Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Famous Last Words


Nearing the end of February, I am assessing my “to-do” list and taking note of progress made on some of the list, but not so much on others – like major revamping the laundry room and master bath. But that will come when that money tree blooms in the spring.


Now if you will note, the issue above is from last February – a good read about organizing your stuff. For the most part I consider myself organized – at least the outer appearance is so around the house. There are even vintage picnic hampers to store things in. Out of sight, out of mind…….


…until the cabinet doors are opened…


…to the “stash-o-fabrics” – my Fort Knox of textiles, if you will.


I’ve arranged them by color, but just not so perfectly folded and stacked like the magazine photo below. But hey, when you sew, you make messes and it takes more time to clean up those messes than the time it takes to create a project. Would you give me a head nod in agreement?


I thought you might understand.

Organizing is important, I agree, but it doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time. Makes me think of a guy I used to work with who’s hair lifted off his head in a strong gust of wind. That same gust of wind blew through my fabric stash. Nothing in life stays perfect, not even the hair.

Staying organized is a job in itself. My famous last words are "I will keep it this way..." - yea, right.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

When I look at your fabric....all I see is bags! You have some beautiful prints for sewing projects! Better not let me in the front door! heehee! Enjoy your day! ♥♥♥

Terra said...

I think your fabrics are beautifully organized, and sort of a soft sculpture as they rest, waiting for use.

Kris said...

You worked with Donald Trump?????
; )
Love your stash. Mine looks much the same. Folded, sorted by color, but it sure gets a good tousle when I go fishing for fabric in there!
I thrive on organization, but I can make a good mess too!!!
Have a great day. I would love to "hang out" with you as well. I think we have so much in common!!
XO Kris

Claudia said...

I think it's vitually impossible to keep fabric in neat ordered rows. I think a healthy disarray is good for the creative soul.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Well if my fabric stash looked as neat as yours I would be happy!! Still as you say what would I rather be doing and my answer is a definite 'creating'. (I do keep it reasonably tidy though)

Debby said...

I thought yours looked good. The magazine looks too perfect. You have some beautiful fabrics.
Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I have often said those famous last words myself. Easy to say; impossible to do! (at least for me)

Anonymous said...

I am the same way when it comes to behind closed doors, but I really don't let it bother me...lol!

I do see some awesome fabrics in that there cabinet! Would love to help you clean out....also love your scottie items....I collect whites ones, hence we have a westie!

lilalee at fou fou lulu's said...

it is soooo much more fun to create than to clean up afterwards. Your fabric cabinet is very organized as compared to mine. Good luck on your list!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Yes indeed you just got a huge head nod from me, as a matter of fact I think I just sprained my neck...LOL
I love all your fabric stash..I just bought some fabric to sew OR hats for my daughter.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

Mecky said...

You have some great fabric!!
I strive to be organized but I married Mr Slob so it is a struggle. Yes, I knew he was a slob when I married him. I didn't think he would stay a slob!! Good thing I love him, right?

camp and cottage living said...

I applaud you for at least having your fabric where you can see it and get to it! I have to dig totes out of the loft cubbies-a real pain in the arse.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I laughed when I read this post! I just cleaned out some drawers that have not been touched in about three years plus, and when I was finished, everything lined and lovely..I said "and I'm going to keep it this way!" Yeah, right!! :)

I was so happy to see you had stopped in for a visit..and thank you for the compliment on my daughters! Sandy's head was shaved (you many know about her breast cancer) when she lost both her breast just recently and had to have her head shaved due to the treatments. It's been a hard time, but as you can see, though very thin, she looks wonderful and best of all she now has some hair.
Funny, because it came back in curly!
Sending you love and a big hug!

Pondside said...

It looks good to me, and what you say makes perfect sense! Too organised, and you'll never want to touch all that wonderful fabric, and that would be a shame.

Donna said...

I feel the same way! Love all your fabrics ... so cute! Mine never stays organized.
Let me know where you can get money trees :)

Elsie said...

Becky in a very small voice I ask
"pleassseee can I have a cutting
from that money tree".:) My sewing room is in need of a redo and I have been trying to get motivated to get in there and get started.
I have some of my fabric folded like that and on shelves but I have sooo much that needs to be
on shelves and out of tubs under my cutting table. I have a skirt around my table so you can't see the tubs. I have several old picnic tins, but I keep cookbooks in mine. My famous last words are a lot like yours.
I have good intentions. :)

Kathleen Grace said...

Becky my heart goes out to you. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't offer to store some of those fabrics at my house for you? It would be difficult but for you, I would do it in a heartbeat;>)

wendy said...

wowza...you have LOTS of fabrics. They are all beautiful, and it would be fun to go through all of them I think.

BACK in the day, when I was first married, and that good ol' POLYESTER crap was "in" I had quite a few pieces as my MIL was teaching me to sew, and I made some horrible things for my kids and myself. (cringe)

I love organization. I breath so much easier when I know things are organized.
Hubby, couldn't care less.

Duke said...

Mom's fabrics are all sorted by color but their in a box where you can't appreciate them. Your stash looks much neater and more appreciated.

Love ya lots,

Maria said...

Your closet looks more interesting then the one on the picture, i like your fabrics more.The fabrics in the picture looks dull.

Rita said...

Organizing around here is always a work in progress.

JG said...

WoW! What a GREAT stash of fabric! My stash is usually orderly - until I am hunting for specific color combinations. :)

Anonymous said...

hi im helen,im new to crafting and blogging.
your stash of material is vast.
very impressive.Also very neat.
just wanted to say hi.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Becky, I think your cabinet looks just fine. It might look better if you cleaned a few stacks out, and gave them to me though! LOL!!! I see some really cute ones in there!!


dogwood designs said...

Your stacks look great to mine, maybe some sweet day.

Mimi Sue said...

Life's too short to keep everything perfect. Although it would save me tons of time if I could just find things when I need them. Your trip to Alameda looks like a ton of fun. Mimi

Greenmare said...

my head is snapping off my poor neck giving you the nod! plus my fingers are just itching to dig through your stash............ why does someone else's stash always look so much more enticing?

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks organized to me. At least its all fabric in there. Open any cupboard in my house and never know what you will find ... or what will come falling out. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

Carla said...

i love your fabric cupboard. Happy week-end.

The Strawberry Mallard said...

oh sweetie........anytime you care to fly east, you can organize everything here...and that includes mine and Becker's noggins;
Gus is just fine the way he is :o)

Love you! NEBS and company