Thursday, September 10, 2009

For a refreshing taste of summer, well - what is left of it - just try
out this Cucumber Salsa. Miss K, my son't sweet girlfriend, loves to
try out new recipes and shared this one with me. We bought the ingredients and put it together - and boy-oh-boy, was it GOOD! We served it with stone-ground tortilla chips.

It is so fresh...

.... and flavorful.

Summer Cucumber Salsa


3 medium-large cucumbers

3 small-medium tomatoes

1 green bell pepper

1/2 cup red onion

2 jalapeno peppers

2 Tbsp minced cilantro

2 Tbsp minced fresh dill

3 squeezes of lime juice (either from wedges or a lime-bottle)


Peel cucumber and chop remaining cucumber flesh into small pieces. Remove seeds from tomatoes and discard. Chop remaining flesh into small pieces. Remove seeds from bell pepper and discard. Chop bell pepper into small pieces. Remove seeds from jalapeno peppers and chop into very small pieces (or mince). Chop red onion into small pieces. Mince cilantro and dill. Combine all chopped veggies in a large bowl. Add cilantro and dill and mix together well. Add a few squeezes of lime juice and mix together again.

note: I did not use the dill or jalapenos, nor did I remove the seeds from the cucumbers or tomatoes.


Miss Jean said...

Ok, Becky dear! Where was this salsa the other day? I am a salsa freak and nut, but not a collector! Tee Hee!!! I would rather eat salsa than cake and cookies and ice cream and pretty much anything else, except maybe an entire Sara Lee Cheesecake which I have eaten in one sitting before. Oink Oink!!!

Keep these good recipes coming!!

Mary said... kind of meal! Looks absolutely scrumpteous. It's still very warm here, and these goodies will be perfect for a week-end barbeque...thanks for the yummy recipe! I agree...oink oink!


BugnLVoe said...

Yum! I would totally gobble this down. :-)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Just my kind of salad, so fresh looking! Today does feel summery for a change, it would be the perfect day to have something like tha outside in the garden. Wasps allowing! they are a particular nuissance at the moment..
Have a great weekend
Isabelle x

Kathleen Grace said...

Mmmm, this sounds so good! I love fresh salsa and we grew jalepenos for the first time this year so I may throw them in for a little spice:>)

Amy said...

It does look refreshing, healthy and easy! Thanks Becky!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

That sounds very refreshing! I have some garden tomatoes, so I am stopping at the store tonight to get the rest of the ingredients.

The Green Pea said...

Hello Becky, we need to have a salsa party! Ummmm this one sounds yummy. sandi

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Sounds and looks delish!!


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that looks awesome. I love cucumbers -- thanks for the recipe!!!

Anonymous said...

We make one very similar to this but with Zesty Italian dressing on it... either way, it's great!


Julie said...

Oh that looks so good!

Duke said...

Yummy! That looks just delicious! We just LOVE cucs! Mom says thank you for the recipe!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

quiltingnana said...

sounds good. I love salsas

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Becky~Thinking of you.
Pansy Cottage Girl

Unknown said...

This looks very refreshing! Thanks for the recipe!


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This sounds so good~~~~ I love to try new salsas. Thank-you Becky for sharing all of these ingredients.

Donna Lynn said...

Wow, this looks great, will try this recipe out for sure, thanks!
Love to sit down with salsa and those wonderful whole grain chips from Costco, YUM!

Mimi Sue said...

I have most of the ingredients in my garden. Thanks for the recipe. Healthy and delicious. Mimi

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh Becky! That looks so delicious...and I can't have it. My surgery is on the 29th of this month...and I cannot have anything with seeds! I LOVE all those veggies...nope...I can have none.
I hope when this is all over that my diet will eventually be back to normal.
A good thing though...the children are taking me out for a waffle breakfast in the morning... :) Ok, it's just at our's OUT!

You are alright Becky? Yes, I think of you often. What a year it has been. I hate to wish time away..but I am glad it's nearly over.
Today was such a sad day. My very best friends birthday is today...and it is always such a mixed day. Poor baby. I feel so bad for her. She cries and I am not even there to comfort her.
She just turned 73 (she always breaks a path each year to us getting a bit older) We graduated together in 1954. LONG time ago. So very much has happened.
Anyway...I am sending you my love..and a hug.
I always sit and stare at the monitor when I come to the end of a comment to you. As if..there is something know?

Lallee said...

She crafts....she cooks.....does she have a clone......for one of my sons.....crossing my fingers?

Pondside said...

What a lovely place to visit - even the music is easy-going!
I love salsa - actually anything made with tomatoes. We had bruschetta the other night - after watching Julie and Julia, how could resist making some?

Barb said...

Becky, I have to try this. It sounds just tooooo delicious. Thank you!!

Barb :-)

Dena said...

Oh that sounds so refreshing and good Becky! Just the perfect snack for a relaxing weekend :)


Sentimentally Me said...

Oh Beckers * I made this over the weekend. EVERYONE LOVED IT! So chunky, I ate the rest as a salad the next day * delish!

. said...

oh my...this sounds delightful. I will definately give it a try.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Becky, This looks so good. I'm saving this recipe. Thanks. laurie