Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ahhhhhhh....Tim McGraw

Ok ladies....Ok Faith...I just have to write something on my favorite Country Western guy....Mr. Tim McGraw! I have always loved Faith Hill (his wife), but I have to tell you, I just think that Tim is my ultimate Country Guy! Perhaps it is the sweet way he talks...a kind of shyness-boyish-innocence look about him....the way he looks at his wife when they sing together...his clear and kind voice....the songs about peanuts and coke and the simple times of life...when a hoe was a hoe, when Coke was a Coke..when crack was a joke.....So, I ask you, what is not to like? I have fallen in love with his lyrics, and well, just his overall hunkiness.

I grew up listening to Country music. Back then it was Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, Lynn Anderson, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Roy Clark and Buck Owens...some fond memories from my childhood years....thank you, Dad, for introducing me to that music! smiling. However, I rebelled against it (guess I loved rock-n-roll...) and loved bands like Kiss, Blue Oyster Cult, Elton John, Boston, Styx, Journey, Rush (my brother Bob's alltime favorite band)...just to name only a few of many.

In 4th grade I signed up to play an instrument. Gosh...what to pick??? My Grandma and Grandpa fiddled...so why not the violin? Oh my, it wasn't the sounds of what I heard them play, but hey....it was fun nevertheless. So, my dream was to fiddle...well, someday..... But, in the meantime, I will love the Orange Blossom Special (on my playlist) and dream of fiddlin'...just not with Tim McGraw! Afterall, he is spoken for...as am I.....!!!!

...so do you remember fried bologna sandwiches with mayo and tomat-A's?.......I like the old out-dated way of life........how 'bout you?


Lallee said...

Tim McGraw, huh? Did you see in the news where Faith came to his defense with a fan who got to personal with Tim? I saw it on TV the same day you posted this.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

ROFL! I know, I know...this was impeccable timing posting this about Tim and then have some fan go and grab his.......

I SWEAR it wasn't me! LOL! Never would do that anyways! :)

Poor Faith! She had no regrets in letting the fan know just what she thought! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelby said...

what a great talent!

Anonymous said...
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