Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Kitchen

As you can see by the decor, this was taken around the 4th of July (more of pics for COTM).

Five years ago my husband and I completely gutted our kitchen and removed the old white wash cabinets and mint green tiled countertops. In the center of the kitchen was an enormous cabinet that held the microwave-hood unit. The big box was over the island and prohibited anyone from seeing who was on the other side of the island. You literally had to bend over to talk! Being almost six feet tall, you can imagine what a headache that was for me.

My dream kitchen was white....white subway tiles, white beadboard insets and backsplash ~ really fresh and cottage looking. However, hub won and you can see that the look is opposite of my vision. That is a long story in itself, however I am grateful for the new kitchen and am proud that we did most of the work ourselves (except for the building of the cabinets). I still have my foo-faw, which hub pretty much lets me do as I please in that department.


Shelby said...

It is beautiful!

Betty said...

I love your kitchen...makes mine look like a closet. LOL

Rosemary said...

your new kitchen is so pretty, but you TORE OUT GREEN TILES? Oh that makes me cry! LOL! I want green tiles!

cherry said...

I know the heart ache of wanting a white kitchen....I have the beadboard..just barely. My dh won out as well so we have maple cabinets. I still dream of painting would give him a heart attack for sure. Anyway..your kitchen is still drop dead gorgeous! Love your red star (wink wink). xoxo, cherry

Nunnie's Attic said...

It's beautiful! So open and roomy. And I love all the red accents.


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Your new kitchen looks great! WOW! You surely did a nice job. My kitchen needs redone. Last room to do. Congratulations on getting yours done and done so beautifully!

Have a wonderful day,

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh I just had a panic attack!
I got up wanting to go to your blog...checked my favorites...couldn't remember the name. Starting beating myself for not saving it....finally figured it out. Whew.
Love your kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful, Becky! Husbands like natural wood. Mine does too. Luckily we have that in other rooms. I did end up with one mahogany cabinet in my kitchen, however. You know what? I love my creamy white kitchen but it gets dirty. All the white ones, except that natural cabinet. If I had an all darker kitchen, I may not see so much dust and grime and have to clean it constantly to make it look good.

I love your kitchen, it looks so warm and welcoming! I really do like it! You have such a great way with your home.


Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

Becky, your kitchen is just beautiful...of course I just LOVE the star on your wall!

Lallee said...

Your kitchen is just beautiful. I love it all. Your husband did a wonderful job. We redid ours ourselves last fall. The before and after are on my blog~just search with kitchen.

Little ol' Me said...

I simply adore your kitchen. Mine is brand new - but DH got to the builder and ordered things w/o me really being too involved and everything is DARK. Black and tan granit, cherry cabinets w/o any hardwar, and dark appliances.

I would love your ideas for lightening it up and giving it a cottage flair!

You have a fab style!

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Hi Becky,
Your kitchen is beautiful, friendly & warm :) I LOVE red & white.