Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Few Changes To Our Dining Room


I thought I would share some of the changes made to our dining room.  The only “before” photo that I could find is the one below.  It was taken in 2010 at Christmas time.  Since then we have replaced the carpet downstairs with hardwood floors.   I love our floors and am pleased with just how they reflect light and warm up the rooms.  And besides the change out of the holiday fluff, a few items on the walls and curtains have been changed as well.  Next to the hutch is an old wood bench with a wonderful worn green paint.  On top sits a large rectangle wood dough bowl and inside some round wood bowls.  Hanging on the wall is a trio of favorites – an oil painting of yellowy white roses, a piano mirror and a Sunday Oil of pansies. 

The most recent change to the dining room is that I replaced the IKEA Swiss Dot panels with curtain panels from Cost Plus World Market.  The new curtain pattern is Whippoorwill and the link to them is HERE.  The only thing I regret is not having purchased these online.  The store carries the 84 inch length and I should have ordered them online to get the 96 inch length.  I chose the Whippoorwill pattern because it goes nicely with my collection of brown transferware.


Casually stretched on the table is an antique tablecloth that came from a private collection of beautiful linens that were offered to me to purchase.  Some I have kept, like this piece, and some I have sold in the store. There is something extra special about this tablecloth and I especially love all of the cross stitched handwork on it.  Having made several cross stitched samplers over the years, I appreciate just how much time was spent creating it.  And I love the soft blue/gray color of the stitches.


The drawn thread edging is so delicate and fanciful and shows off against the dark metal top of my table.


A simple centerpiece of stacked European dough bowls filled with dried hydrangeas and deer antler sheddings rest atop the tablecloth.


Bird motif English ironstone and transferware mingle with bird nests on a shelf of the white step-back hutch..  My husband found an abandoned Hummingbird nest in the office park he works at and brought it home to me.  It is just precious and I have it lovingly displayed under a cloche.


The feather that is sticking up in the nest was found in a Hunter’s Diary that was written in the late 1800’s.  So…. I’d say that it was well preserved all of these years.   Now it adds a delicate flair to the nest.


Kathleen Grace said...

I love your dining room, the new curtains look beautiful as does everything else. What really steals the show is that beautiful cross stitched textile! Wow, what a treasure. I have such a weakness for old embroidery and tablecloths. It's all so pretty together:>)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

The pattern on your new curtains is wonderful! I went to the site and enlarged so I could see it. What a precious nest too.

20 North Ora said...



Stacey said...

Everything is so pretty Becky! I really like the way you have your table styled with the throw and the bowls.

Art and Sand said...

That tablecloth is wonderful.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Gorgeous room, wonderful changes - and I absolutely adore your transferware and feather!

Happy@Home said...

Your little birdie vignette is so sweet, Becky. Gotta love a hubby who brings home a hummingbird nest. What a fabulous find and one that deserves the spotlight under the cloche. The feather is also a fabulous find. Love how it all came together!
I would have never thought to look for window treatments at World Market. I popped over for a closer look at yours. So pretty and perfect for your room.

Kris said...

Very pretty! We find many nests here in the grove. I put them in our Christmas tree. I especially love the hummers nest too. So delicate!!!
xo Kriw

chateau chic said...

I love your dining room...the stacked dough bowls, wonderful nests, the brown transferware...
It's all so beautiful!!
Mary Alice

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

It's a beautiful room, Tina. Your vintage treasures make it cozy and inviting and so do your new cottage curtains!

What a sweetheart your hubby is to bring you the hummingbird nest!

Have a great weekend!

Prims By The Water said...

I love how you added the piano mirror into your grouping. A nice touch. Janice

Kelly said...

Your dining room looks so good! I love the warm colors you used in there. The hutch with the brown transferware and white pitchers looks so pretty.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I adore brown transfer ware! And you have so many beautiful things I hardly know where to look first.

Elsie said...

Becky you have put it together so well. I love your stepback cubbard and your ironstone pitchers look so good in it. I love it all!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi there! I haven't visited in awhile.. hope all it well with you and yours.
I love the tablecloth. I have a love of tablecloths, old and unusual ones..and this one is lovely.

FoxandFinch said...

Well, I can see I am going to like your blog. First, the color of the dining room is earthy and fresh, that is beautiful. Periodically, I find linens on that caliber for my shop, but I don't think 3/4's of the people understand that they were made by hand or what that means. All those thousands of white cross-stitches; it is awe inspiring. I enjoyed this lovely post. Have you ever shared the dining room wall color?

FoxandFinch said...

I forgot that I was going to mention, in case you didn't know, that is a partridge feather.

GranthamLynn said...

I love your dining room. I wish I had the time to embroidery a table cloth. Actually I do. LOL. just too many irons in the fire.
Good to see you posting!
Have a good Thursday.

Tommie Jo said...

I love it! I am all about anything "birds". It shows that you have created this room with love.~TJ

Pondside said...

I like your changes. As I go along through blogs these days I'm gathering ideas for the new house - lots to inspire me here!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Love your flooring! Sweet dining room Becky! xox

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dining room. Your dining room is gorgeous and your new table is just wonderful! Love your chairs too! You've got a very talented.
Decorate your Dining Table

Simply Shelley said...

Just beautiful my friend.......blessings

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

It looks beautiful!!! And the hardwood floors really do warm it up. Gorgeous! ~Angela~

Unknown said...

I love World Market! :)
Just the right amount of country at a great price.
Love the subtle changes. Your Dining Room is so pretty.

Tante Mali said...

This is absolutely fabulous! It's so elegant and inviting! Just want to have a seat!
You do have a brilliant hand!
All my best from Austria

FoxandFinch said...

This is the only time I have ever posted more than one comment on a blog. I have kept your post open on my computer for over a week and I am so in love with your dining room. Are you sure you aren't living in my house! Ha, Ha!
Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed these photographs.