Wednesday, February 15, 2012


P1010014c1 PAP: well, not what you may think of, but it got your attention, right? Today PAP stands for puttering and paperwork. Puttering around with a dust cloth in my hand…P1010009y while I take stretching breaks from doing the books for taxes. Dreaded P word…. paperwork…P1010035y

…but it will feel good when it is all done. P1010020y Right Fiona?

Just keep looking cute. Miss Fee, and making me smile! (She is such a good little buddy. For those of you wondering where Duhgall is, well he is sleeping in the closet right now and chasing cats in his sleep. I can hear an occasional dream whimper coming from that direction). P1010042w


Sinta Renee said...

That kind of PAP is better! Even paperwork is better than dusting... which I would have had to do in order to take those pictures! I love your little photos and your red couch is gorgeous!

camp and cottage living said...

I have missed Duhgall in the last few post. I'm glad he's OK.
Yes, you did get my attention with
PAP. I'm glad it's just puttering & paperwork! Even if it is a pain in the backside!
Take care-Kimberly

Linda said...

Ah the dreaded paperwork...I need to get to mine very soon! Miss Fiona always makes me smile;0)

Vee said...

Sleeping in the closet? Well, I suppose that's the right size for a doggy bedroom. Paperwork...bah! Hate it of all kinds and it just keeps coming.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I need a day to putter, too! I may have to take some time tomorrow to make a few decor changes! Enjoy your afternoon! ♥

Debby said...

Yes, you got my attention, hah.
Love that sweet doggie. They make funny noises for sure. My Yorkie snores just awful. The vet says she has a collapsed trachea......that sounds so bad. If I pet her she usually stops.
Our email discussion.....just gets worse. Yikes.

Elsie said...

Becky your right it got my attention right away. Thank
goodness it is just puttering
& paperwork. You are so funny.
I love looking at little shots
of your home.
Fiona looks like she is saying please no rag just a doggie
treat and I will stay out of
your way. I'm a good girl!

Deserae said...

Beautiful vingette.....I puttered around the house a little today too but didn't get much accomplished! LOL...Your little pooch is such a cute pie :o)

LeAnn said...

Oh how I thought of you when my friend, Lori posted on facebook about two scotties, Bonnie and Clyde who have been taken to a shelter in Oklahoma because their owner had to go into a nursing home, broke my heart. Hopefully someone will come and give them a loving home.

Hope you are doing well....miss ya:)

The Green Pea said...

Hello Miss Fee, you are sure looking
beautiful today. Barney's Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh the dreaded paper work of taxes!!!

Our little carin terrier sleeps in our closet when it storms! Such cute pups you have!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Oh goodness, I didn't know what this would be about! Whew, okay, I can handle this conversation, lol. Don't you wonder what our pets are dreaming about sometimes? Our will make the funniest noises and sometimes their little bodies will quiver and their tails will start thumping. I wonder what goes on in their heads?

wendy said...

Lovely photos. PAP..that made me laugh for sure.
I guess I should get a dust rag and go through my house too. Living in the country, you can never keep up with the dust it seems. I have had to make PEACE with the dust.

I love it when the doggies sleep and you hear them whimper, certainly makes you wonder what is going through their little dog minds. Ours does it all the time.

Debbie said...

You have some beautiful things to dust! And your pup is gorgeous!!

myletterstoemily said...

i love puttering days but hate paperwork
ones! my little companion makes both
sweeter, though.