Friday, July 27, 2007

Sentiments of Motto Prints....

There is just a sweetness about motto prints. For some reason, I am drawn to them and love collecting them. The motto prints that I have are from the 1920's. There is a certain look that I like...parchment colored paper, pictures of flowers, friendship mottos, birds, dogs, boats...soft and pretty ones. Nothing too bright or too art deco. They usually are framed in a pretty little frame, too.

My first one is says, "You're The Sweetest Sweetheart.." I gave it to my hub one year for Valentine's Day. Another gift to him was the one with the clipper has a great "guy" look to it...and he loved it because it has a boat on it.

I have motto prints all through our home, however I did a grouping of them in our half bathroom downstairs, above the beadboard.

You can find motto prints at estate sales, flea markets, antique stores and eBay. They are becoming more collectible, especially the motto prints that have dogs on them. You can pay 30.00 on up for a Scotty Dog motto print on eBay. If you key in Buzza Motto print on eBay, you will come up with a variety of mottos for sale. Once you have one, you will want more!


Anonymous said...

HI There! Just stopping by, found yer beautiful bloggie through Amy over at The Four Sisters! I love the old motto prints, too ~ especially those with the pups * they're really fun, aren't they??! BTW, your pie looks beautiful too, I didn't read through the whole recipe but is it a crustless pie?

Lallee said...

Becky, those are so charming! They make a beautiful collection. The mottos are all wonderful, too. I'm wishing you a Scotty one hidden in the thrift store some day.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you Lallee for the wish! Patrice, it is a crustless pie. The flour that goes into the mix sort of settles at the bottom to form its own crust. Becky

Sentimentally Me said...

Thanks! I'm gonna try it for sure!!

Back Through Time said...

Went back to read your motto post, I love my motto prints and owning an antiques store for 16 years I have had a chance to snag several. I have sold some and wish I had them back at times! At Christmas nestle a couple of the smaller ones into my Christmas tree! I think these make great gifts for speccial family and friends too.
Have a great Sunday!