite set of book ends.
I also collect clocks. This "Mr. January" had to go home with me. Can you guess why?
More fun little things. The glitter scotty is from Amy's shop. My friend Kerrie gave me the little white scotty Avon bottle.

These scotty things just make me BEAM when I see them. For years I have collected them and friends have given me scotty dog collectibles for gifts, but not until a year and a half ago did I own my real little guy. I just love him so much and HE MAKES ME SMILE EVERY DAY!!! He was a gift for Mother's Day from my husband. We had lost our little lady a year prior. My honey knew that having little Doogs would help cheer me up.....and he does!!!