Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I've Fallen....

....and I can't get up!  Man!  I plum fell out of the land of blog for the past month.  This new critter of mine, Miss Katie, has been "making" me take her on at least two walks a day AND I am gearing up for the retail rush that is peeking it's head up rather swiftly.  Where has this year gone?  I seem to be asking that same question each year, but really, 2015 has slipped by like a sneaky snake in the grass.

The highlight of my month was to get to see Pastor Joel Osteen at AT and T park in San Francisco.  My sweet friend, Robin, had an extra ticket and she asked if I would like to go.  When she first told me she was going to see Joel, my eyes lit up and she remembered my reaction.  So when her other friend had to opt out, I was blessed with the invitation.  The evening was perfect and the stadium had over forty thousand people there!  It was packed!  I looked around at all of the people there and had to think about how the rapture will look with all of the Christians going to Heaven.  Chills ran up my arms at just the thought.  

I am looking forward to meeting a blog friend this coming weekend and will share more about that later on.  I'm not sure she will want everyone to know that she is away from her gorgeous home.  And since I tipped on that....I also have to scratch my noggin' when I read Facebook posts of people who share that they are here, there and everywhere...and not home...at. that. very. moment.  Geesh!  It would be a perfect opportunity for someone to come and rob them.  Maybe criminals aren't that smart..but then again, maybe they are.  

So HAPPY SEPTEMBER to everyone.  Time to pull out the fall decor!  I'm finding a lot of scales these days to sell and have kept a few for myself.  

And LORI, the sweet lady who left me a comment on my last post, I hope you had a beautiful birthday!  Thanks for introducing yourself via the comment section and your sweet message left a smile on my face.  :)


Stacey said...

Hey, welcome back! It's always so sweet to see a post from you. :)

Have fun with your blog friend.

Lori said...

Hello Becky! Bless you and your kind birthday wishes. I am enjoying your wonderful blog so much! September first and fall is just around the corner. Thoughts turn to apples, mums and sweaters. School has been is session for three weeks already. (I am a teacher.) Now if the temperature will just coordinate with the calendar.

20 North Ora said...

Good Morning Becky - Good to hear from you! Things have been really crazy here with remodeling, etc. But, it's about finished. I just have to do the fun stuff - sewing cushions, shower curtains, etc.

Have a great day.


Terra said...

How good your friend took you to see Joel Osteen. Like you, I am discrete when I travel. It is foolish to announce "hey our home is empty!" to the world.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Yes this year just flew right by.I'm so looking forward to Fall though. Isn't it wonderful how you get moved in crowds of people who share your heart...smile...Funny when out picking we don't find something for sooo long then find 10 of the same thing. Have a wonderful September! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Rose L said...

I do not change my decor with seasons. Too old for that. I might add a leaf or something here and there, but no colors are a-changing!

Happy@Home said...

Happy September, Becky.
Always nice to see a new post from your corner.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Yes, criminals are that smart. And so are pedophiles who love nothing more than to see children online. People that put up everything about their daily lives on social media are taking a very dangerous risk. I can't believe they don't see that.

Elsie said...

Becky, beautiful pics as usual and I missed you. I'm with you about how fast this year has gone and yup you're right I don't understand why people put their away from their home on social media. It's like saying my door is open for you come on in and stay awhile. It's good to hear Miss Katie is keeping you in an exercise regiment, she's one lucky little pup. i bought some scales from the 1940's to go with my other 3 scales. I love to decorate with them. Happy September Becky!

handmade by amalia said...

Yes, I can't believe the summer is practically over. How can it be September already?

Mary said...

Glad to see things are going well even though you are staying busy. Yes, this year is just flying by and now I'm so looking forward to Autumn, even Winter, with soon cooler weather.
I have to say I never really concern myself with the cottage when traveling away from home, which is often. We live in a very safe neighborhood (at least I hope so) and are on a cul-de-sac which is always a deterrent to people 'casing the joint', and we have many older/retired neighbors who look out for each other along the street. Leaving cars in the driveway and having people come by to check the house - and we now always turn off the water at the main - help set my mind at rest!

Love the color of those hydrangeas Becky -
Have a great weekend - Mary

Kit said...

I have one of those old scales too! It was my Mother in laws and I just adore it. Have a wonderful Fall. :) Kit

Rebecca said...

I'm back to blogging but not at Our Back Porch anymore. Hope you can drop by my new blog sometime. I've missed my bloggy friends for too long!

Cottage Blessings,
Chippy White Cottage

Heavy Duty Picnic Bench said...

Yes, I can't believe the summer is practically over. I am enjoying your wonderful blog so much! Have fun with your blog and thanks for sharing!

GranthamLynn said...

Hi Becky. When you get those Fall posts up come over to my blog and link.
I'm hosting the Fabulous Fall Party. It goes all the way to Halloween. Only Fall posts please no Halloween. I'll do a special Halloween where I choose the posts to link. Hope you can come by. XXOO

Rue said...

There you are! I wondered where you'd been, but I'm happy everything is okay and you're keeping busy.

Happy Fall my friend :)


Elsie said...

Where are youooooo sweet Beckyeeeee!!! I'm missing you!
Your Southern friend, Elsie

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Becky!!!
I just texted you --- cannot believe I do not have
an email address for you. Must get it from you/
P.S. Lovely post.

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

Talk about getting behind. I am just now reading your September 1 post. I save your posts and I just caught up with this one. I wish I had a small dog. My Cocker Spaniel died at almost 17 years old a few years back. Since then, 2 cats have found me, but I miss my other companion. I just love scales, clocks, thermometers and anything that has those graphics and mechanics. Well, I started out to tell you that yesterday I saw a little dog that was part Silky Haired Terrier and part Dachshund. It looked like a brown Scottie with a square muzzle, etc.! Too cute!

Bev said...

I love your blogs, but you must follow your heart and the Holy Spirit's leading. If He's nudging you to stop blogging, then listen to His guidance. He must have something else for you. In life, we have different 'seasons'. He may be inviting you to a season of enjoying family, your home, dogs, flowers and your friends. Most of all He may be wanting you to pursue having more time with Him and His Word. Blessings, Bev

Teresa said...

Criminals are that smart, and it has been proven and warned against to never give your personal information out whether it is your family, or your whereabouts. Yep..... simpler and purer times would be great!