Thursday, April 10, 2008

Little Mayberry

Where's Dughall?

"Momma," says Doogs, how come San Francisco has so many people? Can we go someplace that is less crowded, flat and quaint?" "Why yes, little wee one, but it is a little drive up a very twisty Highway 1....but sit tight and we will be there soon."

"We have to drive past beautiful sandy beaches and see the birds flying in the sky first." "But momma," exclaims Doogs, "I just want to chase those birds first!"
"But being as I cannot get out to run on the beach, at least you will take me to your favorite little town." ------ "Ok, little wee one....we are here....little Mayberry....also known as Pescadero, California."
I want to share with you my favorite little town that I would love to live in someday. Not a fancy town, just a little town with homes dating back to the 19th Century. Quaint and sweet and with a flag pole in the middle of the main street - the only street with any shopping on it, too.

Pescadero is between Half Moon Bay (Miss Esther's old stomping grounds) and Santa Cruz - right off of gorgeous Highway 1. Just inland a few miles from a pretty beach sits this small farming community of about 2000 which is nestled in a little valley with small rolling hills on each side. There is one grocery store, some great little shops featuring works of local artists, a tavern, a church, a cemetary on a hill and an adorable little antique store. The day we were there I met a lovely lady (and I cannot find the slip of paper I wrote her name on - darn it!) but this charming woman was featured in last November's Country Home Magazine. She and her husband, and lets not forget her Wheaten Terrier, live in the most adorable house in town. She shared with me what a wonderful experience and honor it was to have been in CH, however she said that the outside of her home had not been printed in the article. So, unbeknownst to her, after we left the shop and with little treasures in tow, we drove up the street and took pictures of her precious home. Of course, I would LOVE to live there!!!!! The air is fresh and the garden is full of beautiful flowers and plants - and let's not forget the white picket fence!

Check out her Wheaten dog XING sign! Of course, ours would have to be a Scotty dog XING sign. However, I'd hang both!
Sweet manicured boxwood hedges, lavender and a gravel driveway....
...pristine white gazebos, archetectural pieces in the garden and a lush manicured lawn.

A wide angle view of this amazing home. It has a country farmhouse feel to it with the large porch, garden room and black shutters. Of course, the red door just evokes an Americana feel. Can you just see 4th of July buntings along the porch? I can....and I can see myself sitting in my rocking chair, watching our grandchildren play with lots of Scotty Dogs in the yard whilst sipping on sweet tea. At least that would be an ideal dream! If only this house would ever come up for sale, however a lovely lady lives there now and she loves, loves, loves her sweet home - and I can see why!! If you have the November 2007 Country Home magazine, the article of her home will be in there. Now if only I can find what I did with my issue!
Happy Weekend dear friends!

Note: 4-18-08 - I am amazed over the fact that the owner of this home has a daughter who left a comment this evening. Please read the comment at 7 PM. This is Ann's home!! Thank you so very much for leaving a comment! I am thrilled and am still searching for my issue of CH magazine! Tell your mother hello!!!


PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh so how cute is the antique store? I haven't been over that way in years but I love a good drive!

Heidi said...

What a lovely house! You could fit the entire row of houses we live in (there are 7 houses in this row) all in that one garden. What a blessing to have some space around you. You never know how much of a blessing it is unless you move from the US and live as others do. I love that you call this town Mayberry only now I am going to have that tune going through my head all day long! LOL!

Hey Doogs, you are one handsome dog!

Hugs and kitty kisses ~
Heidi and Dagi

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

I hope that your dreams come true, Becky! What a beautiful feel to this home & surrounding gardens - very inviting & cosy. Small towns are lovely to live in :-) The beach looks great too - I bet Doogs enjoyed it!

Maria xoxo

Auntie Joy said...

How sweet is that? I want to go there and visit you when the flowers are blooming and we can sit on the porch and have a little visit...

Brenda said...

Yes Becky that house had your name written all over it.Love the view,garden and the cute white fence,The view of the hills reminds me of my view I have here.
Best Wishes

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a wonderful home! You can't get much better than that. Thanks for sharing! :-) Rosie

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love it there. No idea such a sweet place could be in California.Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Doogs cracks me up. I love his collar.

How fun that you got to meet with this woman. I hope I still have my November issue. I am a magazine junkie and hold onto them for a very long time, weeding them out about every few months so hopefully I still have it.

LeAnn :)

Lallee said...

I remember the most wonderful ride on a little highway we took to Half Moon Bay, but I don't think we went through this charming little town. Did I ever tell you we stayed at a B&B in Half Moon? I love going to the beach south of there where Greyhound Rock is. Do you know it? Can I have Doogs? OK, just thought I'd slip that one in there. I'll trade you Sawyer for him ;-) He looks so cute looking out the window.


PattieJ said...

Oh Becky, That looks like a beautiful place to live. And yes, I can just picture the 4th of July bunting across the porch and kids running around playing in the yard. aaaaahh.... Sounds heavenly. Man, I'm sick of Chicago! I sure wish I could talk my hubby into moving someplace peaceful like that, where I could sit out on my huge porch and crochet while I sipped my ice tea and my pugs could run around in a huge yard. I'll have to keep working on him. lol. Thanks for sharing.


Sinta Renee said...

I would move into that cute little farmhouse in a heartbeat! You get to have such great adventures Becky. (I keep watching your Etsy site for banners... hope they are coming soon)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a cute little town! And that house is wonderful!
p.s. come over and enter my 200th post giveaway!

