Wednesday, January 14, 2015


fiona august 2010




My little Fee Fee.

My shadow.  My blessing.  My sweetie Wheatie.

Today I share my heart.  A year has passed already since my little Wheaten Scottie, Fiona Jordyn, took her last earthly breath and traveled over the Highland Moors to greet those who love her in a place far more beautiful than where she began.  Her life ended far too early.  A genetic liver disease won and took my little buddy away from me.  She had just celebrated her 5th birthday.

Remembering the little fire ball who ran the house.  Half sister to Duhgall, she loved her family.  She seemed to know when you needed a paw gently placed on your hand, she knew when you needed to laugh.  A clown, a best friend, a little Wheatie girl who could stare holes in your heart.  Faithful, loyal…she would lay on the floor facing the front door waiting for her family to come home.  Though she had a deformity on her radial bone in her right leg, you would never know.  She ran with abandon on the beach.  Fee loved life.  She woke up happy.  One of her favorite things ever was to have her red Kong ball thrown so she could chase it.  She would sleep with her ball and panic when she could not find it.  She loved being treated to a cup of whipped cream from the nice folks at Starbucks.  Her big nose could reach to the depth of that cup for every bit of that sweet treat.  She would run like a little rabbit and do a little skip, like she had a little hitch in her giddy up.  Always in charge, always the one to bark if someone came to the door and then be happy when she saw that it was a familiar face.  She loved her brother, Duhgall,  and they were inseparable.  The photos alone represent their love for one another. 

For those who are owned by Scotties, you will know they love their family, but there will always be the one family person that is “their” person.  Duhgall fancies my husband and Spencer, but Fiona was “mine”.  She followed me to bed each night and waited for me to pick her up and put her on the bed .  One of the cutest things she would do would go up to the side of the bed, hide under the bed skirt and I would say, “where is Fee?” (Little did she know, her tail always stuck out.)  Ha! She would wait a good amount of time and then make a groaning sound.  It was doggy hide and seek.  She made me laugh each time.  Silly girl.  Oh how I loved her playfulness.

She had a purpose in her life.  I recognize that now.  She truly, truly was a gift from God.

She loved everyone.  And everyone loved Fee.  We all miss her.  She was there for us in our dark time of life and gave us a little sunshine when we needed it most. 

Little girl….little buddy….we will be together again.  Till then….run free and chase your red ball.  Love on our angel boy who has you now.
Over the misty moors someday I shall go…with the distant bagpiper calling me home.  A turn in the road ahead I see and who shall be waiting for me?  My Jordy and my Fee.

with love….


Rue said...

I had no idea you had lost her. I'm so sorry. I know Jordan will take good care of her.


marie said...

Sweet Fiona. I'm so glad that you have fond, joy-filled memories of her. Thank you for sharing them with us!

20 North Ora said...

What a sweet tribute to her! They become such an integral part of our lives, don't they? I know you miss her so much. Beautiful picture of you holding her.


Shannon said...

Dang, it's so hard to lose a loved family pet.. My sweet boy Cecil, a Great Dane, just passed in May of 2014' and I miss him everyday.
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

She couldn't have had a better life or been loved more. She was there when you needed her most and I know you miss her so very much, Becky.

xxoo, Vickie

Linda said...

Beautiful words Becky...Beautiful pictures...Beautiful Fiona... a mentor to my Fiona! Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

It's amazing how those wet nosed fuzz four legged kids fill our hearts with happy memories and unconditional love. 4 years ago my husband and I lost both our four legged kids. Little Bit was his Pomeranian, the smallest Pom I've ever seen. She was an old lady at 14 and and still tried to play ball right up until the end. My Scotty was, Sir Edward Inky, Eddie or just plain ole' Ed. He was 12 years old and pasted two weeks after Bit. Ed refused to eat after Bit left, his heart was broke. As was ours. And you are right, your family belongs to a Scotty, but Tyler (middle son) was his person. Thanks for the memories that are flooding back.

Pondside said...

That was beautiful. Fiona was such a pretty girl - I enjoyed learning that her personality more than matched her good looks! A wee friend like your Fiona is a treasure - holds a place in our hearts.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post. My sister, Susan lost her sweet Fiona last year. When she was ready to get a new puppy, she looked and much to her sweet surprise she found a Scotty puppy already named Fiona.

