Friday, October 26, 2007

Wanna Go Shopping and Look At These Yard Decorations!!

Beautiful vintage dishes and fun handpainted signs, furniture and look at this door!!!
Isn't this just the cutest tea cart? This can be found in Denise's space.
Denise also makes these adorable clothespin holders and has them displayed on a vintage laundry basket.
Lots of vintage pottery dishes.
I love this old coffee jar.

Wonderful old feedsack quilt. The price you ask? Just 65.00....
Some treats in Kerri's kitchen room. Cute little bunnies there!
Lovely fall goodies in Jeannie and Karen's fun space!

You will find all kinds of vintage kitsch in Sandy's section.

A lovely new seller has a lot of primitive pieces for sale. Love this little red chair and how she uses old shudders for display. Great decorating idea here!

One of the newest additions is an area with vintage hats and shoes for sale.
Great old red tote. It is an authentic oldie, too.
Below are photos that my husband and I took whilst driving around one afternoon. There were some lovely homes all decorated for the season.

A lovely front porch and below is an adorable cottage that I just love.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!!! Watch out!
Beware? How can you miss him!!??
Arachnaphobia anyone?
This is a little more friendly....what is behind the gate? Look below! The most fabulous PUMPKIN TOPIARY made out of hay! Now this one takes first place in my book!!! I just hope they don't light the pumpkins! ;)
It has been some time ago that I did a little post on my friend Kerri's shop, Remember When, but I thought I'd take you there again to see what she has been up to. Her adorable Antique and Collectible shop is located here in town. She just recently expanded the shop into the space next door so now there are more sellers there and that just means more goodies! If you are in town, try to stop by for a visit. Kerri is delightful and goes out of her way to help you out and answer any questions that you might have. Here is the information for the shop:

Remember When is located at:

3012 McHenry Avenue, Suite C,

Modesto, Ca. 95350

phone: (209) 872-8682 hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 10 AM - 6 PM

If any of you need some really BIG ideas for goolish and fall decorations, I snapped some pics to spark your imagination.....a really BIG imagination, too! When driving around we spotted some really adorable homes that had some great fall frills added to their homes. Just thought I'd share them with y'all!

Have a great weekend everyone and go RED SOX (huh Robin!!). Oh, one more thing...I have been toying around with the blog..trying to make it visually more you like the background colour? Be honest now...or should I leave it white? Do tell...


Feenwerkstatt said...

These are great many little precious things to see!
But the very best object is the frog - I love him, I wish I could have the same for our garden...I've never seen before a big one like this!
Love, Anja

Feenwerkstatt said...

Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog....and NO, it's a glass of sparkling wine ;0)
Let me tell you, that I live now for four years in bavaria, and I must confess: the beer here is great! ;0)))))
Love, Anja

Brenda said...

Becky ;I like the new backgroud color it is very pleasant.I really love the turkey covered candy dish on the tea cart.I love to shop in store like that .Have a nice weekend Brenda:)

Anita said...

Oh my, so many pretty things! I really regret that we don't have those kind of yard sales here in Germany, I would go there every week-end! ;-))

Heidi said...

The new color gives a cozy and warm glow to your blog. I want that feedsack quilt. Too bad I don't live closer.

Things are getting exciting around here. On Monday, the first part of our renovations start. We will start upstairs and I will be posting before and after photos on my CTS blog if you want to follow it....

I had to ask my young niece to translate your abbreviation on my comments. I have been in Holland far too long and am not up on those things. Of course, she knew what it was right away. LOL! My mother says I need to tease you and abbreviate a Dutch sentence so here goes.....IWJEGW! :)

~~ Heidi ~~

Anonymous said...


Great minds think alike with our dualing home tours today! :-) What fun, and that frog! Too funny!

Love that shop, I really want that horizontal plate rack. I've been looking for one of those FOREVER around here.

Everything looks so fun, what a great shop!

Happy weekend to you too!

And, I LOVE the blog background color. Very warm and friendly!


Anonymous said...

That has to be the most amazing pumpkin topiary ever! That was fun!


Seeb said...

Nice shots,thanks for sharing:)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I enjoyed shopping with you; thanks for taking us along!
Oh, that's a great pink cottage. And that giant frog! YIKES!!
I like the background color!

Linda said...

Hi Becky, yes, yes, yes I want to go shopping. Kerri's shop is the cutest and I saw several thing that are for me:). I'm not that far away and hope to get down there in Nov.
Enjoyed the tour and especially loved the Pumpkin Topiary Tree..where do people get these great ideas? Have a happy weekend. Linda

Cape Cod Washashore said...

EYE CANDY! What fabulous photos! I am so in love with all those vintage kitchenalia pics (we run a gourmet shop here at home).

YEAH! GO SOX! =))))

Kristen said...

Oh MY! SO many wonderful things, so little space to comment. The topiary is amazing and the shop is absolutely wonderful! Unfortunately, I am in NY at the other end of the states! Oh, I will just have to enjoy the pics! Thanks for sharing! Love, Kristen

Susie said...

Hi Becky,
What a beautiful shop Kerri has! So many cute little corners to explore.
Your drive around town was fun. That frog was immense! Loved the topiary as well.
Have a great weekend! Is your weather as lovely as ours?

