Friday, August 3, 2007

My Scotty Dog Tote!

The other day I was traveling through blog land and reading comments left on my blog. Beth, at Beth's Bagz (see my favorites) had left me a comment. Now, Beth is no stranger to me as I have admired her handmade pin cushions and other handmade things for several years on eBay. I checked out her ETSY shop and found this wonderful tote bag. As you know, I have a huge heart and love for Scotty Dog things...including my own precious little fella, Mr. D.

There are some things that you just have to have and this is one. When I got the box in the mail, I grabbed my camera because I wanted to journal this wonderful bag! I just knew that Beth would have it wrapped beautifully...and she did! Along with the bag was a sweet Hello Kitty card with a hand written note from Beth. Awww, so adorable!

The tote is hanging on my hall tree right now, along with some of my pot metal Vintage Scotty Dog figures.

Beth did a fantastic job on the bag! Full of detail from the buttons, lined pockets, ric rac and personal label on the inner pocket. Her stitching is perfect, too! Us seamstresses look at all of the details, and hers are top-notched!



Mary said...

Oh I have just been singing along with Elton and "Rocket Man". Have just found you via Sophie Honeysuckle. Love the Scottie bag and the lovely vintage things you have for your home. Mary

Judy said...

I love your bag. So adorable. You have some really wonderful vintage items in your home. I love them. I'm off the visit Beth now....maybe I'll find something I can't live without.

yours truly said...

The new bag is so cute! Love your wonderful things and enjoyed visiting!

Lallee said...

Hmmm.....I'm humming Rocketman, too. now how did that happen ;-)

Remember the bright green bug I posted pictures of recently? Well that's the color of my face. Just color me green with envy :-P LOL Your bag is a beauty. Beth is a marvelous and creative seamstress! I love your iron Scotties, too. Great collection!

Anonymous said...

OH my, that is the cutest bag!! love it, I'm gonna go check out beth's bagz right now :)

Thanks for your eBay purchase too, Becky! Cute stuff, so glad you found it :) have a great weekend!

Rosemary said...

So YOURE the one who bought my tote! LOL! I was drooling over it myself ;) Rosemary

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi ladies...thank you for your kind words. Lallee and Rosemary, I did think of both of you when I saw this bag for sale. Beth makes gorgeous things!

Patrice: you are welcome! The textiles will make some great something..pillow or tote??

I just love Rocket Man! Remember listening to all of his songs growing up.

Take care everyone!


Sweet Remembrance said...

First of all LOVE Elton...
Your bag is so, so sweet!
And the scotty dogs...yay!

Mary said...

Oh, I have a bag from Beth also:)
Some of her pin cushions too...
Did not know she had a blog, will check it out. Have a great weekend.
Mary :)