Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I was tagged by sweet Kate over at Our Red House to participate in a MEME to take a photos of our views from our back and front doors. Ahem...share with the world our views, but honestly, looking out my back door is not so pretty these days as we recently had some horribly windy days and my garden is looking quite wind-whipped in the back.

My dear sweet husband has been tending to our front yard and this is the view of our front from our front door. Little flags are out for Memorial Day for a little touch of American spirit. As a military mother, my heart strings pull tightly on this day - as well as July 4th, however not a day goes by without thinking of our troops and to those who have given so unselfishly of themselves to serve our wonderful Country. I am so very, very proud of our son for his sacrifices, his bravery and his spirit. He told me this when he enlisted..."Mom, I need to serve our Country and to help others." I get tears in my eyes when I think about those words and miss him each and every day.

For all of the families who have loved ones in our military - be it friends or family - God Bless you. A gigantic THANK YOU and God Bless to all of you who are giving of yourselves to fight for our Freedom and to serve this Big Red, White and Blue!!!



Janet said...

The view from your front door is beautiful. Your hubby is doing a great job. My thanks and prayers are with your brave son. Enjoy the day:)


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize your son is in the service! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to him and all our other service personnel, today and EVERY day. And a big hug to you, his mother.

Lovely views.


Michelle said...

What a view!! I really like that rooster :)

I bet you are extra proud of your son ~ I appreciate his committment.. I have a son-in-law and daughter in's hard having them so far away..


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Your front porch looks so inviting! I will pray for your son. How brave these mem are!!! I was wanting to ask you ( if you don't mind ) do you know why Silver Bell cottage blog is gone. I hope she is okay. I always liked her blog but did not comment much. I guess bloggers come and go,but its kinda sad.
God Bless you and your family,

Anonymous said...

I love your outlook, and your porch is so colourful and inviting. It is getting so bleak here now; your spring is much nicer! I can almost feel that sunshine.


Andrea said...

God Bless your family and Thank your son for me for his service to our country!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I did not know about your son. Please thank him for me. It is because of young men and women like him that I am free to walk out my front door. God Bless.


farmerjulie said...

Hey Becky..I did a tornados. you are so sweet to check on my. Lots going on in my life.!
love ha! hugs..jules

SweetAnnee said...

Wonderful view..the scene is serene and green

thank your son for my freedom, I so realize his sacrifice. What an honor to be his mom...

you are such a sweet friend..
Hug doogs and dad..
smiles, Deena

Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell your very special son how proud we are of him and how thankful we are too. I can only imagine how full of love and pride your heart must be for what he is doing. God bless you all!

Heidi said...

I know you are proud of your son Becky. He is a fine young man for what he is doing. I pray for his safe return soon and that of my niece's DH although his time is just starting.

Your view out the front door is so serene and beautiful. Enjoy your corner of the earth.

Hugs and kitty kisses ~
Heidi and Dagi

Nancy said...

I so agree, thanks to your Son and all of the military who are fighting to keep us free.
Your yard is beautiful.

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Becky! I love your front door view. Tell your husband he's doing a wonderful job with the yard. I pray for our service men and women daily. These brave men and women (and their families) make so many sacrifices for our freedom.

Betty said...

Thank you Becky for your son's service. I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We had a wet, rainy weekend here. I guess you got the same windstorms too. I barely have any flowers left.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, lovely view, great son. All the best to you and yours...Pam

Rosemary said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend.
I didn't realize your son was in the service.
A big thanks to him!!!
He will be in my prayers.

Meggie said...

I didn't realize that you were a military Mom until a few weeks ago when you mentioned it. My thanks to your son and all the men and women who are serving our country. We owe them so much! Thank you, Becky, for raising such a brave and compassionate son.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

WOW! The view from your front door is gorgeous and so homey and inviting. We are all GRATEFUL for you son who fights for us and our country. I know you are PROUD!!!! Smiles,Jenn

Susie Q said...

My warmest thank you to your son..always.
Being military is not easy bit it is rewarding. It is tough for a mother though isn't it? But I know you are so very proud.

Your front door view is just lovely...


Linda said...

Hi Becky,your porch looks so welcoming, I hope you had a nice Memorial Day.

I didn't know you had a son in the service, you must be very proud of him. My thanks to him and all those in the service for safe gaurding our country. My prayers are with him and for a safe return. Hugs, Linda

Maison Douce said...

I met my husband when he was in the Marines (he served for 22 years), so the military was also my first "family"...!! I hold every service person (and their family members) very dear to my heart!! Love your front porch!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

The view from my front door is much more appealing than the view from my back as well! Very nice!

Mary said...

God bless your son, and all our brave military families. Their sacrifice is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
btw -- love your porch!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to your precious son, what a dear heart he is for protecting us and serving the country.

Your front yard is so great, Becky! I love it! Everything looks lovely!

Hugs to Doogs!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Amen. Happy Memorial Day.
Smiles, Karen

Laura said...

My brother is serving right now, so thank you for acknowledging him et al.
Lovely yard- inspiring as always.