Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hippity Hoppity With Such Sweet Friends!!!

Before I share with you about a day with friends, first let me share these cutie patooties with you!! My sweet friend, Marsha, made these adorable handmade bunnies to sell in her space at The Antique Emporium here in town. She even made the pom poms for the faces and bodies. Cupcake wrappers are the skirts, glass beads for eyes, DMC floss for their pink noses and old millinary for the bouquet of flowers. Marsha gave me one and I just had to buy another little friend for my bunny to visit with. Thank you, Marsha!!!! Aren't they just soooo cute?!!!
On March 29th Jean, Wave and I had a girls' day away (much needed!) and went to The Clovis Antique Street Faire. Well, dontchaknow that there are several blog friends who live down yonder and we got to meet them in person for the very first time! It was such a fun day - although quite a blustery day to say the least...(hence the bad hair day).

Standing, left to right: Jean (In The Garden With Miss Jean), Wave (Cottage Of The Month January 2009 at The Old Painted Cottage Site) and Sheri (The Pawsh Poodle)

sitting, left to right: Me, Betty (She's Sew Pretty) and Paula (My Garden Times)

Below are Ashlee (Sticks and Stones) and Sheri, a fun and gorgeous mother and daugther shop-till-you-drop duo!!

All of us gals found some fun and quirky things to take home. One of the things I bought is the little white matte southern belle flower pot below. Why did I say POT and not VASE? Well.....the prior owner of this SWEET vase used it to hold their POT! Yup, POT - as in cannibas, whacky tabacky, weed, Mary J!!!! When I was cleaning her up there was something rattling around inside. TWO joints - and very old and shriveled up ones at best. I wonder if the person forgot they had stashed their stash there?? haha. So down the disposal they went!!

I thought about selling the vase in my little space, however I do think she will hang around with me for awhile. She needs to come down from her high.... tee hee. For now she hangs onto old silverware - another weakness of mine.

Miss Betty gifted me with one of her most adorable (and beautifully sewn) pincushions!!! I LOVE the fabrics!

So cheery and bright!!! Thank you, Miss Betty!
And look at what Sheri and Ashlee gave to me! The plaid thermos on the left.
It goes perfectly with my plaid picnic box!!!
How did you girls know I like plaid? LOL!
Thank you, thank you! It is just fabulous!
After a very long and blustery day, we were tuckered out. What great fun, though, to get to meet the friends that we visit with through the cyber wires.

Girls, we must get together soon, ya hear?
Hey, my legs are hanging off of the bed!
Ahhh well..... it sure feels good to put up our feet after a long day.



Anonymous said...

oh how fun to meet so many bloggers at once and spend time together. Your little bunnies are adorable. I used to love the plaid tins. I outgrew somewhere along the way to pink and white things. :)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and may God bless you and yours here on earth & in heaven.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That is funny about the pot. Every vintage item has a story, doesn't it?! The bunnies are very cute. How nice ot have other bloggers close by. It looks like you had a nice day. Your dogs in a below post are so adorable. I've always said that dogs are better in twos as they love to play, and are such company for each other! Your pictures of them playing are great. I hope you have beautiful weather this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
How fun!! I would love to get together with blog friends, however you guys are just a tad far for me...LOL!! You got to meet Sheri, that is so fun. She is a sweetie!! Your hair is longer...are you letting it grow? Did Dugs and Fiona do okay while mommy was away.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter season.


Unknown said...

I love your blog. You have a sweet personality and it was fun reading about your girls day out. I like your new treasures, too. Have a blessed Easter!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a wonderfully fun time with friends. It's nice to spend special moments together, especially with gals you have so much in common with.

How funny about the "joints" haha
Too small to still smoke I take it (just kidding)!

What a Cozy Day,

Faye said...


Denise said...

Oh my, what a fun day and just the gals! How wonderful to meet the gals with which we chat with..... One day I hope to meet a couple. Your treasures are so sweet and glad that those "joints" went down the drain... My son would have gotten a kick out of that! I would have had to call him... he is law enforcement and that would have made him laugh to think I had a joint in my house! ha!

Have a blessed Easter girl...... It is our hope of tomorrow and the promise of one day a homecoming like we have never seen or imagined.

Jean said...

Becky, I am so glad you had a fun day. It is always so good to get together with friends and if it involves Antiquing, so much the better. We have had a lot of wind here in Roanoke too. I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. Have a wonderful day,
Jean in virginia

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

looks like a wonderful time! And, to top it off beautiful gifts.

Happy Easter


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Clovis as in Clovis California? If so I have a brother that lives there.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun -- it looks like you had a wonderful get-together. That little pot pot (ha) is just adorable -- I wouldn't be able to part with her either!

Brenda Pruitt said...

So fun to gather with the girls. And share pretty things.

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Wishing you a Happy Easter.....we will be in Modesto Friday.

We are coming home Friday night though.....I still plan on making a trip back to visit your shop :)

Now....lets talk about my pic...UHGGG!~LOL
Blaming the wind and too much chips and salsa :)

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

Oh~ forgot to comment about you other fab find....that must have been a shocker!!!

