Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding That Perfect Sign

signs farmhouse 1 Know how you have a certain idea that gets stuck in your head about wanting a certain item for that certain spot that has a certain look? Certainly you do! I am looking for a certain kind of sign for our laundry room and also for our kitchen. Black letters on white. Awhile back I saw a “Groceries” sign on a blog, but cannot remember just what blog. Since then I’ve been thinking about that sign for my kitchen. Anybody know of such a sign? Black font on painted white wood.

For quite some time I have had two fruit drying boards stuck in the attic, just waiting for me to figure out what to paint on them. sign farmhouse 4 For some inspiration, I googled Farmhouse signs and found Paula’s website for her amazing handmade signs. I know that many of you already have several of her signs (like my friend, Elizabeth) HOWEVER if you haven’t checked her signs out, then hop on over to see what she makes and sells. She is a self taught artist and now has obtained her goals of selling to make a living.

(I love success stories like this! Follow your dreams…)

Paula also has a blog – Castle and Cottage.

sign farm

This pretty FARM sign is on ETSY. Just click the picture.

Till next time,


Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding Love On Etsy

Flash back 1970’s…..

It was our usual Sunday afternoon drive with the fam. Dad driving, mom sitting in the front passenger seat talking about a new roller technique she used for styling her friend, Vera’s, hair. Us kids were smooshed into the backseat of dad’s new German luxury car and tunes of Waylon Jennings resonated through the small holes on the back deck. “Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces….” and on, and on. Torture at best. Two busy little brothers. Second hand smoke. Country Music. I cracked my window for fresh air – breathe. Give me some Boston, Elton John, Olivia Newton-John….but please, NOT another country song. So I sat and watched the scenery pass by outside the car window. Sucking in fresh air as much as my lungs would allow. Looking for….looking for….oh, I don’t know, a way to escape the torture of having to be stuck in the car with rambunctious brothers and Waylon Jennings.

Flash forward to today! Waylon isn’t playing today, but I did find some fun stuff for Valentine’s Day on etsy!! Looking for love in all the right places. Etsy isn’t match.com, but it sure is a fun place to find something cute and charming!

Come along for a Monday cruise in my cyber car and I promise you that we will have some cheerful music playing, too. For your virtual shopping pleasure, just click on the photos to link you to the etsy listing. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

etsy valentine 1 Vintage Pincushion by Bethsbagz.

valentine 2 Valentine’s Day Felt Flower Wreath from Wreathincgifty.

valentine 3

Handmade Crochet Dog – breed of choice – from Inugurumi.

valentine 4 Needle Felted Owl from Scratchcraft.

valentine 5

Above and below are original prints from Diane Duda (Dudadaze on etsy). I LOVE her work so much!!

valentine 6

valentine 7 Lefton Valentine figure girl from RomasMaison.

valentine 8 Valentine blocks from John Golden.

valentine 10

Vintage Samsonite Train Case from VintageDreams.

Hope this whets your whistle to find some Valentine LOVE today!


Oh, and PS, I like Country now!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Graphics

old valentines #75 Hi friends! With Valentine’s just around the corner, I thought I’d share with you some of my most favorite Valentine’s Day graphics. Feel free to copy and paste! My little gift of love to all of you. I am so thankful and appreciative for all of the lovely comments left for me – AND for the visits, too.


blog couple


girl dog

old valentines #48

old valentines #39

old valentines #53

old valentines #55

old valentines #119

old valentines #80

old valentines #88

old valentines #136

old valentines #148

Use these for your favorite craft projects and if you make something with them, do let me know. I am always amazed at all of the talent out there on so many beautiful blogs. Simply amazing!

Wishing you a sweet day!

PS: I seem to be having problems with my navigation bar. Anybody out there who knows how to SAFELY edit the HTML? My "About" page is the same as "The Scotties" page.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1-2-3….Three Projects Done


I’ve been working on a few projects this week to take into the shop. Boy it feels good to get projects done, right? Hubby will be happy for that being as the house looks more orderly. (smile, hubbers…I know you are reading this!)

The first project up my sleeve was to un-funky-fy an old handmade wood side table. Pretty homely in its original state, I must say. I painted the table with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint – in Duck Egg & Old White. I stenciled numbers along the edges using pure black stencil paint. Next, I applied one application of a medium stain paste wax, a little light sanding along the edges and, lastly, a final application of a plain paste wax. Allow to dry and give it a light polish with a clean cotton towel.

Project one, done. Check.

P1010002 This old wooden box – maybe an artist’s box – was all beat up and in dire need a fresh coat of white paint.

Yes, Miss Fiona, that is Annie Sloan’s Old White that you are looking at AND it is NOT edible. Sorry girlfriend.P1010006 Her eyes melt my soul….P1010005 Yes, I said NOT edible and NO, I am not painting the inside.P1010007 After a light paste wax and sanding, the piece was priced and put in the shop.P1010013 It would make a cute display box, too. The little drawer (below) can be pulled out and used to put small items in..P1010010 …and the back to perhaps slide in old family photos, books, what-have-you’s.