Sweet Remembrance said...

I'm loving the shop!
Especially the vintage kitchen kitsch.
I need to head to Northern CA for sure...

Simply Shelley said...

Hi Becky, I just love all the pictures you have posted. The shop looks like a great place to spend some time checking everything out. I really like the kitcshy section. I do like the new back gound color. Looks real nice! I did a post on our Boston Terrier, Duke ! Go over and meet him, if you like !


farmerjulie said...

lovely blog you have!! love the cute! i am julie..nice to meet you!!

regina barnett said...

I enjoyed looking at all the nice vintage things, Tahnks for sharing them. I like all the different fall decatoration.

Bristol said...

Wonderful pictures! I swear every time I see scotty dogs I think of you! I have some really cute ones at my store, please send me your address!!


crazyhaberdasher said...

Do you think we can coax Kerry to open a branch of her collectibles shop "Down Under" (Aus) LOL!!
Love the pumpkin decorations, its a pity we don't do that here.
Love the new background color - fits the current season!

Anonymous said...

Becky, loved the 'field trip' to the antique of these days I will go. Alas tomorrow we are coming into town, but it's yet another speed run to Lowes..then back up the hill for the fence project. Sigh..but will nice when the fence gets done ;o). Thanks for all the lovely pictures! p.s. what do you think about I Love Paris in Oakdale and Fluer de Lis downtown?

Anonymous said...

Love that pumpkin topiary. I agree,first place!!! Thanks for showing us all the goodies.

Anonymous said...

I just love old makes me feel so cozy inside!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the yellow! Your blog looks great!

I WANT THOSE ROOSTERS!! Well everything in those pics I could just reach out and grab. But those Roosters! I love them.


FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, I could stay lost in that fine shop for a very, very long time:)

Loved your neighborhood photos. The pumpkin tower is quite extraordinary!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Nancy said...

Hi Becky,

Your photos are always such eye candy, and these are no exception. I really love that door! And, the Autumn decorations are wonderful.

I like your new background color. It is much more soothing to the eyes than stark white.

Have a nice weekend!

Back Through Time said...

I really enjoyed all of your pictures:-)
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Dena said...

Hi Becky,

I wish I were closer to Modesto! What a great shop and such lovely goodies to explore. I love the new background color on your blog - much better than the white.

Have a great Saturday :)

P.S. - Gigi sends her love to Doogs and is feeling much better.


Mary said...

Oh, what fun to scroll through all those pics filled with treasures!!! Love, love, love that frog!

Jen said...

Hey, Becky! I missed reading your blog this week. I enjoyed getting caught up just now! :) I really like the color of your blog now! I love that color :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing all your photos.

I like both colors, however while the new color is soothing to the eyes, I do think the photos pop against the clean white background more.


Meggie said...

Becky: The shopping trip was amazing! I saw many things that I would consider purchasing. But my absolute favorite thing of the post is the "attack frog" with the orange hat....way cool! Thanks for taking me along on the fun trip.

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Becky!
Such a feast for the eyes. Love everything you shared!! That tree in the yard is so cool!
And the cottage is so sweet.
I like the background colour, it's soft and easy to read the text, I'd suggest to keep it!

Esther Sunday said...

Fab pics - can I apply for a job at that shop? Love, Esther

Lallee said...

It's always fun to 'shop' with you ;-)

The fall decorations you snapped are awesome~grand scale!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

great fall decorating ideas...the frog and the topiary are way cool...and the shop things make me want to visit modesto...the background looks white to me still...i am on IE on a pc...thank uyou for visiting my blog...blessings, rebecca

Rebecca said...

I've just found your blog, and have added you to my reads.

kari and kijsa said...

Wow- now that is 'some great shoppin eye candy!!!' Thanks for sharing (and that frog is hilarious!!!!)

kari & kijsa

dec0r8or said...

That attack frog is hilarious! I love all of the other finds, too. Thanks for the tour!

Dana said...

great pictures and GREAT MUSiC!!!!

Scrappy Moments said...

What Great Pictures and Pretty Treasures. Good Thing I didn't go shopping with you, I'd be in trouble and Broke!!! LOL.

I just Love That Hay Pumpkin Tree, That is Darling :)


Anonymous said...

Becky, I've just tagged you for my new meme. Come and have a look!

Sue said...

Thanks for the tour of your friends space. I really need that pink and green bunny mold;)

Betty said...

Becky, I need to convince my hubby that Modesto is not that far to go shopping. What a cute place. I see lots of stuff I would like to bring home.
I like your new background too. It is great for fall!

Julee Ann said...

I think I found you at lallee's cottage. I love the blog color and all the cute Dick and Jane type sidebar pictures. I also love your photo journaling, makes me want to take my next vacation there. Nice to meet ya.

Julee Ann said...

I think I found you at lallee's cottage. I love the blog color and all the cute Dick and Jane type sidebar pictures. I also love your photo journaling, makes me want to take my next vacation there. Nice to meet ya.

Artifax said...

So many pretty goodies!

And I love all those yard decorations! Never seen anything like that pumpkin topiary ..... wow!