Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Slice Of Heaven On Earth

IMG_5465 A few weeks back, my husband and Duhgall took a road trip up to the Pacific Northwest to the state of Washington.  My husband’s sister lives there, along with her husband and their Queensland Heeler, Miss Dinkham.  I shared the photo above on my last post and Mary asked if that was my view. (No, it isn’t but I sure would love to have a place like this!)  After Mary’s question, I thought I’d share a little bit more about the home of my dear family that is blessed to have a small slice of pure Heaven on earth.

If you read the two previous posts, you will recognize Miss Dinkham (below) – in a much more subdued state I might add.  The stacked rock wall that Dinky is standing on was made by my SIL, and it took her three years to put it together.  There is more of the wall that wraps along their property and this is just a small portion of it.  My SIL has always inspired me to do more.  She is a renaissance woman who can do anything she puts her mind to.  One of the photos in this post is of a stained glass window she made for her home and another is of her amazing garden with raised beds for vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Years ago she raised her own sheep, sheared their wool, spun the wool and made items with the wool on her large weaving loom.  She is a wonderful cook, seamstress, quilter, photographer and gardener.  (So, dear sister, if you are reading this…just smile and pat yourself on the back…you deserve it!)

The following photos are images that my husband took while visiting.  So come along to see what my family was up to while away from home.  Duhgall enjoyed his visit and got plenty of good sniffin’ done whilst there and had a ball playing with Dinky.IMG_5437IMG_5435IMG_5438IMG_5439IMG_5442IMG_5452IMG_5463IMG_5455IMG_5511IMG_5534
IMG_5541IMG_5548 IMG_5577IMG_5582 IMG_5472 IMG_5471 IMG_5361IMG_5364IMG_5404IMG_5412IMG_5393IMG_5401 IMG_5382IMG_5419
My brother in law is a wonderful cook, too, and made the homemade sourdough bread on his grill.  They finished up the evening with a refreshing beverage that had to have a pink flamingo stir stick!

(Next time I am making that trip!)


Low Tide High Style said...

What a beautiful place, I can see why it inspires you. I'm sure you and Miss Fiona held down the fort, but next time you will have to tag along! And tell your husband that I think he should start a blog with all of his wonderful picture taking...or maybe just become a contributor to your already wonderful blog! ;-)

xo Kat

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

These photos are wonderful. Your baby is so cute wondering around outside. Yes, you should definitely go next time.

Unknown said...



Val said...

Oh! Beautiful! What fresh and gorgeous photos. I love the green table too. :)

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

What an idyllic place. Thank you for the tour.

Kathleen Grace said...

You are right, this looks like a heavenly place to live! Your SIL sounds awesome. Why isn't she blogging? We would love to see more:>)

Vee said...

Oh yes. Next time you must go, too! What a beautiful property so lovingly cared for. That color green on the deck chairs...terrific.

I'm loving how sweet your blog is looking. (It's always looked beautiful, yet I am noticing the sweet new banner and the Scotty icons and things.

Linda Walker said...

The photos are so lovely....especially love looking at your furry friends...

Elsie said...

I wanna go...I wanna go...I wanna go...OH MY GOSH Becky sooo beautiful. Your hubby takes very
nice photos. I love the close up
of Doogs and the bread, I could almost smell. Oh, and the dandelion I wanted to blow and make a wish like we use to do when I was a young girl. All of it is beautiful and they are very lucky people to have such a view.

vintage grey said...

So gorgeous there!! Wow, I could love there, and be so happy! Thanks for taking us along!! xo Heather

Unknown said...

My Hubs and I have dreams of a beautiful spot like this. So lovely!
Thanks for sharing! :)


Joy said...

What a lovely place to be!

craftyles said...

It looks like a little slice of Heaven. Looks like Dughall was having a romping good time out there. Great photos of that spectacular view!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Heavenly for sure!! I thought of you yesterday Becky...saw a woman walking her 3 Scotty dogs in my neighborhood! Black with red bandanas around their necks!

love ya,

Stacey said...

Next time you definitely need to go. What a beautiful place! Looks like it's good for the soul to hang out there.

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Queensland Heeler? Do they originate from Down Under? Looks like what we call a "Blue Heeler" in Australia.

Mary said...

As promised, I'm back!

Hey girl, where have you been hiding that photographer hubby - his pics are fabulous! Please share his camera info. with us - I'm new to the DSLR (have a Canon 7D) and would love some tips!!!!

Thanks for the link........I really did think it was your garden and view - but I'm sure you have great ones too now I know where you're located!

The dogs are so cute - and hubby made it all so enjoyable, along with your banter of course! Thank you so much.

Happiest of weekends Becky.
Mary X

Marble medallion said...

It;s a beautiful property and well cared one. Your baby is so cute wondering around outside. It's a idyllic place.

- Herman Swan

Free Pretty Things For You said...

I am feeling SOOO much better!!!
I know someone is praying for me! :)

You should really check out my latest freebie! I THINK you will Like-y!!

Unknown said...

Oh my, I love your new blog makeover! Lovely! And I enjoyed this post, my Ms. Wilma says she would enjoy playing with Dughall

Karen Diebolt said...

I came to your blog by way of FPTFY. The photos of your family's place are awesome. What a wonderful place to have. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.

June said...

Hi Becky,
Your sister in law has such a beautiful place. Washington is such a beautiful state and I love it when we visit, which isn't much anymore : (
Wow, your husband took some wonderful shots.
I was so happy that you would hop over from Maryjane's to visit me. Thank you for your sweet message.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful and breathtaking views - what amazing photos. Is hubby a professional photographer?? If not, he should consider it! Those bird bath photos are my very favorite.... How I wish I could visit your SIL!!! :o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Chenille Cottage said...

How beautiful! I'm glad you were able to take a trip to the Northwest and, especially, in the summertime. I love living up north where the temperatures are a bit more comfortable.
So glad you were refreshed and were able to spend time with precious family!