Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Mystery Of The Tempestuous Squirrel ~ A Day In The Life Of Duhgall

One cool and sunny fall morning I stepped out on the porch to do my usual business. Now I have to go outside to do such business as my parents would frown on such tidy leavings on the floor.
As I mosey over to the lawn I pick up a strange and foreign scent.
All of a sudden I forgot about having to tend to my business. I was distracted by a noise and an unfamiliar smell. I recognized the smell, however it wasn't a smell that my radar nose usually detects in the yard. Suddenly it dawned on me - I remember that smell from when I walked in the woods. So my search began to find the stranger in my yard - MY yard!
Oh, I am so easily distracted...
look at that hot number running down the street with her master!
Ok, back to figuring out this mystery. "Hmm..," I say, "I do believe the chap was here before - I can smell him!"
Could he be down there? I don't see any clues of digging a hole in my dad's yard.
What would Sherlock do? Let me think a moment. Wait! I think a scent just wafted from over there!
Could it be? No, it was just a worm.
Ahhh HA! There you are!!!!
Don't you know you that I have teeth like a shark and am trained to attack furry creatures like you? Now don't make me hurt you, just run along and be with your family. Afterall, I am a nice guy, dontchaknow!
The squirrel told me that he is so grateful that I am a Scotsman with a loving heart. He was just gathering some berries to take back to his little family.
So I tell the squirrel, "Hey, ya know that I have to save face with the other dogs on the street, so I will just turn my head and you run away, ok?"

The ol' guy thanked me for sparing him and we did the old head nod thing and parted ways. I just hope he made it home safely to his family and in time for dinner.
Yeh, life's tough sometimes, but I do think that we all need to share a little kindness and understanding. So off I go to tend to my business and then go and dream of chasing those mountain squirrels up the tree.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Falling For Fall

Nothing is better than Fall. I love the colors....
and the flavors of all fall foods, especially anything pumpkin. These are my last push of peppers from my garden and because they made me smile all summer, I thought they needed to show their face! Hi Peppers!!
Fall is about being outdoors and enjoying the cooler temperatures and taking in the beauty that Mother Nature shows off in her palate of reds, oranges and gold.
Fall is also the best time of year to gather up acorns, but be sure to save some for the squirrels!
The season is also about family ~ to gather over a hot pot of stew with a crusty baguette for soaking up the last bit of savory sauce.
Lots of pumpkins in every shape, size and color can be found for sale on busy steet corner lots in hopes of being selected by a kids, big and small, to take home and carve into something whimsical or scary for the porch.

This little chicken is happy amongst little pumpkins and gourds. He is nesting under an old chicken or turkey food keeper. Farmers would put these over the bowls of food so the birds couldn't sneak a bite.

The morning light and the coolness of the air is best in the Fall and I love how light streams in through the windows in the morning.
I love little squirrels and these fellas hang our with some white ceramic pumpkins on the foyer table. Shhh...I think he is saying, "I want an acorn!"
Wherever you are in this big world of ours, just take a little time to enjoy the season!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

A HUGE Thank You To Some Lovely Friends!!

With the busy-ness that each day brings I seem to be so far behind in getting around to visiting my blog friends and to acknowledge some awesomeness that has been sent my way. But I want each of you to know you are so important to me and I thank you! If I could box up my giggles and smiles that you bring to me I would send them to you in one big parcel! Each and every one of you are so special to me and so I am passing these awards on to all of you! Duhgall sends his little blog dog friends the award, too!

Thank you Patrice (A Sentimental Journery), Louise (The Home Is Where The Heart Is)and Kate (Our Red House) for this...

...and thank you Pam (White O'Morn Cottage) for this Gift Of Gab (Hilarious!)....
....and to Sherry (Creations From My Heart) for this bit of bling for The Diamond Award...
...and Duhgall gets an award, too!..

...from his friend Charli (Charli and Me) !!! Charli, Duhgall says to tell you Thank YOU and he is honored to get an award from such a beauty!!
Some time back I won a few wonderful giveaways that I just love!!!

Below is a lovely gift from Susan from T-Party. She sent me the sweetest mug and aromatic Lavender tea - which is almost all gone....

Thank you, Susan!