Although she will never replace her first dog, Fiona, it surely fills that void. I lost my sweet Twinkles years ago and I waited too long to get a new puppy. One day I passed by a beautiful waterfall. I was swept with that feeling of joy. Suddenly I burst into tears, realizing that I hadn't felt that joy since Twinkles had passed. I immediately began my search for a new puppy.

I am so sorry for your pain. It is true that she will wait for you and you will be together again. A dog is pure love and joy.


Blondie's Journal said...

I remember when you added Fiona to your family...the timing made her such a blessing, a little angel not on your shoulder but at your feet. I had no idea she passed sad it happened when she was a baby still. I know you must miss her terribly. Your last line broke my are a brave girl.

How is Duhgall doing?

With lots of love and a big hug,

Jane x

Georgia said...

A sweet and fitting tribute to your sweet little buddy! It's easy to see she enjoyed her life with you! You brought tears to my eyes......thanks for sharing!

Kathie Truitt said...

I am so very sorry. You've had way too much heartbreak the past few years.

Seawashed said...

Since I am new to your blog I did not know your best friend Fiona. I have a best friend Bella Bleu, a Maltese , who never leaves my side. She was given to us when she was 10 was old and a gift as well. She came when my children were beginning to leave the nest A time when I needed her company and friendship like no other.

I know how deeply you must miss her. Maybe you will welcome a new furry friend to be beside you again, like your Fee was. xxo

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

I'll know I've reached heaven when I whistle and all the dogs that have owned me come running.

Their lives pass so quickly. I try to value each day I have with my girl--she's almost 9. Fiona was a darling and your photos are such a treasure!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Becky what a precious post. It made me cry. Fiona reminds me so much of my Charlie Dog. Yes, we shall see them again, no sought. Such sweet sentiments.
XOX Maryjane

Stacey said...

Yes, definitely have to cry on this one. Sending hugs!

Kathleen Grace said...

I am so sorry that you have suffered so much loss over the past few years. Our dear little pets give us so much love and joy. I'm glad you still have Dughall to love on. Sending love...


Claudia said...

Ah, you've made me cry, Becky. What a beautiful and loving tribute to your girl. She's waiting for you and watches you every day. Maybe she's running around with my Riley and Winston? All of them having the best time!


Teresa said...

Oh Becky, I had no idea Fiona was in Heaven. I am just undone here. I remember how Jordan picked her out, and when you brought her home how full of love and good energy she was. So beautiful, so full of personality, completely precious, and your baby to love. I am so sorry. She was too young to leave you. You will see her again. I never researched in scripture what happens to animals when they leave there earthly home. Since November 12, 2014 when Baxter left, I have done so. I truly and firmly believe she is with Jordan, and you will be reunited with both of them.

sunnyskiesandsweettea said...

Tears and Tears.... So sad. This totally made me cry. We have our little Scotty boy Bentley and he is just precious. His favorite person is my daughter who married and so now he splits his time between us. Hugs to you on this day.

Amy Jo

"Create Beauty" said...

Hi Becky.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Fiona and for telling us of the joy she brought you. Grief is a process and at first it feels so very deep, it's heavy, and you wonder if your heart will ever feel light again.

We've just gone through this with saying goodbye to our Dazzle girl.

We found out she had Lymphoma the day after Thanksgiving and didn't know if she would be with us at Christmas. She lived into the new year.

It was excruciating. I'd been through it before, precious doggy friends dying... and I would tell myself "I can get through this, and it won't hurt this much after a while" ... but oh how I did not want to let her go.

A friend said to me, "It's possible to love a pet as much as you love a human". Many don't understand this. But these creatures who only bring us joy and are by our sides every single day, leave a huge hole when they are gone. But this I know: Having them was worth the pain of the goodbye.

My husband gave me a book for Christmas written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman called, "The Heaven of Animals" and it is so beautiful. When we knew it was time and we'd scheduled Dazzle's final vet visit,
our daughters family came over to say goodbye and I sat with the grandkids (who knew her their whole lives as they are all under the age of 9)
and we read the book to Dazzle. Of course I could not speak without crying, so their daddy read while I turned the pages.

Dazzle was only 8. Our other Afghan Hound will turn 13 this spring, so we know his time with us is limited.
We were kinda preparing ourselves that he would go first.

