Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Duhgall, shall we tell everyone what a great job you did guarding us and alerting us to something going down the other night? Now little one, no need to be shy about it….

P1010007yP1010009shold your head HIGH because you were just the best!

Of course, Fiona got in on the barking action after brother started up. Both of the dogs did their jobs – and Booya! to the bad guy!

You just do NOT want to get in the way of a Scottie – especially one who is passionate about guarding his people!

Fiona was still pacing when the sun came up..making sure all was okie dokie.


I just love my dogs and thank GOD for watching over us!

Lesson learned here: Do NOT open the door to walk outside when your dogs are barking. You just never know exactly WHAT, or as in our case WHO, they are barking at.


Stacey said...

I think I fear skunks more than bad guys. Glad everything was ok.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, this sounds scary! Was someone trying to break into your house? Thank God you're safe and for your little barking Scotties! Which are so adorable, I might add! :)
Be a sweetie and sleep peacefully tonight,
Shelia ;)

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

What happened??
Are you all okay?
Oh my, doesn't sound good, Becky.
Thank goodness for your faithful guys.

Julie Harward said...

Oh oh...this sounds like a scary situation! Good little ones though, sometimes I think little dogs are really good watch dogs, bless their hearts! :D

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

We are fine, thank you for asking! I looked out the front window only to see a stranger walking towards our front door. After yelling my lungs out at him, he retreated and I called the cops with a good description. Lets just say he wasn't only met by barking dogs.......


Iesha Williams said...

I glad everything was ok. We have a small dog too and they are great alarm systems!

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow, creepy! That would scare the dickens out of me! Good dogs for keeping your people safe! Isn't it amazing that these little creatures of ours help us and protect us so lovingly?

marie said...

So glad that all is well ~ I thank God He was watching over you too! Way to be brave guard dogs Duhgall & Fiona!!

Becky, if you have time you should stop by and look at my craft room ~ first link in my sidebar. I have a tiny Scottie living in it!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Yikes, hope they,he or it never comes back
Benny & Lily

Kris said...

We have a Wheaten and he is good at protecting too! Yours are so pretty!

Sunny Simple Life said...

How scary! Good job by your pups. I will always have dogs for the same reason. Feel better when I leave my daughters at home.

Pondside said...

That must have been frightening! Thank heavens for D and F - good dogs!

Into Vintage said...

Miss B - just read your reply comment and happy to know all of you are safe & sound. I know you have the instincts that let you know when things are not right. Stay safe :-) xo -amy

Susan Freeman said...

Good Boy Doogs! I am glad you are okay. Scary though. About a year ago, David woke up about an hour before I did and found a man asleep on our front porch. We slept through the whole thing. Before David could even tell him to leave, the guy took off. We think he must have been drunk and decided that our porch looked like a good place to crash. He was polite enough to close the front gate when he left. Bentley slept through the whole thing! Yea Doogs!!! He's a good boy and Fiona is his sweet assistant.

Susan and Bentley

The Strawberry Mallard said...

You know Becky it just seems that noone is safe anymore ANYWHERE! We have seen such changes here, and very little gets published in the paper ( we wouldn't want to scare away tourists now would we? )

Be careful dear friend..and be thankful we have the best watchdogs in the world!!!
Hugs, NEBS, Beckers and G-dog

OhSoVintage said...

OMG. Thank goodness for your barking dogs. How frightening.

Claudia said...

Becky, I'm glad everyone is okay! Our dogs are wonderful watch dogs, aren't they? Take care, my friend.


trish said...

Oh my goodness Becky. That is scary. But awesome that you were quick on your toes and your pups gave a lot of barking off in his direction.
So glad you are safe. :o)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I took a concealed weapons class, and it was taught by a police officer. He said dogs are THE BEST line of defense and their warnings make you so much safer,also the intruder is much less likely to come in if you have a dog barking. Among other things, He said to sleep with your cell phone on and next to your bed ( on silent, of course) and then if the phone line is cut you still have a way to call 911 if you need to. I am so glad your little friends were "on the job"!

The Green Pea said...

Good Doggies! Happy all is well.

Carol said...

Good puppies! Glad you are all safe & sound!

BrendaS said...

I'm glad your Scottie's "saved the day"!! My 2 sometimes drive me crazy with all their barking but I know they are just doing their "job".

Cute pictures:)))

camp and cottage living said...

Praise God all turned out well and you are OK.
Just another thing to add to my list of why I NEED a Scottie!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Thanks for filling me in, Becky.
That is horrible. So glad you are ok and that you had the good sense and the "sound effects" to keep the bad guy out!

pajudie said...

Glad all is well with you and yours and pats to your little protectors!!
Judie, Duncan & Hamish

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Of course I'm thankful that you are all OK. Those little watch dogs sure keep a good eye on things. :)
It does make me feel so much safer that Sweet Daughter has her pup. He lets her know everything, including thunder if it might be scary. He says you just can't be too safe.
Happy Weekend, Hugs~

Linda said...

