Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farmhouse Tables

farmhouse table 3

After a long day out on the farm, it is nice to come home to a hot supper, belly up to the table, and eat till your heart and tummy are content. And a must have for any farmhouse is a sturdy farmhouse table to have hearty home cooked meals served from.

This morning's farm excursion is another trip through Pinterest. I hopped on my tractor for a cruise around the website – a cup of hot steaming coffee in one hand and the other hand on the wheel. No wind today to whip me out of my seat. Actually the sun is out – looks like a nice day!

farmhouse kitchen 3

There are so many versions of the farmhouse table – some long enough for eight chairs and smaller ones to seat four. Back in the day these tables were used for other things other than eating at. My good friend, Doris (Dogwood Designs) has a wonderful farm table in her kitchen that her daddy used to cut meat on. Her daddy was a butcher by trade. There is a split down the table that the blade would run down. I loved hearing the story behind her cherished possession that nobody else in her family even wanted. Unbelievable, but true! After much cleaning, it is now the focal spot in her adorable farmhouse kitchen. (Maybe Doris will allow me to take photos of it soon to share on here).

farmhouse table 4I love the tranquility that the room above exudes. Soothing creamy shades with just a pop of green hear and there. Casual at best with mismatched chairs and simple dishes to eat from.

The table below reminds me a bit of my dining room table because, to me, it looks more like a desk. This kitchen isn’t all white either … thinking of you girls who don’t like all white furniture.

farm table 6


I am looking for a farm table to replace my table that I currently have in the dining room. My table is actually from a post office and has apple green legs and a galvanized top.


It will make a great desk for my computer. But for now, it will do. No rush…I like it just fine….

P1010149e ....that and my small collection of ironstone.

All of a sudden I am craving biscuits and gravy with a side of crispy bacon! Anyone have a good biscuit recipe?


jill said...

What lovely pics,I love kitchens.Love Jill xx

Jenny said...

I have the most beautiful farmhouse table my father-in-law made as a gift for me years ago. The pattern he made in the top is amazing & he made a bench to match. I love it.

Tanya said...

So many pretty tables. I'm wanting a new one too. My hubby is going to put a new top on the base that I have (I think). I also love your deer in the post below. I found ONE like that at the Sal thrift store. I hope to find more. Have a great (warm) day!

LeAnn said...

I spend way too much time on Pinterest. Somebody said it's like fantasy football for women....lol!

I posted wedding pics.


Tins and Treasures said...

I love the style of the old farmhouser tables here...

We have a pretty good recipe for biscuits that we use in Basic Foods. Let me know if you are still looking for one.

Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

Vee said...

I'm making bread...it's rising...must be a comfort food kind of day. Love the old tables all chippy and beat up from years of use. Is there a way to make them safe to prepare food and eat from?

Cindy said...

Becky I have so loved your findings in the Farmhouse edition!!

Keep it up..love it!

I miss you and will try to call this week...a lot is going on.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Pondside said...

I love your old post office table - what a treasure. It's the best sort of farm house kitchen table - like your friend's dad's butcher table.
I have a very ugly little table in the kitchen right now and I keep it covered with a pretty cloth to ease my eyes!


Your dining room is so pretty! Mine is a fright right now, and in the opposite condition of yours. I have a beautiful farm table and the rest is needing some attention. Wish I had a pretty hutch like yours...



Elsie said...

Becky I don't know how I missed this post. I love, love, love farm tables. I have a 7' trestle farm table with benches on each side and arm chairs at the ends. Mine is custom made and I have had it since 1983.
It has really come in handy with first 3 children and now their spouses and 5 grandchildren. Great pictures and I sure am glad your tractor runs so good. teehee!
(by the way I use my table for cutting patterns out, it's great for that)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great post!! I LOVE old tables - I've been searching for a replacement for our dining area table for years....We have a small awkward space, but I don't want a teeny, tiny, table either, since we have to use it, so my options are limited....Some day I'll spy the perfect one - other than in a photo hundreds of miles away! Thanks for taking me window shopping! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin