Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!


And yes, I mean it:

Good Morning Sunshine!

A big HELLO to the glorious



and to YOU, too!

A little coffee -

A little sunshine -

looks like a good day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Don’t Say….










Next week we will have sunshine and no rain?

Well, that just makes me smile!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Back!

Spring back and what do I see? A carpet of pink flowers looking at me.


Beautiful blooms layered against thorns and leaves, ironic that something so lovely could cause one to bleed.


Outstretched branches showcasing the best of the best, combating elements and all of the garden pests.



You like a little hair cut every now and then, as this pushes new growth out over and over again.


Step inside the old garden gate, you may even be visited by a butterfly if you sit and wait.


Now spring forward and open the door, a brand new garden awaits outside for you to explore.


For every sweet flower, large or small, thank you for your beauty that captivates us all.






Take the time to smell the flowers.

Happy Spring!

Addendum: These are flowers from my yard from last spring, hence spring back. I cannot wait for them to start blooming again....if only it would stop raining here! So girls....I am in the same boat with you who are anticipating a showcase of flora!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Someone is 35 already!!!


On March 17, 2006, a little bundle of joy was born to Mr. Coleman and Miss Pearl. A wee laddy with jet black hair, a black button nose and the blackest of eyes. Little did that tiny baby know, but he would soon be called Duhgall Piper.

Little did I know, but my husband was looking to find a scottie dog breeder who had pups. His plan was to buy me a scottie for Mother’s Day. He could not keep his intentions under his hat and told me that he could NOT find any pups for sale. I snatched up the newspaper and voila’! Pups for sale – and close by, too! YIPPIE!!

Our entire family went over to pick out our puppy…and do you know that Duhgall was wearing a camouflage collar? Yes! Jordan and Spen loved that and so the rest is history.


Bringing you home and teaching you to wee wee outside.P1010070

doogs as puppy

The favorite outdoor chair.


All gone....

Note: Duhgall LOVES beer, but he was just SNIFFIN’ the bottle – I swear!

for amy

Duhgall’s First Christmas. 2006.

Copy (1) of P1010099

Happy 1st Birthday!!


First licks of the cake for the birthday boy and then cake for all of his four-legged friends.


And yes, we had a piper for the party! Kisses for Jared!!!



Lots of naps with your kitty.

P1010082 P1010133

Napping after a day at the park.


Having a blast with your half sister, Maude.



Sitting pretty for a treat!


A much needed bath after bringing half the beach back with you in your hair!


Duhgall (left) and his half sister Maggie (right).


Little Miss Fiona joins our family! You just love your little half sister!



Such a pretty face you have!!!



Kicking back with sister…

and running at the beach.

IMG_1501 IMG_3521


So wise for your years to know NOT to get close to those horns!


Each day I am grateful to have you in our life. You make the walk of life a little lighter with the love that you give to all of us. Thank you for that, little buddy!


So for you, Doogie P., this post is allllllll about YOU, little man, and we wish you a VERY HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Visit A Gaelic Cottage At Polohouse

Yesterday I received a phone call from my friend, Waveney. She called to share with me that her house is going to be featured on the Polohouse blog. Long story short, Jennifer, The Old Painted Cottage blog, wrote to me a few weeks back to share with me about Allison’s gorgeous home and her blog. Jennifer shared that Waveney and I would love Allison’s home because she has a lot of plaid themed decor. Upon reading this, I checked out Polohouse and fell in love with Allison’s blog. Of course, I had to share it right away with Wave….and the rest is history. Be sure to visit Allison’s blog to read the lovely post where Wave shares her home and collections. Now let me tell you, will want to read it with a Gaelic brogue, too!

Some of you may recognize Waveny’s home from being featured as Cottage Of The Month in January of 2009. For more photos of her beautiful cottage home, you can link to The Old Painted Cottage and visit the archived files.

Brick Patio

Breakfast room 1

Waveney’s home is chock full of European antiques, majolica, antique oils, oils she has painted herself, Victorian frames and paper punch mottos, needle point pillows and cross stitched pieces that she designed and made, Scottish terrier figurines and gorgeous furniture.

So grab your favorite beverage, don some tartan and come for a wee bit o’ a stroll with us. If you listen with a keen ear, you may even hear the faint sound of a bagpiper playing his pipes as he stands high on a mountain top that is covered with thistle and heather.

a table in the BA

Den 3 - like this one, too

Kitchen area 1

LR 10 antique oil and door stop

Collection of decoys and oil of a Scotsman

Vignette of scotty pics in Den

Old photo of a boy in his kilt

sitting room with desk

Drawings by Wave

The pencil drawings above were artfully done by Waveney herself.

She shares her home with her husband, Doug, her golden retriever, Hank, and her two Scottish Terriers, Maude and Roslyn.

Thank you for visiting Glendogal cottage!

And us Irish like to say:

“If you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough!”