Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soft Layers


White ironstone...

vintage pearls…

a vintage gold metal mirror…..

on top of a vintage wood crate.


Some of my favorite things to layer and dress up my home with.

Simple, clean and elegant cottage style.


Rose said...

very beautiful. sometimes we forget that simplicity is beautiful. have a good weekend. rose

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I'm so glad I found you - you are such an inspiration - in all aspects of your life.


Elsie said...

Becky~ the mirror I have on my
dresser. I love the vintage pearls
and yep I have Mom's and I really
love that beautiful pin. That is
a very pretty post. Good job!!!":O)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Simple, clean, elegant cottage style....I love your style!

Kathleen Grace said...

Good morning Becky! I am more and more in love with cream and white. My girls are aghast that I want to paint alla the walls neutral colors and simplify. I just need a little peace right now with my hectic schedule. So I need one more project like painting my rooms white right? Lol! Your home is always an inspiration to me. Hope you are having a good spring.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Nothing says beautiful like rustic pieces mixed with pearls.

Jackson and Murphy send doggie hugs to Dugs and Fiona!!


Pondside said...

...........and of course, none of those elegant photos would have been possible without your dedicated four-legged helpers!

Anonymous said...

Love this look! You always inspire me. Jan (licoricelucy)

Janice said...

A stunning photo of simple elegance!!

the wild raspberry said...

That is lovely. I love white and simple. I hope you have a super duper day!
Love, Debbie

Ro said...

Ahh! Something so serene & peaceful about those photos. If I had lovely pearls like that draped over a vintage mirror, one of my cats would inevitably decide to play with the beads and knock everything flying! Or my Jack Russell would nuzzle her nose in there and tip things over. Either way, I think I won't try to replicate that look - but absolutely enjoy admiring it from afar! Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

"Create Beauty" said...

Good morning Becky! Always a delight to come by here for a visit.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Claudia said...

Beautiful vignettes and photos, Becky!


fiberdoodles said...

I LOVE it! Simple and beautiful!! have a great weekend my friend :0)

Vee said...

Simply lovely and elegant, too, despite the cottage flair. I'd never be able to achieve the look, I don't believe.

Betty said...

Becky! You take beautiful pictures. I've been packing and came across a box of silver pieces. I tried to give them to my son and daughter but they didn't want them. Now, after looking at some of your last posts-I just might have to keep them. When I looked at it yesterday, all I saw is that it needed to be polished. Maybe not...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Elyse said...

Beautiful project. Very
Elegant and
Clever; not at all
Kitschy but definitely


{see what i did?}


Dena said...

Very soft layers indeed Becky. There is something uniquely delicate about a strand of pearls.


The Green Pea said...

Becky, no matter what you decorate with chipped, worn, new, old it always look so great! You are an inspiration...Simplicity it seems so easy. Have a good weekend. Hugs, sandi

Unknown said...

I just finished the guest room and I have a little white bust that I put some pearls on... It is such a great combo!

Have a great weekend!


Lori Lucas said...

I know I have told you before, but I just love your blog. I loved the picture you had the other day of the Scotties looking out the window together. I knew I had some pictures very similar to that of my two Schnauzers. I found them and put one with my weekly quote. You will find it funny how much the four dogs are alike!
Have a great week. Lori L

Miss Jean said...

If there is one thing that you have taught me, it's to layer. It makes such a difference. I used to line things up like little soldiers but no more.

You are layered with kindness, gentleness, and sweetness, my friend.

Mimi Sue said...

Lovely pictures and a great reminder. Simple, clean, beautiful. Mimi

The Tin Rabbit said...

Beautiful, the simple,clean look!