Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember When

Some little treasures that I found.

When I first started my blog, I said that I was going to write about great places to shop near where I live in California. Well, here is my first posting about such places.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of discovering great shops to go and browse through for little treasures. Trust me, I have found many great places here in California, however this little gem of a shop, Remember When, is in my home town, Modesto.

Kari is the sweet shop owner of Remember When. She has been in business for three years and her former shop was located on Scenic Drive before moving to this location. Her shop is chock full...and I mean hold on tight to your purses chalk full..of fun treasures. You can find kitsch, vintage, cottage style collectibles, wonderful dishes and glassware, garden accessories, fountains, birdhouses, baskets, signs, furniture, mirrors, handmade candles and a whole bunch of other goodies.

She loves to decorate and has always wanted to own her own shop. Her favorite part of owning her own business is meeting new people and sparking up conversations. Remember When is known in the community for having reasonable prices. Even the dealers will frequent her shop to find that great deal. If you are down this way, stop by for a visit. She'll usually ask if you'd like a cup of coffee or a cookie!

Kari also rents out sections of her shop to those who would like to sell their items there.

Remember When is located at:

3012 McHenry Avenue, Suite C, Modesto, Ca. 95350
phone: (209) 872-8682
hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM - 6 PM


Esther Sunday said...

Her shop is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is right up my ally. I just love it. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures! I grew up in Half Moon Bay, CA... Love, Esther

Susie said...

Looks like a great place to shop! I'll keep it in mind if we ever get down that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Her shop is wonderful! Becky please tell her that she looks like a sweetheart too and I'm very happy for her that her dream of owning a business has come true!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Kim! I certainly will! Kari IS a sweetie and would do anything to help someone out - not to mention that she is always finding scotty things for me on her shopping excursions! xo, Becky
PS: Are you liking your new roof?

Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of shops, filled to the brim with antique goodness!

PS. I love that song that always comes on your blog, How to Save a Life. I always listen to that on my ipod, so I feel right at home when I come to visit you! :-)


Anonymous said...

Becky,when I get to come see you are we going to go there as soon as I get off the plane???? Love the shop,Love Kathy

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes, Miss Kathy, we will go there!! Melissa, I love that song, too! It is nice and mellow...xo, Becky

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Becky,,, Just wanted to say thanks for putting me on your Blog,,, you are so sweet,,, I don't relize how much stuff I do have in my shop till I see pictures, and I feel right now it's empty,, to all that has commented please come on in and check my shop out when in town ,would love to meet all of you,,,, "would you like a cookie and coffee",,,,, Kerri

Betty said...

hmmm. I wonder if my hubby would consider a drive to Modesto? It's only an hour plus a little from here.

Lallee said...

Why didn't my husband take me to places like this when I went out to CA with him on one of his business trips???? I had a great time 'virtual shopping' at this store. I'm on the look-out for a frame like the one out front. The miniature wicker couch is so cute. On the white shelves above the apple plates, it looks like a cute kitty/doggy face ceramic something? I like all the goodies you chose!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Lallee...that doggy face is a tea pot. Isn't it cute!? There are always new things coming in and makes the shop so much fun to go to!

Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Wow, looks like a great place to's too bad it's so far away from me!