Simply Shelley said...

Thanks so much Becky for sharing this lovely post. The little town looks so inviting. I live in a very small town myself ,but not quite as inviting as this one you have posted about.However we do have a flag pole and church bells that play every hour on the hour,which I love. Now,I am going to see if I can find my issue of that Country Home magazine....


Susie Q said...

Oh how I love this area. When we were stationed in San Diego, we went up there twice and loved it. Several years later Bill was sent to Alameda and Dan and I spent several months there. We were all over SF and loved every place near it.
Half Moon Bay and little Mayberry. *smile*
Highway 1 is a treasure. I would love to go back and drive up and down it once again.

You live in such a beautiful spot in this old world.

That house is so lovely...and oh that beach!


Miss Jean said...

I've been wanting to take Sweety there ever since I saw it on Diners, Drive-in and Dives! You know me. Always the restaurant person. They have abalone sandwiches for Sweety and artichoke soup for me! I feel a road trip coming up!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Love the doggie ears. Sooo sweet!
And the town is a dream. I hope you get to move there one day :)

best wishes, kimme

Esther Sunday said...

Ok. This post was torture!! I was just THERE, home sweet home. Amazing how small and rural in the Bay Area - ya should have been it when I was a kidlet! I forbid you from buying cottage there unless I can buy the one next door to you. Keep me posted on what's for sale with that set up in mind. ;)

Little ol' Me said...

So beautiful!

Thanks for all the photos, what a treat. Everything looks so lovely!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Oh how you make me miss the beach! I wish I was Doogs so that I could run on the sand and chase the birds. I hope you get a sweet cottage near the beach like that, Becky! And I can't wait so that you can fix it up and share it with us!!
Patricia :o)

Bertie said...

What a great looking little town! Looks like someplace I'd want to retire and relax.

For a few pix of my favorite town, come on over to my blog for a visit!

Aunt May's Cottage

Karen said...

First of all I love the picture of Doogs from the back. You can just tell the curious look on the wee ones face while looking out the window. Too cute

What a sweet and quaint town and that house is just full of charm - it's beautiful. Thanks for taking us along for a ride.

Happy Spring-Karen

Linda said...

This is a darling little town...I'll be heading that way this summer and I'm going to have to take a side trip there.
Such a pretty home and I love all the windows. Had a great time with you and Doogs. Hugs, Linda

Natasha Burns said...

now that is a dream home if i ever saw one! it sounds like such a lovely town to be in xo

Andi said...

What a beautiful home and I love the red front door. There's something so inviting about a white house with a red front door...this one is wonderful.

Doogs looks like he's enjoying his road trip...such a great picture of him looking out at the view.

Lisa Johnson said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for taking us along on your fun field trip. Isn't it fun to meet new people who share your interests (and love of sweet doggies). That ladies house looks amazing, now I need to go find my November issue and check out the inside.


Rebecca said...

OH what a lovely home! The view and the gardens are awesome. Yes, I can just see you there in your rocking chair with little ones romping about. I hope your dreams come true. Have a beautiful weekend.

Hugs and Blessings,

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Beautiful! Looks like such a lovely outing too for you and your sweet little pooch!
Smiles, Karen

kari and kijsa said...

How adorable is that the picket fences and antique stores (we are sure your dogggie was thrilled too! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

kari & kijsa

Cottage Contessa said...

What a lovely place to visit! I love the flag flying in the main street, love that!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Back Through Time said...

What cute little town!! Doogs looked like he was having a blast, lol.
Sounds like a perfect weekend
Have great week!

Laura said...

I love that you pointed out the red door in this photo. Doesn't a red door say, "C'mon in, the lemonade's cold,and the cookies are warm."?

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Becky! Oh my, I'm so in love with that house too. Thanks for sharing your jaunt with us. I'm dreaming of sitting on that porch too, aah....

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a gorgeous house! I could dream about living there too.

I live in NYC but my busband and I drove along the CA coast from San Francisco to Monteray last fall and loved every place we saw! I was especially charmed by Pacific Grove.

I love your litle Scotty dog! So cute!

Hugs, Pat

Meggie said...

What a great town! I hope you all get to live there someday. Doogs would love chasing all those birds on the beach.

Sam I Am said...

Ohhh my gosh Becky...I loveeee Pescadero!!!
Please say you stopped into the Archangeli grocery to pick up some of their YUMMMMMMMY hot bread!!!
Its the most delicious i've ever had!!!
I enjoyed your pictures...very pretty :)

Lisa said...

What a cute dog~next time I think I'll sit in front and drool with him please!
Would love to sit on the porch and rock with ya too!

MyBowlofCherries said...

Hi there - The lovely lady who owns this house is my mom and the house is wonderful! My mom's name is Ann Timm and the antique shop is Country Roads. My mom's space in the shop is upstairs and it's called Home.

I have some more pictures of the home at my website and a link to the Country home article; it's a little large and not perfect resolution, but you get the idea.

Check it out if you like!

I'm a true dog lover myself and love to take mine on toy poodle goes crazy with joy running around the garden in Pescadero.

Thanks for featuring the town and my parents house!

Scarlett Fiona Reed said...

What a great story about my friend Ann's home. It was such a disappointment that the front of the house was not in Country Home. She works so hard on that garden, thanks for giving it a place to shine.