The good news is, we are preparing for 2 pups to come into our lives soon, and how much this has helped us is quite amazing. How we need something to look forward to, and to have laughter in the house again!

Thank you for sharing your love and your sadness with us. I know how you feel. And I believe Fiona will be one of the first to greet you into heaven.


Sandy said...

Such a sweetie! Thank you for sharing your photos and memories of Fiona. I know the pain you are feeling as we lost our German Shepherd, Dusty, to bone cancer at age 7 many, many years ago but my heart still aches for him.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Why does my heart break and I cry when I read where someone has lost their precious dog ? I guess because I know how special our little dogs are to us.
There is nothing like the love from a dog.
I miss my two guys so much

Miss Jean said...

Gone far too soon.

Hayley said...

Becky, I have followed your blog for a while now but this is the first time I think I have commented.
Those pictures just say it all...what a beautiful little friend...what a wonderful life she lived with your family and what a truly loved companion she was.

Sending you love xxx

Mary said...

Oh Becky, I had no idea Fiona had gone. I was so thrilled to see these beautiful photos pop up, then really sad when I read your words. She was certainly a beauty - I hope dear Duhgall has been OK. I've never seen a Scottie pup before but your pic of her when so tiny makes me want a sweetheart just like her! My friends in Calif. lost their little old gal - black Scottie named Kilty - a few months back. She was much older - twelve I think - and had major health problems, so doggie heaven has another beauty up there too.

I'm sorry for your sad news - thank you for sharing such amazing pics.

Hugs - Mary

Unknown said...

Such a sweetie, so young. Life goes on, but is never the same when we lose a little warm spot in our heart

Deena said...

Made me cry. Why can't they just live forever?? I have a friend right now going through a rough time. Her 3 year old Boxer is in full kidney failure and will die soon. She was born with a kidney disease but with good diet and care was doing very well but not anymore. They are heartbroken as I am for them.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

dear becky,
sending all my love xo

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Dear, Sweet, Becky - don't we have a lot to look forward to when our time comes to follow our loved ones through the veil.


Susan Freeman said...

I remember when you brought Fiona home. She was such a precious puppy and I watched her grow up. It was a heartache to lose her. I miss her too. Sending you lots of hugs.

Susan and Bentley

Jocelyn said...

Becky, my heart goes out to you as I know the feeling of deep loss from a furry friend. I've never been able to replace our Duchess. She was embedded in my heart as deeply as your Fee. Hugs to you dear sister.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a treasure she was and you were so blessed to have each other. Beautiful post Becky; I can definitely see the joy she brought to your life.

Susie Q said...

It is a truly difficult thing to endure I know. Sweet Fiona. I know when we lost Kipper so suddenly, so unexpectedly, it was devastating. I know you take comfort in knowing that she is with Jordan. They will both be waiting until they can be with you again. I have no doubt about that.
Sending you hugs and love.

Unknown said...

So very beautifully written! I know your pain but also the joy of knowing they are in Heaven waiting to see us again.

How lovely. Thank you for the heart words of love for your sweet dog.

Gayla said...

What a beautiful little sweetheart. I know your heart will always miss her. I just cried so hard while I was looking at this pictures and reading your sweet words. If only we could go through life with less loss.. I know we have been blessed to have such loves that we lose, but it hurts so much.

I love the idea of the Rainbow bridge with our pets waiting for us along with our loved ones.

Thank you for being real and sharing. It is easy to just blog from the surface about pillows and sparkles and hot cookies... all good things. But the realities of pain and loss are so loud that we have to share them or completely distance ourselves from ourselves.

Hugs from a cold and windy Missouri night. Gayla

cottage_Charm52 said...

Oh, what a sweet tribute to your little Fiona. I didn't realize you lost her. she is now with your beloved son, and you will all be together again someday.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh golly, have tears running down my face. Our animals can be our true family - and their love so unconditional. Fiona was amazing for you, I love that, you are blessed to have her with you, even for just a short while. Oh those pictues are amazing! I am so glad you have documentation of this celebrated life!


Down by the sea said...

Thank you for finding me and commenting about my Daisy.Dear Fiona looks so lovely too and so much part of your family. It is so awful loosing a pet but we wouldn't have those wonderful memories. Sarah x