Sounds scary...thank goodness for Duhgall and Fiona. Glad to hear everything is OK once again!

Sweet William The Scot said...

Our pets are just the best. They have the innate behavior to protect us to the last ounce of their ability.
Sweet William The Scot

fiberdoodles said...

GOOD pups! Biscuits all around I say!! Furry friends are just the best aren't they. So glad all is well :0)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Joni, your advice is so good! Always have your cell phone charged and with you by your side - even in the car or shopping. A concealed weapons class is soooo important. Having a weapon, or even pepper spray, is an awesome deterant. The sound of a gun being racheted usually will scare them, unless they are high on drugs and non-responsive to threats. In our case, the guy came back to our house and then the police arrived right after that. He was high on meth and was having dilusional thoughts. It can happen in any neighborhood. Never feel like bad guys don't go into nice neighborhoods and always make sure the doors are locked at night - windows, too.


Brenda said...

Thank Goodness your are ok.Someone breaking into our house is one of my biggest fears.Thank God your dogs woke you I hate to think what might have happen .

Stay Safe

Duke said...

We're glad you guys are all okay! We don't like when scary things happen!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Linda A. said...

Welcome back....glad the 'bad guys'
didn't get you! Those little
Scotties are more than just a
pretty face....huh?
Missed your daily blogs.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're all safe and sound


Brenda Pruitt said...

The littlest dogs sure can make big and scary sounds, can't they! Yea, doggy heroes!

Anonymous said...

OH NO, Becky, what happened? So glad that you are alright.... Thank God for those precious dogs. You just never ever know now days. We've had a rash of purse snatchers at our local Safeway and it makes you afraid to even go grocery shopping! Take care, Becky.


Elsie said...

Good job Doogs!!!.....and Fiona!!!
So glad everything turned out o.k.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Doogs and Fiona too, don't they need a day at a spa or something?

Lori Lucas said...

Way to go Pups! People that don't have dogs and understand their fierce loyalty are truly missing one of the good things in life. Extra treats for your two sweeties. Lori L

Anonymous said...

Duhgall is such a handsome Scottie! Fiona will probably be bothered by this invasion of her territory for a while. I am thankful every day for our two Scotties. They are the best watch dogs!

I was home this week and noticed that we have an awful lot of traffic on my dead end street where most people are gone during the day working. I was again thankful to have our two watch dogs to discourage strangers from approaching our house.

Skoots1moM said...

i lock it all...and when hubs is away, i leave outside lights on. i've encountered 'no goods' prying open a window at 5am, being jumped while traveling on business, etc. I take personal safety seriously.

so happy you're ok ;)

Deborah said...

Oh Becky good for them!!!
A few weeks ago ours were barkin glate at night, and we didnt think too much about it. I got up and went to leave for work at %.40 a.m. and saw that my car had been egged! They were barking when it was happening Im sure. :)
Little sweethearts. Good advice too glad everyones ok!
Your photos of them are adorable!! Give them big hugs for me ok?

Deborah xoxo

Linda A. said...

This is a wake up call for us all.
Thank goodness for the little
guys......those Scotties are more
than just a pretty face!
Love those sweet faces, xoxo

Simple Home said...

Wow, this sounds scary. I'm glad to read that he was scared off!
Hurray for Dughall and Fiona!!

Jordan and Jenn were given a van this week by Semper Fi :) It will be such a help for both of them. When he's able to drive again, they'll be fitting it for him too!

Miss Jean said...

Good advise about the cell phone. I'm going to start doing that. Between that and Miss Maggie Barks A Lot, it should help. Not so sure about the concealed weapon...

ChaChaneen said...

Yahoo to the Scottie Patrol! ha ha

Praise God this had a safe outcome. When people are on drugs, they obviously aren't in their right mind and don't respond as such. And thanks to local police who live their careers in civil service to deal with people like your intruder.

Vee said...

You need to tell us more. You can't leave it at that. Oh dear! I often open the door when Molly's barking. Perhaps I need to rethink that.

Vee said...

Oh. I really should read comments. ☺ So glad that the Scotties were on the job. What time of night was it?

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

vee, it was at 3 AM. i was not sleeping good and heard noises out in the backyard. then duhgall started barking and i went to check. that is when i looked out the front window to see the guy walking up to our door. totally freaked me out! he acted all concerned about us, just a false act to give us a false sense of security. goes to show to trust nobody, especially somone you do not know and who shows up at wee hours of the morning.


GranthamLynn said...

Oh my gosh now we're all wondering what it was. I am glad Mr. D. did such a good job of protecting! Ms. D. here is a good protector too. I love all the photo's they are both so photogenic. Even when their shy.
Have a great week.

Kathy Sue said...

Do I need to come there and bring a gun ????? lol. Glad you all are ok. They need a big kiss,love Kathy