Friday, October 22, 2010

fall fruffles

What do you get when you combine fall with fluffing and ruffles?

Fall fruffles!

I love the changing of the seasons - the long and low shadows, the way the light comes in the windows in the afternoon, the scent of the ground after a light rain and the need to throw on a sweater in the cool evenings. With the changing of the season, the house gets a few changes, too.


Old galvanized and enamelware pieces are filled with the hydrangeas from summer and little stone chicks are brought out to hang out with the ironstone.


Nubby fabric pumpkins fill a basket on top of a bench.



One of my favorite things right now to decorate with is burlap. The rough and imperfect textures add a natural look to any room. Add some ruffles to burlap and you get a very feminine and urban farmhouse look!



If you recall, I had a little giveaway for a ruffled burlap runner earlier this month. They have been quite popular – thank you ladies! – so I decided to make more up and offer them for sale here on the blog. I use mine on my dining room table, over dressers and our coffee table/trunk.



I found a lovely burlap that is a natural flax color, as shown in the above photo. Two rows of ruffles made out of white muslin (that has been washed and softened) grace each end. The ruffles have frayed edges and are hand gathered and sewn onto the burlap. Each side of the runner is slightly frayed as well.

These runners measure approximately 50 1/2” long (including the ruffle at each end) and are 13 1/2” wide.



If you would like to FRUFFLE up your home with a burlap runner, the cost is $30.00 (payment is fine via Pay Pal), which includes postage and handling. Just email me at to let me know if you would like to order one. Please allow 3-5 days for me to make one up for you. (The cost is for US residents, however I will ship to our international friends, too – just email me for a shipping price).

Happy Fall decorating!

Monday, October 18, 2010

playyyyyyyyyyy ball!

Play Ball…by Fiona J. Roberts


Yup, it is me…Fiona J. – aka: Fee-Jay, Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum,

So-Fee, Feefers, Fee Fee and The Fee-Fanator.

Maw is busy cleaning the house today so I snuck in

to tell you what I’ve been up. I am so jazzed that

the San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs! So

jazzed in fact that I am inspired to play me some



This is my favorite ball. It is my “red squishy

ball” that I love to have thrown so I can fetch it.

Maw says I look like Maggie Simpson when I am

gnawing on it. It makes a really

annoying sound when I do so! One of my simple

pleasures in life is to chew on the ball long enough

so that it annoys the humans and then they toss

it away….only for me to retrieve

it and hope they are up for a game of fetch.


See, if I put it up on the chair and let it sit there

long enough, Maw will get the hint and finally toss

it for me to chase after. A little human psychology

works good for me!


Yup, that is the ball, Maw. Feel free to throw it

anytime you wish. I will sit here and stare at it until

you do!!!


and stare,

and stare!!!


..snicker…and it worked! I got to run around the

house just like my favorite baseball players! Maw

likes Brian Wilson…….though she thinks he was

much cuter without allof the black facial hair. But

whatever works for B. Weezy! “Fear The

Beard”… Scotties can so relate to that one!

Duhgall has a nice “manly” beard like

Brian Wilson’s – though Duhgall’s is ala natural with

no need to use “Just For Men” on his! Maw says my

beard resembles Colonel Sanders’ beard. MMM…

makes me want some fried chicken just thinking

about it!!


I had a fun time playing so I think I will just sit here

now and take in the game. Thanks for the visit!

And one last thing…..

Go Giants!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

…..and the winner is……


Congrats to DIANA for winning my handmade burlap double ruffled runner! Diana, please email me your address to I can send this to you.

I will be having another giveaway realllllll soon! Stay tuned ladies! More ruffles……more girly foo-fooness! (is that a word? who cares!)