Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty At Our Feet

Finding that perfect accent rug could be compared to going on an egg hunt and looking for the egg that has the big money prize inside. For me, I know in my mind what I want – color & size -but after searching many home stores and major department stores, it seems that the look for that perfect accent rug (egg) becomes futile. This morning I discovered an online website, One Kings Lane, and it seems that I found the perfect shopping destination for rugs. Please allow me to share with you some of my favorites. To link you to the page that each rug is for sale, just click on the image for your gas-free shopping pleasure. rug union jackRug Carson Rug, Sage Green rug parker rugrug payton parchmentrug leo rugRug Gramercy Rug ivoryrug jaxon rugrug centennialrug hayden rug bluerug goa rugrug jasper rugrug alastair rug tristan Pretty cool, huh? I think my favorite is the Union Jack. I can vision it stretched out on top of a wood floor and on top of the rug rests an old worn leather couch with a tartan throw in shades of blue and cream and big billowy accent pillows, even one Union Jack pillow….. – or creamy white sofas with denim colored pillows. It has that wonderful down to earth feel to it.

Which rugs do you like on the website? I would love to hear!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Favorites From The Album

P1010010k1 Every now and then it is fun to go through old photos that are stored and look back to see how vignettes and collections have changed since 2007 when I first began blogging. Today’s post is comprised of pictures that are of things around the house, family, pets and handmade tid-bits that I created. Lots of randomness here, but these are some of my favorite pictures and collections.

P1010001d2P1010012p1IMG_2905IMG_2900madonna and child 1P1010113eP1010116gP1010129dP1010026o1P1010084jP1010224P1010007u1 P1010234P1010019l1P1010032d1P1010064bP1010134i P1010118nP1010068fcrown jars and shelf in bathP1010163good dog shelf Till next time….


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Planning A Laundry Room Makeover

Though I posted this a few posts back, I am linking today (2-28-12) to The Cowgirl Up! party.

So make like a cowgirl and get on yer horse and mosey over to Linsey's blog, Farmhouse Porch, to see what all of the other girls are sharing today.

One of the big projects that we are going to do this year is to makeover our laundry room. Cabinets will be removed, floor to ceiling beaded board added, open shelving and decorative/functional adornments placed on shelves. Then there is lighting and what to do with the sink. I would love to find a free standing stainless steel sink on a stand but haven’t started looking for one yet. Here are some inspiration photos, from Pinterest (of course) for the shelving and accessories.

I am not sure it I want wood brackets or metal. Decisions, decisions.

laundry 5 (pinterest:

laundry 2 (pinterest:

The dark brackets look nice, but then I like the tone-on-tone of the simple white ones below. They look seamless with the beaded board background.

laundry 10(pinterest:

laundry 11(pinterest:

And then there are the wonderful laundry room accessories to think about, like what kind of containers to use to hold laundry necessities, such as the soap, bleach, etc.

I like the frame below with fun things clothes pinned to the wire. I will be doing something like this year for Christmas, only with little stockings.

laundry 3
I have a vintage laundry basket already, so that is one item down.

laundry 4(pinterest: potterybarn)
The laundry room below is so spacious and I like how she has the long folding area to the right of the sink. The zinc boxes below the counter are functional and look great. My room is long and narrow, with a closet and then the cabinets. I would love to turn the closet into a sewing cubby, but we will see. Have to convince my husband about that one as he likes all of the storage the closet provides (for junk – ha).

laundry 8 (pinterest:


This free standing sink…

…and industrial barn light are options that I like. Now I just need to find places with good prices.

I am so excited about getting this going, but in time. Good things are worth the wait.

Back to sewing!


Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sew Sew Weekend

Yes, big plans here to dive into the stash to sew up some things for the shops. It’s a lovely weekend here and the talk of spring coming has me revving up for spring cottage touches.

Lots of flowers…rosie pillowP1010016kP1010018j …ruffles…P1010070e…vintage sheet fabrics…P1010153P1010077d …and feminine touches to bring the outside cottage garden feeling inside. And why not add some pretty bags that have that vintage vibe to them? P1010062a P1010075d1 Looking back through my finished projects has me inspired to sew up some new things and I have a few new ideas tucked inside my noggin, too.

Sew what are you up to this fine weekend? Enjoy whatever it is that you are going to do!!