Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ul-tomat-um

Ok, what to put under the cloche? At Easter it was a bunny, for summer some dogs, but for fall ... ??? Being as there aren't any "real" mini pumpkins our right now, I suppose I will hold on a wee bit more of "summer" and put some vintage tomato salt and pepper shakers. Ya'll know I love red!!!!!!!! Check out what Dena at did under her cloche! The other day I was surfing through my favorite blogs and saw that she had put a cool Halloween cat under hers. Dena, who is a sweetie pie, has some great fall items that she has shared with us on her blog! Stop by for a visit and a hello! And a little reminder....don't forget to enter to win the blog giveaway. To do so, please comment on the September 14th post and all names will be chosen from that. If you would like to win but don't have an access to comment, then email me. My email is under my profile on the sidebar. Thank you everyone who has entered so far. Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


Susie said...

Those tomato s&p shakers are so cute. The bright colors just really stand out :)

Anonymous said...

Fun post and Becky I LOVE your picture! You are soooo cute!


Dena said...

Mornin' Becky,

I just love the way the red pops on that white plate! Very cute! You are so sweet, thank you for mentioning my blog. I am touched daily by the warmth of this amazing community. It's like finding your sisters. Who knew there were so many wonderfully like minded women out there?

Huge hugs to you :)


BittersweetPunkin said...

After seeing Dena's blog and now this one I have been on the prowl for a cloche..........cute cute ideas!

Joy for the Journey said...

Hi! Found your blog through Swaddle Cottage and it IS cute! I love your scottie dog; my husband and I thought of getting one but heard they were high-strung. Is that true? We wound up with a bassett :) I also love your Amy ribbon; my sister-in-law is recovering from a double mastectomy, and her name is Amy!! I just might borrow it, if that's ok with you :)
Have a great Sunday-

Heidi said...

Love the tomato S&P under the cloche! I have been hunting for some but so far no luck.

Esther Sunday said...

Gosh, GF, you are beautiful! Love, Esther

Esther Sunday said...

Oh, my sweet Becky - me again, thanks for leaving your comment over at Esther Sunday today. To answer your question on the living room redo- I actually got a chance to paint some more today and I am closing in on finishing up the furniture. Next chore - the walls!!!! Yikes! As I am working, etc. just trying to fit in what I can! I did get some white valances with crochets edges while I was away. Gonna crochet a red trim for the bottom myself from that "Edgings Book". You bet your sweet patootie that I entered your drawing! So good to see you again! Lovies, Esther

Flea Market Queen said...

The shakers are cute under glass!
I love cloches...I have put birds nests, last fall I turned upside down & filled it with dried pomegranites, leaves, and acorns place the plate on top & turn back over...I do the same with vintage glass ornaments! So, so fun!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love this idea but I'm so afraid my cats would smash it. I'm going to have come up with a modified version of your cloche. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

So cute! The cloche AND your picture! So happy to see your cute self!


Lallee said...

My one cloche is getting ready for the bridal shower this week. Then it will be used for something fallish. I love the simplicity of the tomatoes.

Becky, that is the.most.adorable picture of you! You look about 20! The hair cut is just too cute.

Shelby said...

I like the red on white contrast too.. delightful :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you all for your endearing words! LOL Lallee about looking 20! hehehehehehe!!!! Ya'll too nice!

I love hearing about the different ways everyone uses their cloches!



Betty said...

I thought those were real tomatoes at first glance. How cute!

Lallee said...

LOL I had to comment on this again. I saw others mention tomato salt and pepper shakers. I was asking self where did I miss those. I enlarged the picture this time. ROFL I thought those were real tomatoes!

cherry said...

I am losing my mind I think! I swear I posted to this. I remember mentioning I have salt & pepper shakers under one of my cloches too but they are all silver ones. O'well rofl. Love yours....too cute just like you! cherry

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

I love the cloches & the way you've displayed them:) I don't know where I'll get one down here, as I haven't come across any before, but I MUST get one!