Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Visit To Monticello Antiques Marketplace In Portland, Oregon


For several years now I have wanted to visit the Monticello Antique Marketplace in Portland, Oregon.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing such that.  My husband, Duhgall and I were visiting family in the Portland area and my sister in law, Debbie, and I took a few hours to do a little shopping at MAM.  I cannot begin to tell you just how beautiful the entire store is.  From the moment you walk in, your visual senses are on stimulation overload.  Though the store is made up of several vendor spaces, each space flows beautifully together.  I have several blog friends who sell there and would have loved to have had the time to meet up with them, but our visit was short and we spent our few days with family. 

Below are just a few of the pictures that I took of my visit.  I really enjoyed all of the creative vignettes and even purchased a few things to keep, like a little potted meat jar.


My blog friend, Lisa (A Thing For Roses Blog), has the front window of the store – the window to the right of the front doors.  The next three photos are of Lisa’s pretty space that is filled with all kinds of cottage style treasures.  The little wood dresser sold while we were there.  It was a great little piece!  Lisa also sells at Stars Antique store in Portland and at The Farm Chicks sale every year.  Needless to say, she is one busy gal!


Debbie spotted the farmhouse painting (shown below) in Lisa’s space right of the get go.  She now has it displayed in her kitchen next to two other farmhouse paintings and it is a perfect fit for her beautiful home.


I love the little wire cloche with the bird nest nestled inside.


My sister in law and I fell in love with the cow paintings.  Next time up I will treat myself to one.  I think Debbie will be getting hers before I get mine.  At least I hope she does!!


Plenty of interesting treasures.  I won’t bore you with all the narratives, but let me say that I have never seen a typewriter with keys shaped other than circles. (See photo further below.)


The next five photos are of the space of my blog friend, Debbie (Patina Blog).  Debbie makes the bags and pillows that she sells.  I love her farmhouse style!  Plenty of rusty and chipping items mixed in with wicker demi-johns, ironstone and trophies.  And I have to ask myself how on earth does she find the time to have such a wonderful space AND  teach at her full time job.  A-MAZING!


There were several wood cabinets available for sale.  I especially loved the Eastlake style cabinet below. 


Lastly, the next four photos are from my longtime eBay and blog friend, Miss Amy (So Into Vintage Blog). I first “met” Amy when I bought some beautiful pillows that she had made and sold on eBay.  We have stayed in touch since then – and that was about eight years ago…already.  Amy also sells on ETSY under the name Peppermint Bark.

   I love these amateur paintings of what looks like images of the PNW….perhaps of the Columbia River?  And that transferware pitcher is just lovely!  Amy’s space is filled with funky and fun vintage items from rusty old license plates, artwork and enameled numbers.  And yes, a few doll parts, too.


Debbie and I had a lovely time shopping and finished it off with a delicious sandwich at the deli.  MAM is a must visit again!  And next time, a promise to my friends that I will let you know ahead of time when I will be there.  Lets do lunch!

MAM has a blog and you can read it by clicking HERE.  You can also read more about MAM HERE.


chateau chic said...

Lots of eye candy! This looks like a place where I could spend hours...even become a regular!!
Mary Alice

Stacey said...

Looks wonderful! I bet I could spend plenty there.

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh yeah, I could spend a day there! Those cow pictures you love? I have been eyeing the EXACT same paintings in a consignment shop here in Michigan!

Donna said...

What a great collection of shops!

Patina said...

Your pictures are beautiful Becky. You do a great job with your photography. I'm so glad you were able to visit Monticello. It is an amazing store. Thanks for all your pretty pictures you posted and kind words.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Wow what vintage and antique Heaven.

Monticello Antique Marketplace said...

Thank you for sharing your visit to Monticello. Your photographs are fantastic!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

When I visit a place like that..I want so much that sometimes I leave and buy nothing. I need lots of money and a truck! What a great place to visit.
I love Portland and haven't been there for some years now. My Granddaugher and Grandson both live there. Grandson is a firefighter and Granddaughter is a guide. My baby brother is buried there and it's time to return. My father was born there.
I love it.
I hope I get to go again before I'm too old.

Noble Vintage said...

It's one of my favorite places to go when I'm in PDX! Always inspiring!

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of these pics of things for sale. So many pretty things!! Those antique stores looked like they were full of things I liked.

Brenda Pruitt said...

So many beautiful things to look at. I love the cow paintings.

Into Vintage said...

Oh Miss B -- so happy you were able to make it to Monticello. I would have fainted dead away if I had bumped into you and Mr. D while there but it would have been worth it! ;-) Thank you so much for the shout-outs as well. I love that the internet brought about our connection and know we'll meet in person someday soon. xo
PS I first encountered Lisa on ebay as well -- we occasionally were bidding on the same items back in the days when ebay did not hide the bidder's id's. Tiny, tiny world.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

That place would certainly get my ticker beating at a fast pace! Lots of great stuff and the prices don't look bad either! Thanks for sharing!


Debbie R said...

You captured Monticello perfectly!! It was great fun to share the experience with you. SO many beautiful, fun things to explore. Come back up soon and we will venture thru again.

Love you Sis!

Debbie R said...

You captured Monticello perfectly!! It was great fun to share the experience with you. SO many beautiful, fun things to explore. Come back up soon and we will venture thru again.

Love you Sis!

Blessed Serendipity said...

I have been there. It's a nice mall. I love the creative displays too. Love the way you've captured your visit in your photos.

xo Danielle