Project two, done. Check.



A really ugly pair of shutters with green and white paint got a free make-over from the make-up artist (moi). The color palate, once again, Duck Egg and Old White. A little roughing up the edges and we have a pretty little pair of shutters all fresh and ready to adorn someone’s home.

Project three, done. Check.

P1010021 Let’s see what else I have to do now…


Someone once ask me if I ever get bored.

My answer: n.e.v.e.r.


Friday, January 27, 2012

The Color Of Love

red 6 Hello everyone! Well, I’m not feeling too yippy skippy today and thought I could use a virtual pick me up through the internet. Red always gives me that endorphin fix – well, not quite that much – not like running five miles – but it just makes me happy. And the part about running five miles, that is history. Not with my gimpy back. But I so miss running.

Most of the photos are, once again, from Pinterest. I swear, I really don’t sit at the computer all day and look at pictures. Golly jeepers, I’d get nothing – and I mean NOTHING done around here for sure, for sure.

Of course, ya might recognize the heart below. I made this for Hearts For Jack that was a sweet and loving gesture orchestrated by my sister-friend, Kim (Daisy Cottage Blog). Some of you may remember the story, but if not, just click here to read about it. Be prepared for a good cry……

red heart

Here are some lovely photos with red – maybe to cheer you up if you are feeling blah today. Now take a close look at this kitchen – look up, look down, look all around. Are you loving it? It is the iconic white kitchen equipped with a restaurant sized gas stove and island. Check out those paprika colored floors! Just the perfect pop of color. Loving that fabric under the sink, too.

red 3 And this perky little number below has my brain thinking how cute it would be with folded quilts inside – behind the glass, of course, so all the world could see.

red 2

red 1

We have a red door on our home and I love it. Red says welcome to my home….or, hey, the door is over HERE! Kidding….but a red door does make a statement in a lovely way. Red is such a happy color. happy……

red 7

And speaking of making a statement, you probably could find this house if you are lost in a snow storm…. just look for the red house on the hill! Cannot miss it!! Not even with blinders on.

red 9 Six…no, I give you a ten for cuteness, Mr. House. Who lives behind your white framed windows? I spy two African Violets on your window ledge. I bet you are just as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside.

red 4 Well, this is it for my red post. I think I will find me an apple to eat – perhaps to make me feel better. Not much else sounds good. Definitely one way to lose weight. Today I will stay in my jammies and watch some television – something I don’t do too often. But trust me, I’d rather be kicking it at the sewing machine! Have tons to make before our big store event in March. Some Sophie’s Bloomer bags and Hobo Bags are in the plan, as well as some pretty pillows. So Miss Deb, if you are reading this post, I am going to make some purses. :)

red 11

xo…well, no kisses but how about just a hug from afar?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farmhouse Finds

OTM Porch Pillow

Today I did a little window shopping and wanted to share with you some wonderful finds as well as some lovely blogs that offer a lot of inspiration. You may already know Beth and Linsey, but if not, you are in for a treat.

Let me first introduce you to Beth – an avid junker who has an eye for cool vintage items that are perfect accents for a farmhouse or cottage style home. She made the pillow above and the next two items are available on her etsy site. I made it easy, just click on the photos to drive you to your desired destination! The gas is cheap, too!!

OTM basketI realllllllly like this old egg crate! Super funky-fied, huh? otm egg crate OTM got junk Beth has an ETSY shop and sells at a store in Marshville, NC. She also maintains a lovely blog titled Old Tyme Marketplace.


The next lovely lady that I would like for you to meet- if you haven’t already had the pleasure of doing so - is Linsey, the beauty behind the blog: The Farmhouse Porch. Linsey is a young momma to two adorable daughters. She loves vintage items and uses them to lovingly decorate her home.

She has a knack for adding a punch of the unexpected to her vignettes – like the tree branch and the bird’s nest below.farmhouse porch blog 2 LOVE those chippy metal shelves!! What a great find! If you think this is cute, just stop by Linsey’s blog for more eye candy!!

farmhouse porch blog 1

decor for farmhouse 1

Today's etsy finds are some wonderful vintage accents for farmhouse or cottage style decorating. Click on any photo for the links. This jar and holder is $17.50.

decor for farmhouse 2

Vintage galvanized bin is $22.00.

decor for farmhouse 3

Vintage wire egg basket $28.95. Every farmhouse should have one of these!

decor for farmhouse 4

Old wooden tool box used for display – totally cool! $219.00.

Off to take care of getting items tagged for my own spaces! I’ll share with you some pictures later of what I’ve been working on.

Till next time…..