Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Farmhouse Vintage Christmas

Welcome to my vintage farmhouse Christmas laundry room!


I am linking up with the lovely Kim, over at Savvy Southern Style blog, and sharing some photos of some Christmas adornments in our recently remodeled farmhouse laundry room.  I call it “vintage” because most of the items used to decorate the space are vintage or up-cycled pieces.

Do stop on by to see what all of the other lovely women are sharing over at Kim’s link party.  Kim’s party hosts a variety of Christmas vignettes and stylish mantels decked out in Christmas finery.

Click on the photo below to take you on a little ride to her blog.

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We started out the decorating by sending Santa off on his blue vintage tractor.  He drove across the fields till he reached his Christmas tree farm.  After picking the perfect tree – his trees come with Christmas bulbs…a new hybrid tree, dontchaknow – he tied it down on his tractor and drove it home.  He got a lot of pitch on his hands so he will be using the SKAT soap to wash off.  Yea, I know what y’all are thinkin’.

Decorating our home this year was done pretty simply.  I still need to add the fresh Cedar garlands and then I will be all done.  I only brought out about 1/16th of my Christmas decor.  Less is more, that is what my son said – which made me quite happy to hear!  So let me share with you the laundry room….

My favorite 1930’s stitched picture hangs on the wall next to a corner shelf. Sweet little cottages are surrounded with snowflakes and snow…so cozy!  Clipped on the shelf is an old Christmas card a friend bought for me.  It matches the stitched cottage piece perfectly…she has such an eye for detail.




The shelving above the washer and dryer were decorated simply with bottle brush trees, a mica star and a glitter Santa.


Newer bottle brush trees fill old Scottish and English crocks and ….


…a 1931 bowling trophy.  I had the trophy for sale in my space at the antique mall, however I brought it home because it is a really great old piece. (I think I am going to keep it….) Tip:  to keep the trees from falling inside the vessels, I wadded up some brown paper bags and stuff them inside the crocks and trophy.  Just sit the trees on top of the paper and there you have it.  If they get a little wonky on you, just add a little glue to the base of the tree or even some double-sided tape to make it stand up straight.



Old postal scales allow a spot for the mica star to sit on top as a glitter Santa stands almost at a salute!



black and white santa on tractor

It’s raining cats and dogs here right now, so the photos aren’t as good as if the sun were out, but that is ok.  We need the rain!
So that is it for now!  I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Drive on over to Kim’s now and be ready to be holiday inspired!


Claudia said...

Charming, my friend, with just the right amount of Christmas!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

OMG, your vintage goodies and your story is too cute. Wow, you made the button linkable. I told Ann that I needed a code box for that. She forgot that on wordpress that she has that it wasn't needed. Oh, well, you made it work. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and yes less is more for me, too this year.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your decorations are all delightful. I love the trees with snow and that cute pixie Santa. I collect the old pixies but I've never seen a Santa! Happy Holidays my friend!

Happy@Home said...

Your Santa driving his tractor made me smile. So cute and I enjoyed the story of his journey to select his Christmas tree.
Your friend does have a good eye... what a perfect match on those sweet little cottages.
The linky party sounds like fun. Off I go.

Into Vintage said...

Miss B, I think you have the most beautiful laundry room in all the land! I am especially in love with the little framed winter scene. That's my idea of a perfect winter day. xo

Blondie's Journal said...

I love everything, Becky!! You have a great vintage feel going on and it's got me in the Christmas spirit. Can't wait to see more of your home!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Oh, I love your sweet sweet vignettes. You have the most darling things and really know how to display them too.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

20 North Ora said...

Becky - I always get so excited and anxious when you post! Can't wait to see what you have done. Your laundry room looks so good. Love all of the pieces - especially the picture and matching postcard.


Debby said...

I am so impressed that your laundry room gets decorated. It looks so cute. Love the elf on the tractor.
I am really scaling back on decorations as well this year. Just my favorite things. I like it better.

NanaDiana said...

What a sweet, vintage Christmas at your house- I absolutely love it. I also love the little cottages. Blessings-xo Diana

NanaNor's said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful decorations with us. You've got a great collection!
Have a nice evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your laundry room is picture perfect! The only things "decorating" mine are all the baskets of laundry waiting to be done!

The framed picture and matching card are so charming. And a laundry room isn't complete without Santa to help with the chores!

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful..I love all the vintage tin touches...smiles..Renee

Two French Bulldogs said...

Love this stuff
Benny & Lily

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Such lovely Christmas decorating! I always love seeing your wonderful vintage Christmas decorations and arrangements each year!

Chenille Cottage said...

Good Monday morning, Becky!
What a charming laundry room. Your crocks, shelving and antiques add such a homey touch. They remind me of my Gramma's house in Green Acres, Oregon.
Thanks for sharing this delightful post.

craftyles said...

I just love the tractor-it's perfect. Your laundry room is so cute with all the vintage touches.

Unknown said...

Love this!! Vintage everywhere I look!!


Brenda Pruitt said...

It's beautiful! As is everything you do. I do love the farmhouse simple style.

Unknown said...

I'm in LOVE with the elf in the tractor! He's adorable:)

Elsie said...

Becky,Becky,Becky I am still looking for that book your going to write. Such a cute story and I
love,love,love the tractor. I also love your laundry room decor. I tried to decorate simple too, but I had to keep reminding myself. LOL.

Stacey said...

Just adorable and it's your laundry room. :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Becky!

Your home looks so adorable and ready for Christmas! Your also write the sweetest things! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Love ya,

JG said...

Your vintage decorating is fun to admire!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Becky dear, I have the worst time leaving a comment. I try and try and your word verification is impossible..even when it seems to be perfectly copies. I do not understand. I thought I would give it another shot..but it's taken three tries and once again I am unable to leave a comment...if this gets there any way you can remove that feature?? I would love to check in with you more often! I think of you and have thing I would like to share with you.
With love,

Jules said...

I just love every single detail of this post. And not just because you used the word "wonky" in it. Only 1/16th of your stuff? Where do you hide it all?
Merry Merry Christmas to you, my friend? My you and yours be richly blessed! xoxo jules