Very interesting and cute place to store their stash...Hmmmm?

♥ miss.michelle said...

You know what, I think I met your friend Marsha @ the Antique Emporium. It was so nice to meet the dealer with the space that I am literally "drawn" to. Sweet lady, it was nice chatting with her. I'll have to go check out these sweet little bunnies :)
Oh... and which space is yours? I'll like to see if I have bought some things from you yet ;)
(If you don't mind me asking of course)

the wild raspberry said...

sounds like a great time...wish i could've been there!
ok, when we moved into our current house, we bartered to keep an old armoire that was here....months later i found a bong tucked way back inside of was hilarious! i just put it back where i found it until one day my hubbie was frustrated with some home improvement work the former resident had made and he took and the bong and smashed it with a hammer!! true story!
love your goodies...

Kris said...

What fun you ladies must have had visiting. The bunnies are just too cute as is the pincushion. I also love the lady vase holding the silverware.

Have a happy day


Vee said...

Oh you gals are all so cute. Glad that you had the opportunity to get away and have some fun. Wonderful treasures that you found, too. I love that pincushion and those little bunnies are darling.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I have had the fun of meeting several blog friends....but only one at a time. Looks like you all had a party! How fun!!

Amy said...

How fun! Happy Easter. I enjoy your blog.

pam said...

One can never have enough vintage silverware! Love your site...blessings, pam

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I loved your joy filled post today! You sound great! I have gotten to meet one of my blog friends. She was going to come again yesterday but had something very important to do. Transport doggies who are not well from a shelter to a home where they are nursed back to health and found homes. So we will try to have lunch next week.
Take good care of you and yours and I will talk to you soon.
Love and hugs,

Totally Timmy said...

Sounds like you had a great day! The bunnies are adorable!

Allidink said...

Aw those bunnies are sooo sweet! :)

All the best,

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh Becky, how wonderful! I know you must have had so much fun... how I wish I could have been there too! So many blogging friends - all of them are sweethearts too.
And the bunnies are precious! Toooo cute! I love all of your treasures.. thank you so much for sharing with us.

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I wish your friend Marsha had an Etsy shoppe! I love the bunnies. And the plaid thermos. :)

Xazmin said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time. I think those bunnies are super adorable!


Marcia said...

Hi Becky,
Would love to hear from you.
My email is
Hope you are doing well!!

Marcia said...

Hi Becky,
Hope you are doing well.
Would love to hear from you.
My email is
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I do hope you are planning on naming your southern belle, maryjane.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

How wonderful to get to meet so many bloggers and to shop at intriguing antique stores. I'm a little envious!!

We have an award for you on our blog.

Have a fabulous day.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

The bunnies are adorable Becky, but that pot story is hilarious...they were so stoned they forgot where they put their pot? Ha ha ha! Very nice addition to your plaid collection.
♥, Susan

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

HI Becky,

What a wonderful day you must have had sweetie!! Everything is so pretty! and you ladies all look like you had so much fun! I was drooling over that plaid thermos!! I think I would hyperventilate if I came upon one! lol. Thanks for sharing your day with us!!

I hope you have a blessed Easter and wonderful weekend sweetie! Big Hugs, Cynthia

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

This looks like such a fun day! Shopping and meeting bloggers. Can't get much better than that. Love all of your pretties that people have made for you, and that "pot" vase is so pretty, and what a funny story! laurie

Miss Jean said...

Vintage pot!?! Well, I never!

Other than looking like a hag from the awful wind, it was a great day. Yes, we must do it again.

Sinta Renee said...

Oh I almost went to Clovis that weekend! I wish I would have now! I only live 45 min away! Darn. Looks like you all hada great time. Hope you have a blessed Easter.

Brenda said...

Becky Looks like you had a wonderul time.
Happy Easter

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Sweet Becky!

What a treat to get together with blogger friends! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

I always have you in my heart Becky. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

Love ya,

Betty said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud at naming that little planter MaryJane!! Too, too funny! I'm glad you had a good time!
Have a wonderful Easter Becky.

Bertie said...

What a wonderful day you had!! How fun to meet with cyber friends in person!

Love those bunnies!

Have a Blessed Easter!!

Aunt May's Cottage

Ginger said...

I love the bunnies. They are just too cute.
How fun to get away and to meet other bloggers.
I like the story of the pot/vase. Thats pretty funny.

Rue said...

Pot?! LOLOLOLOL That is so funny!!

It looks like y'all had a great time :)


Ashlee said...

I can't believe what you found inside that vase!

We will certainly have to meet again for a shopping day. My mom and I love the Alemany Flea Market.


Susie Q said...

Isn't it fun to meet with bloggy friends! I know you had such fun.
*giggle* So you picked a pot of pot eh? That is too funny!
I think this sweet vase is so happy NOT to be used for that anymore and having another purpose!
LOVE the plaid things...I grew up with those very plaid picnic baskets, coolers and thermoses. HOW I wish i could have them all back now!!