Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tell me...who loves VINTAGE?

...and the story begins like this...
I came upon this book at a lovely shop in Carmel, CA and instantly fell in love.
Some of you may have already discovered this lovely book by Molly Hyde English, but for those of you who have not......well, let me tell you it is a real treat. I have another one of her books that I shared HERE and always love revisiting it for some smiles and nostalgic cheer.
Molly has featured many coastal cottages from the northern California Monterey Peninsula - some of my favorite places in our state.
As soon as I opened the cover, I knew this was going to be a beautiful book. I love the acorns and oak leafs! So come along.....flip through just a few pages with me. So many of YOU came to mind as I was looking through this book!!! (funny how we do that, huh?)

....So tell me, who loves vintage and which photo reminds you of your style or collections?
I would love to hear!!
You can find a copy of this gorgeous book HERE.
...and cheers to VINTAGE COTTAGE STYLE!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Keeping With Scottie Tradition....

Geez...sure seems like all I do is talk about Scottie things these days! So I will continue to carry on with a few more doggy-does that share the house with Dughall, Fiona and Socks.
My friend Kathy gifted me with the wonderful bookends - one that sits on top of the books. Oh and why not?....who wants to hold up books all day anyways?
My grandmother's mantel clock is quite at home with the menagerie.
Old things really do make a house a home.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you Rocky Creek Scotties and Java, too!

Our furry friends over at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures had a I mentioned in the last post. It was in celebration of Java's (the handsome lab below)12th birthday! Happy Birthday to Java!!!!! It sure looks like everyone is
enjoying their cake and hamburgers!
Party hats were donned and notice that all tongues are waggin' big time!
These are Lynn's scotties.. Carrleigh, Piper and Lily.
Ok, so I am a bit carried away in all of this doggie cuteness .... *sigh*.....

Lynn had a contest with many, many cute entries - if you haven't checked it out, please do so. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!

Out of all of the entries, Duhgall's name was drawn for the first place prize.
Little Bailey, from I Need A Sugar Fix, snagged the second place prize. Congrats
to Bailey's mom, Martine! I hope Sugar won't be too jealous.

Thank you to the whole Rocky Creek Clan!

Arrooooooooos (scottie for thank you!!)

....and yes folks, they do own us....
but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Show Me Some Tongue! ......

Doogs...close your mouth before you catch a fly!
And here he is again....tongue hanging out - even in the shade! He is hoping for a sip of that wine that Mr. Doug is looking at!
Do Scotties ever close their mouths?
Say "ahhhhhhh!!!.....please!"

....ok....ok...that sounds like a really nasty title, doesn't it? BUT, get your mind outta tha gutter and check out this party going on at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures.... There is a little contest goin' on with "show me your tongue!" Now I will tell you that my babies are not in the same league as Gene Simmons (you know..the guy from KISS), but they sure can hang it out there with the best of 'em.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cottage Touches

Sweet little cottages......
...tucked in here and there...
.....are actually old incense burners. There is a place in the back for the incense to burn and the smoke goes up the chimney. They are just so cute!
Somebody spent hours making this little needlepoint of a cottage.
I love it, even with the missing threads.
This sweet old English cottage is a doorstop. Framed is a sweet poem that was my Grandma Katy's. It is titled God's Garden and reminds me so much of her as she grew violets in her kitchen. If you click on the photo, you will be able to read it.
My favorite cottage of all and a reminder that Christmas is half way here!
Wishing you a SWEET day!
After I finished this post I found that Suzanne is hosting a Vintage Thingie Thursday. What fun! So stop on over to see what other vintage goodies others are sharing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come Along For Fiona's First Big Adventure!

There comes a time in a little dog's life that they have to meet the big blue sea. This was Fiona's day to look out over the stretching blue of the ocean and dabble her toes in the white sand. Brother Duhgall's favorite place in the world is the beach and we are hoping it will be Fiona's favorite place as well.
But first, bellies must be filled with an omelette of avocado, feta cheese, spinach and artichoke hearts. No, not for the furriest of beasts but rather for those with only two legs.
Smiling big because they think they will get a sampling...well, they were right...a potato...or two..or three.
Our dear friends, Doug and Wave and their little lassie Miss Maudie McPhie (full sister to Fee and half to Duhgall), shared in our day. It was a lovely California day with just the perfect weather and cool breezes (ok waaaasssss windy!)
First stop in Carmel, California was - of course! - a dog and cat boutique. This is, afterall, a day for the dogs!
Wave and Maude check out the wall of apparel. There you will find all kinds of doggie shirts and Wave found a soccer shirt to send to her son - who, of course, has a Scottie named MAC! Mac attends soccer games that Wave's grandchildren play in and he MUST have his own Adidas Soccer jersey!
My little Scotties don't know which direction to head in. Duhgall says to go to the chew toys and Fiona wants to go check out all of the bling bling in doggie attire.
Duhgall is checking out those rubber chickens! Little do the store owners know, but he would filet one of those chickens in two seconds flat! Scotties have huge-a-mia teeth that surprise even the vet!

Like all dogs, Scotties like squeaky toys. Like I said, they will shred something in a hot New York minute! Here the sweet store clerk is displaying this squeaky toy that has TWELVE squeakies in. She said that it lasted about a month with her Lab. I had to politely tell her "no" and explain that my dogs will not be getting one of matter how pretty Fiona is sitting for it. Sorry.....and not for 22.00.....
And sorry matter how cute you look, you just aren't getting one of those. I will make it up to you and get you a pretty new colar, lead and with a vintage look with little red hearts.
We also search for the proper chew toy and found one that is made by HURLEY. It is guaranteed so don't feel too sorry for her. Below she is sporting her new foo-foo attire.
After a lot of spoiling with dog treats at the store, Maude and Fiona are ready to play at the beach. Where is Duhgall you say? He and the boys headed down to Doris Day's dog friendly hotel for an ale...or two.
Finally we make it to the beach. Duhgall feels quite content to just sit after having a few sips of ale himself.....
...but decides that he wants to join in on the beach walk and makes a run for it to catch up!
Doug and Wave know of the perfect little cove to end our day...

...and take in the beauty of the sea.

A few nibbles for the pooches before going out to dinner at our favorite "dog friendly" restaurant. While at the restaurant we struck up conversation with a couple there who have an adorable miniature Schnauzer named Liesl. Well come to find out, Liesl's Maw, Patti, loves to cross stitch and comes to our town to participate in a stitching group at The Elegant Stitch. Being as both Wave and I cross stitch, we hit it off with Patti. Lastly, for toppers --- Patti has a blog and it is called A Cozy Cottage In The Woods!! She and her husband are so blessed to live in the Carmel area!!
God gave us a wonderful day to play in the sand, enjoy the bright sunshine, the gorgeous blue sea and meeting new friends, too. Maybe next time Fiona will be able to run FREE on the beach like her beach dude brother.
Have a lovely week everyone!!!