Friday, August 17, 2007

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

After 8 years of living with paint that once had been sage green that faded to a dull gray-blue color within a year, we decided that our little abode deserved a fresh look.

Ok, now what color to pick? It didn't take long for me to decide on a color for the front because I have been wanting a dark brown for many years. Dark with a light trim to make the architecture pop. My hubby agreed, yet he had last minute reservations the day the paint arrived. I told him, "Trust me, it'll be fine." Voila! It was!

Now we just need to add some fresh flowers for fall (a "honey-do") and spruce up the porch.

Our paint is all from Dunn Edwards. Here are the colors:
Front: Cocoa
Back: Birchwood
Trim: Bone China


Anonymous said...

LOVE the house! LOVE the color (I painted mine a similar color!). How much fun to be all fresh and clean. Makes doing the flowers and accessories outside so much more fun, huh?

Thanks for showing the pictures!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Also I love that weather vane! So fun!

Anonymous said...

super cute house!!!!
Jessi Nagy\

Sweet Remembrance said...

Love the color you chose! So refreshing isn't it? Looks great!

bee'nme said...

Ooooh Becky - you did good with your house color - beautiful! Many thanks for adding my link to your blog!! I am honored! I was so tickled to see that YOU are the same Becky that was Cottage of the Month in July!! WOW - I loved all those photos of your place - what a wonderful home!! I am adding your link to my blog as well and I will likely do a little blog intro/feature about you a Lallee very soon...I'll keep you posted...meanwhile, thanks again - LOVE your place! BYW, not only are we both Becky, but we are also both 46 - cool huh? Have a great weekend!

Becky Schultea

Laurie and Chris said...

I like the dark color. I think it looks very nice next to the color of your bricks.

Lisa Johnson said...

Just discovered your blog as I am new to the blogging world and now that I have my own blog ( I am looking at a lot more blogs for inspiration. Yours is great and I have bookmarked you so I can check in with you often.


Lallee said...

Oh Becky, your color choices look great! Good choice! It looks like they primed it first? Good idea since you had the color change last time. How the heck does sage turn to gray blue???? Now there's a painting mystery! You must be thrilled to have this done. I think I would pop a cork and celebrate ;-)

Lallee said...

I meant to also say~it's so fun to read the names of paint colors sometimes. I love the name "Whisper".

And your garden looks pretty good to me!

And I love the weather vane, too!

Oh, when we painted our house, our neighbor (the one who wears her bathing suit and sponge curlers to the mailbox) asked why my husband painted the chimney since no one could see it. LOL Well, we had been seeing the mildew on it just fine! The chimney is in plain site from the street. She cracks me up.

Rosemary said...

Hi Becky! Nice color choice! I want to paint our victorian a buttery yellow. What kind of bracket do you use to attach your weather vane? We have a vintage mustang one, but no bracket to attach it to the roof. SInce hubby restores old mustang cars, i thought this one would be perfect for us! Rosemary

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Rosemary! Perfect choice for your weather vane! We got ours because our house is the Cape Cod floor plan, according to the builder, and my husband sails. As for the attachment, it came with it. I do know that it is copper. Perhaps your husband could create a copper plate to bolt down to the roof. Take it e-z! Becky

Anonymous said...

Becky, your home looks beautiful in those paint colors! Just perfect! It is truly loved, inside and out! Lucky, lucky, home.