Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sweet Amy.....

Ok, I have to do another post tonight because I just found out that my sweet friend, Amy (Four Sisters In A Cottage) just blessed me with a post on her blog about my new blog. If you are wondering who the breast cancer ribbon is for on my blog, it is for Amy. Please read her blog at
Amy is documenting her experiences in dealing with her diagnosis, double mastectomy and her current chemo treatment. I have never known anyone with such bravado. My hat is off to you, Amy!

Amy, we met when I bought some fabrics from you from your store. Even though we have never met in person, I feel like I have known you for years. We have so much in common..right down to having had recent back surgery for the same exact problem in the same exact area. How wierd is that? Don't worry about the weight gain....I so understand after having gained 15 lbs myself. Thank God we are six feet tall!!!!!! STTTTTTRRRREEEEEETTTTCCCCHHH it all out, girlfriend! LOL!

Love you, love you and I cherish you! Bless you, sister, and keep the faith! Faith and happy thoughts will get you through your days. xoxoxo


Judy said...

How exciting!! I love your new blog and will visit often. I'm here because of Amy's post. Isn't she sweetest bravest person you know? I just love and admire her so much. Have a lovely day and I'll visit soon.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes she is, Judy! I don't know if I could show the world my journey should I had gone through what Amy is going through. She is a soldier! Bless her! Becky ~~ welcome any time!