Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Cuteness

As some of you may know, I maintain the blog for one of the Antique Stores in my town and the other day I went around snapping up photos of Christmas items that are for sale.  I was smitten with all of the “cuteness” of many of the pieces.  The kind of sugary cuteness that allows your lips to part and form a smile on the face.  Now I must mention the Santa behind these tiny Santa salt and pepper shakers.  I am not sure why he so “wide eyed”, but thought him to be rather cute in an alarming sort of way.  Did someone just give him a “melvin?” Ok, yeh, I am laughing!
This set of carolers are precious…though the little boy on the right looks quite bored with all of it….
…and this snowman can make you smile even you are having a not-so-smiley kind of a day.
The praying angel candle holders are my favorites…
…as is this elf Christmas tablecloth.
Looking at these Little Golden Books took me on a trip down my childhood memory lane. 
The cottage style quilt would not only be a cute addition to a collection, but it would make for a delightful Christmas tree skirt.  Two of my trees in my house have bases swaddled with old quilts.  It adds such a softness and vintage look.
Santa and Mrs. Mouse….what a cute pair.
This grouping of vintage Santa’s just screams retro Christmas!
Around every corner of the store, there are wonderful vintage and antique Christmas treasures.  The tree below is decked out in vintage cookie cutters that have pretty red and white bows glued onto them.  All the work is done for you, just add a hook and add to the tree.
A herd of Breyer deer are up for grabs – and there are some awesome ones here!  A grouping of these would look great on a silver plate tray with a sprinkling of fake snow at their feet.  Add a few bottle brush trees and you have neat cabin style vignette.
 Plenty of adorable faces to adorn your tree and holiday home…
like this cute pair of ornaments…P1010043m1
…and this boy and girl who move back and forth.  Their little faces and clothing are just plain adorable.
But my favorite of all is this crusty little elf with his full beard and impish brown eyes.  If he could talk, what do think he’d be saying?  Or perhaps I don’t want to know.  ha!
How many of you are done decorating for Christmas?  I’m done except for a few small details.  Now I can kick back and enjoy the moments to bake and spend time with friends and family.


Kris said...

I see many things that I would love to have! I love the vintage Santas!!!
xo Kris

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year to visit antique shops and yours is filled with vintage goodness! I think of you and your charming home every year when it's time to pull out my Christmas bins. Enjoy the season, Becky!

Recycled Rita said...

I love vintage Christmas...thanks for the tour! karen....

Vee said...

Hi Becky! You're a sight for sore eyes! You've been way too busy for posting. Of all the store's treasures, I most enjoy the deer and the cookie cutters. Oh and that Little Golden Book took me way back, too. Have a beautiful holiday season. ( also sent me to the Urban Dictionary, you naughty girl! Better watch out or you'll be getting a lump of coal in your stocking. )

Stacey said...

So glad to see your post! The antique mall looks fun. I'd love to find some places like that where we've moved. :) Now we want to see some inspiration from your gorgeous cottage.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful antique shop! I must be pretty vintage myself, as I still have and use the same mechanical boy and girl that you showed in your post, and I have the same Golden book form my childhood :)

Kathleen Grace said...

Ah, it put a smile on my face to see your post in my reader Becky! I have missed your blogging and wish I could go through the antique store with you in person.I actually have some of the little molds and cookie cutters you show on the tree, what a great idea to use them as ornaments! Will we get a peek at your holiday decorating at the house?

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love all of the vintage Christmas pieces Becky! I have a vintage Santa mug that I stick candy canes in.

Simply Shelley said...

Makes me want to go to my favorite mall and window shop :) Thanks for sharing all the Christmas fun photos...blessings on you and yours this Christmas season dear friend.

Unknown said...

Hi Becky,
Oh, wait let me get a cup of coffee and sit in front of the fireplace. Fantasyland here I come. I love your blog for so many reasons, the whimsy, humor, and inspiration for just a few. Thank you my friend!

Denise said...

Hello my sweet friend. I so enjoyed going though the pretty pretty things.. I love Christmas, my favorite time of year.I am coming back to the blog. I so hate FB and it is so impersonal. I have so missed all the gals here in the blog and especially you....... I think of you so often.......... Wishing you a beautiful holiday season... Hugs!!!

Donna said...

Oh, there are a lot of things there that tempt me! I'd love to have a collection of those deer. I'm done with decorating and we're keeping it simple this year.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Becky yes lots of Christmas cuteness! What a great shop! Merry Christmas my sweet friend!


marie said...

Such happy photos! I love the cookie cutter tree and old quilts as tree skirts is a lovely idea! The set of carolers would have gone with me for sure. Thye're so sweet!
I have a little Santa very similar to the one in the first photo....I will think of you and 'melvin" everytime I look at him!

Elsie said...

Becky that little vintage elf is saying, it's good to see you post. You must be a busy little bee, but I sure did miss you. I love all of the Christmas vintage items. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Jules said...

I'm not sure what is better: Your gorgeous pictures or witty commentary!
Happy Christmas to you and yours... with much love from me! xoxo jules

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

So much vintage cheer in your post, Becky. I love the nostalgia that Christmas brings--it makes me feel like a kid again!

Attic Clutter said...

oh fun fun stuff):)

JG said...

The Santa salt & pepper shakers reminded me of my Santa hot chocolate mug that I used a long time ago. So cute!

Merry Christmas to you & your family, Becky.

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Oh wow ! So many nice ones. It must have been fun. I hope that all is well and I hope that your Holidays went smoothly.

kudzususan said...

First visit to your blog - it's all so lovely! Found you via a flickr photo of a bag you'd made from vintage tablecloths. When your page loaded and the Cath Kidston floral print that is your background pattern matched the theme on my laptop exactly, I knew I'd found another member of my tribe! :)
Will be checking in regularly.

Stacey said...

Knock Becky there? I miss your adorable cottage photos. Hope you are doing well. :)

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

Oh, the holiday mugs are so cute! And I love love love the quilt. Of course I have a special fondness for Little Golden Books, I had those as a child. Cute! ~Angela~

tramway tootie said...

Where are you????

Anonymous said...

Becky, I just wanted to pop in to say - I miss you and your posts. I do pray you're doing well and wanted to tell you you're missed.
Be a sweetie,S
helia :)

sandy said...

Wish you would just pop in and say you are okay. I miss reading your posts. :)

Terry said...

Hope you are ok.

Mallory Hill said...

Absolutely love your blog!!! And it was wonderful meeting you the other day at Magpie!
Didn't see where I could email you so I thought I'd leaves moms blog info in a comment!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings!

Unknown said...

Hi Becky,
Thinking of you. Hope all is well.

TiffanyJane said...

Lots of pretty Vintage Christmas! :)