Look at all of these fabulous goodies below that I won from Linda (Parker's General Store) in her "second place" giveaway. What is even more special with this box of goodies is that her granddaughter helped her pick out the items and box them up. How sweeeeeet is that? Each item is just perfect!! Now Linda is quite the cook! If you need some good "tried and true" recipes, then mosey on over to see what Linda has cooked up!

Thank you Linda!!

This Happiness Is Homemade jar was part of the giveaway, too. It immediately joined the other bits and bobs on my kitchen counter and holds little Halloween candies for now.
Thought I'd share some of the recipes in the Fall Cooking book (click to enlarge).
Fall Butternut Stew - OH YUM-O!!!
The cookbook has some great tips and I could not agree with this idea more. I use my retro metal picnic baskets to store sewing notions in and also use them for display.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Recipe For A Fun Day!

The ingredients for a fun day:

Add a dose of cute bluebirds..
..plus 5 ounces of sweet fabrics and trims...
..and a pinch of charm..
...plus yummy treats...
..add in one plus one = two funny girls eating yummy cake...

..and add one more funny girl eating yummy cake...
..plus a group of zanny gals who are just a bunch of Chatty Cathy's...
..and you will hands down have a wonderfully fun day!

L to R: Miss Jean, Nikki, Elizabeth, Pam and me.

Miss Jean and her BFF Nikki and I signed up to take Elizabeth and Pam's class at Thimble Creek this past Friday. We had so much fun and below is the pennant banner that Elizabeth and Pam taught us girls to make. I think we actually visited, ate cake and laughed more than we sewed - but there is no crime in that! Pam made her secret recipe Orange Cake and I am telling you what, it was the most moist cake I have ever tasted. She pinky swore to never give out the recipe either. Pinky swore! No way, no way, no way is she sharing!

This is my finished piece and I just love it! Mr. Janome was not behaving during the class, but I managed to finish it up when I got home that night.

It is just perfect for the guest room!
Now I have to share with you the necklace that I bought awhile back from Debbie at My Shabby Roses blog. She made it using bits and bobs of vintage jewelry. (I have it on in the girl group photo). What grabbed me was the green color. Thank you, Debbie, I LOVE it!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


A Scottish Blessing

May the blessing of light be on you - Light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight shine on you like a great peat fire, so that stranger and friend may come and warm himself at it. And may light shine out of the two eyes of you, like a candle set in the window of a house, bidding the wanderer come in out of the storm.

May the blessing of the rain be on you, may it beat upon your Spirit and wash it fair and clean, And leave there a shining pool where the blue of Heaven shines, and sometimes a star.
May the blessing of the earth be on you, soft under your feet as you pass along the roads, soft under you as you lie out on it, tired at the end of day.......

I found this little blessing and thought I'd share it with you.

The photo was taken at my dear friend Wave's house. Her home is filled with amazing Scottish touches... Shhh...we have a secret. Her home will be shared with all in the winter time....

That is all I can say for now.

Blessings to all...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goodbye To Two Big Friends

Update before reading my post: Please look at the left on my sidebar. I am donating a bag for Nie. To read more about it or bid on it to raise money, click on the tote bag that is on my sidebar for more information. I am number 71 in the auction. The money raised will go for Nie and her husband who were terribly burned in a plane crash a few weeks ago. They are a wonderful family who are going through some very difficult times in their life. Please pray for them.
Thank you.... Becky
One warm and sunny morning not too long ago, Duhgall and I sat on our front porch to watch the sad affairs going on so very near to home.
"Momma," says Duhgall, "Can you hear that? Listen..."
"Yes, Duhgall," I whispered, "I hear them. Those are the city workers and their noisy trucks."
I then walked over to this marvelous green giant in our front yard and apologized and said so long and thanked him for giving us shade....
...and for providing a place for my boys to climb up on and play...
...and for keeping many watchful eyes on our children as they played in the street years ago. I thought I saw these eyes weep as I said my goodbyes.
So long, dear friend, we will all miss you so very much. I am so sorry that your strong roots reached under the house and caused damage - like your brother across the street. Both of you will be missed by all of us.

"Duhgall, this is a sad day. Let's go in now as I cannot bear to watch anymore."
"Momma," Duhgall gently says, "Don't cry....we will grow another tree that maybe your grandchildren will climb in someday."

"That is a wonderful idea my little man. Time to go in..."