Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victorian Advertisements for Altered Art Projects

Antique journals are wonderful finds to use for altered art projects!  Awhile back I purchased several at an estate sale and wasn’t quite sure just exactly what I was going to use them for. 


The advertisements in the back of the journals are the best part.  Lovely black and white illustrations with the most humorous quips describing the item being advertised for sale.  Check out the Anheuser – Bush ad below:  “To give your baby full supply of healthy milk, let your wife drink the finest bottle beer brewed by…”  Now I can take this two ways:

1.  If your wife drinks beer and not milk, then there will be more milk for the baby to drink.

2.  Lactating mothers should drink beer so that their milk will be better for the baby.

What do you think?

I must get me some of that Parker’s Hair Balsam! (see the ad above).  It “cleanses and beautifies the hair.  Promotes a luxuriant growth.  Never fails to restore gray hair to its youthful color.  Cures scalp disease and hair failing.”  Not that I have any disease of the hair, but it sure could help wash the gray out of my hair!

P1010007j1 P1010019g1

The journal doesn’t have any photos in it that were taken with a camera.   The pictures back then were either drawings or engravings.  I cannot even begin to imagine the time went into producing just one issue.
I found this illustration to be pretty silly.  I love the woman’s expression in her eyes and I wonder what she was mumbling behind her fan.

P1010013j1 P1010014h1

 I love the picture of the ladies playing cards.  Pretty fancy attire to wear to a card game!


And then there is this picture.  Makes me wonder where such a place would have been to be able to ride bikes inside.  It would seem rather risky and a bit odd.


I will share with you on the next post what I made.  A little clue is that I used these antique ink bottles.  I bought them at the same estate as the Victorian Journals. 

Till next time….


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

It is so fun to read those old ads! I can't wait to see what you are making!

Vee said...

Looks as if you found some pretty cool things. I love old advertisements. Now I do remember that beer can be medicinal for nursing mothers and even non-alcohol beer works just as well. It's something in the barley.

Nice to see a post around these here parts. ☺

dogwood designs said...

can't wait to see what you did!!!!!!! Doris

dogwood designs said...

Can't wait to see!!!!!! Doris

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Becky,
Did you make flower vases out of them? just guessing.. I love the advertisements, they are always fun to read.
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

pembrokeshire lass said...

What a treasuer! Looking at old papers and journals is great isn't it? The thoughts and advertising really have changed. I wonder what people in the future will think of ours?! Joan

JG said...

What neat advertisements! I like the "safety bicycles" ad. It must have been dfficult for the ladies to ride them with their full long dresses/skirts.

Cannot wait to see your new project!

Mabel Jane's said...

Love the red and white platter your bottle display is on...looking forward to your reveal.

Mabel Jane's said...

Love the red and white platter your bottle display is on. Looking forward to your reveal.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, these are fun! Can't wait to see what you made.

Perfectly Printed said...

Can't wait to see!!!


Elsie said...

Becky I love those advertisements.
I have some Needlecraft books from 1919 and eariler and the advertisements are awesome. I have a breakfast grit advertisment framed and a dress advertisement from the early 1900's in my sewing room framed. I can't wait to see what you did with the
ink wells. Please don't make us wait long! :)

Anonymous said...

The beer for nursing mothers thing has been around for such a long time. But since I think beer tastes like soap suds, I never found out if it was true or not!

Happy@Home said...

So funny to read those old ads. My how times have changed.
I look forward to seeing what you have created.

Mimi Sue said...

Times have certainly changed in so many ways. Mimi

Skoots1moM said...

those are beautiful all the original artwork and the whimsy

eager to see your creativity

Kathleen Grace said...

Aren't those hilarious? "Why not smoke?" Wow.

Connie said...

Can't wait to see what you do with them.......

DBR said...

Becky ~ Love the victorian ads! Not only are they fun to read but the artwork is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the reveal!


Debra Roberts said...

Becky ~ Love the victorian ads! Not only are they fun to read but the artwork is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see the reveal!


Jonell w Harrison said...

just cannot wait for your ink bottle post....I too have a collection of them..
"LIke Gramma's House" blog

Chenille Cottage said...

Such fascinating claims....I wonder if these are the same guys that started selling land in Florida??
A wonderful post, Becky!
Have a great weekend!
Carolynn ;)